Chapter 80:

The Calm

New Leaf!

After about an hour of taking pictures — portraits, landscape shots, or selfies — it became dark. More specifically, it was around 8:00 PM.Bookmark here

Bailey brought us to an area paved with stone bricks. It was bigger than the path and had coin-operated binoculars lining the railing. This area was in front of a building that Bailey said was a welcome centre. And the position of this area was just where the water falls off the U-shaped waterfall. I looked around and saw that there was a decent crowd of people around us. Bookmark here

I leaned on the railings, and Ren was beside me.Bookmark here

I don’t know what to expect. The name ‘fireworks’ sounds dangerous, and Bailey said there’s an explosion… It still sounds risky, and honestly, I’m a bit reluctant — but only by a bit… I mean, Ren said they were safe and Bailey sounded really excited when she was explaining them to me, and why shouldn’t I believe them? They were the two smartest people in their high school… Bookmark here

I eagerly looked into the sky.Bookmark here

“Hm… Bailey, where are they!?”Bookmark here

“Hey, don’t lean too much on the railing…”Bookmark here

Bailey walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder.Bookmark here

“Excited?”Bookmark here

I turned my head to face Bailey.Bookmark here

Hm…Bookmark here

“Hey Bailey, it’s a bit odd, right?”Bookmark here

I was still excited, but my voice sounded more downtrodden.Bookmark here

“Hm? What is?”Bookmark here

“My behaviour… I mean, I’m acting excited over these fireworks when I’ve never seen any in the past… I’m purely excited because you were excited, and that doesn’t seem like a really strong reason to be interested…”Bookmark here

Wait, this seems familiar…Bookmark here

Bailey shook her head and tapped my shoulder.Bookmark here

“Oh, Camryn… Don’t you think you’re overthinking some things?”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

Bailey smirked.Bookmark here

“Here… Um… How about, instead of thinking that you suddenly like them, think of it as if I’m just introducing them to you.”Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

“I wouldn’t say you’re excited to see them, because you have zero experience. Instead, I piqued your interest and now you’re anticipating them… And once you see them, then you can form an opinion of them.”Bookmark here

I see…Bookmark here

“And I was hyping it up, so it might feel disingenuous to like them. But hey, fireworks are awesome…”Bookmark here

I was still looking down in thought… But Bailey sighed and assuredly smiled at me again.Bookmark here

“You’re probably thinking about others and how they’ll think, right?”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“Sure, a lot of people can be gatekeepers and try to prevent people from liking something based on some things, but don’t listen to them because a lot of them are A-holes with no life…”Bookmark here

Yeesh, that’s harsh…Bookmark here

“Look, if you like something, you should like that thing without anyone’s influence — it’s your opinion, and little can be done to change it. Even if the interest was introduced by someone else, it’s fine — if it becomes a true interest, it’s not false…”Bookmark here

I see…Bookmark here

Wait, I know why this seems familiar to me. Ren told me the same thing about interests back at Univear when I had doubts about buying a shirt with Mako on it. Yeah… Ren’s a great guy — so insightful, and alleviating any doubts… Hm… Bookmark here

Please… Bookmark here

Bailey tapped on my shoulder again.Bookmark here

“Okay, I need to use the washroom real quick.”Bookmark here

She disbanded from us and moved closer to the welcome centre.Bookmark here

“Okay… Ren, I leave Camryn to you!”Bookmark here

“Right…”Bookmark here

And with that Bailey ran towards the welcome centre…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

With my hands on the railing, I looked at the dark evening sky and waited.Bookmark here

I’m alone with Ren… Actually, thinking back, I think this was the first time I’ve been alone with Ren in a while… It makes sense because we both have jobs… And on this trip, he’s been working the whole time…Bookmark here

Wait, we have been alone together recently — it was on that night when I told him about my true past… But why did I not remember? I mean, a lot of significant and memorable things happened. Was it because it was night? Did that night not feel like this moment? But we were also alone together… Though I suppose Bailey was with us sleeping at that moment when she isn’t with us now… Bookmark here

“Hey, Ren…”Bookmark here

I decided to start a conversation.Bookmark here

Ren looked at me. He was still expressionless, but I think the redness of his eyes and the dark spots slightly faded.Bookmark here

“Y-Yes?..”Bookmark here

“Um…”Bookmark here

I was slightly nervous… Why?Bookmark here

“I’m just so excited for the show… Aren’t you?”Bookmark here

“Oh. Y-Yeah…”Bookmark here

His response was so direct… His response was so formal… His response was so professional… His response was so… scary…Bookmark here

No…Bookmark here

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