Chapter 26:

The Last Fireworks of the Summer

Diary of a Lost Wish

After finding out my first wish I've been full of sorrow. I don't know what to do, I'm trying to find any solution for the first wish. If I wish it again, then the curse will end, but every wish I did will disappear, that includes Kanako being able to walk again or the other people I helped like Ms. Yukari.

But I know I have to end the curse, so I will wait until the summer festival to wish for my first wish again and end this, but at the same time, I want to give Kanako a last moment of joy.

Days passed, and it's finally the day of the summer festival, I will use a blue yukata with yellow flowers, also I will use the headband that Kanako gave to me on my birthday.

Before I left my home my father tells me, “You look beautiful, take care. And ignore any boy that makes you any indecent proposition!”

“You don't have to worry, I will be with my friends.”

“Also if you see your teacher take some pictures, please.”

“I won't do that!” I don't know what's wrong with him.

My father then tells me goodbye with a smile. He looked happy even though because of the controversy about the president of the "ALIVE" company he lost his job, well a lot of people lost it. But I'm sure he will go on and find another work.

I left, and I see Ms. Yukari's beautiful garden, she was exiting her house, “Hello Meiko, you're going to the festival too?”

“Yeah, Ms. Yukari, do you want to accompany me? I will go with Kanako, and other friends too.”

Ms. Yukari smiles, “Thank you, but I have some plans, I will get going. So have fun.”

There's a rumor that she's dating a teacher, maybe she's going with him. I then appreciate the garden for some minutes, and I continue walking.

On the road to Kanako's home, I see Jason, I haven't seen him since the dog's curse ended.

“Chocolate hair girl, long time no see you,” he talks calmly.

“Hey, Jason, I mean Yamamoto, how you've been? I didn't know anything about you since some weeks ago.”

“I did what you said, and I finally was able to talk with my mom, at first it was like she didn't care about me, but after expressing my emotions, she started to cry. Then she regretted every bad thing she did, like not seeing my grandfather before he died."

“At least she regrets everything, I hope you don't have any more problems with her.”

“I also hope that I don't have any problem with her. She also gave me some money, and I think I will move to another city, but I will come back sometimes. I think I will become a painter to express my emotions in some way.”

“That's awesome, good luck with that.”

Jason seemed the same, but a little happier than before.

I arrive at Kanako's home, and she comes out, she has a red Yukata with some yellow lines. B-chan was with her, but he was using headphones, the sound was so loud I could hear what music b-chan is hearing.

Kanako with a smile talks, “Hi Meiko, we should hurry because the fireworks will start at any moment.”

“Yeah, we should go now.”

We first meet Yukino at the riverbank. She's using a purple Yukata, she looks happy and talks, “Hi Meiko, hi Kanako, we will have a lot of fun today, I will play a lot of games!”

Hana then arrives, she's using an orange yukata with some fruits designs. She also looks happy, “Hello, it took me a while to put this yukata, I hope I look good.”

“You look awesome,” I tell her.

“Ah! Thanks, senpai!" Hana looks happy.

We continue walking, and we arrive at the entrance of the shrine, we see Richard, who is helping people at the festival.

“Greetings, the shrine was remodeled, but take care just in case,” Richard talks to us with a smile.

“Thank you, Richard. We will be careful.” I tell him.

Suddenly I hear a scream, “No, I don't want to enter there. There's some evil ghost in that spooky shrine.”

It's Takeshi, he's so scared because of the shrine.

He's with Maya and Kentaro. For some reason, Takeshi is using the school uniform. Maya uses a green yukata, and Kentaro uses a gray yukata.

Both Maya and Kentaro say hi to us.

Takeshi calms down and talks to us, “Hi, I would say you all look good, but I prefer a woman with sports clothes.”

For some reason, I wanted to hit him, but instead, I put a false smile, “Hi Takeshi, we're not at a sports festival.”

“That's why this is boring.” he's pouting.

“Stop with that Takeshi, we are here to have fun.” Maya scolds him.

Kentaro moved his hands in circles, and talks, “Takeshi, we are here to compete on games to see who gets more prices, we will have some fun.”

“You're right, but Kentaro, you will not defeat me!” Takeshi is not scared anymore, he's even motivated.

Takeshi and Kentaro run to the festival, Kentaro then tells Maya, “Are you going to stay behind? C'mon, we need to compete!”

“I'm coming!” Maya tells him, then she approached me with a gentle smile, “Meiko I have to thank you, it was thanks to you that Kentaro noticed me, now we talk all the time.”

“I'm glad everything turned out well.”

Maya then smiles at me again and runs with Kentaro and Takeshi.

We finally enter the shrine, I see Ms. Yukari with the math teacher. Takeshi, Maya, and Kentaro are playing some games, and even Jason is eating a candy apple.

Then we go with Yukino to play ring toss. she's been happy all day, now she's different compared to when I met her.

Yukino wins a bunny plushie, and she tells me, “Here, I want you to have this, you're someone who changed my life, so this is the less I could do.”

I take the plushie, “Oh, you didn't have to, I will get you something then.”

I tried to get something to her playing goldfish scooping, but I couldn't catch any fish.

In the end, I couldn't give a gift to Yukino, but she was happy, and laughing at my fails.

Time passed, and now we go to eat some takoyaki. Takeshi, Maya, and Kentaro are competing to see who eats the most.

Suddenly Takeshi eats my takoyaki, and I get mad, “How could you do that! I'm hungry!”

“Sorry Ebihara, I wanted to win, so I ate yours, but at least I won!” Takeshi looks proud.

Hana then tells me, “Senpai, don't worry, let's go to the takoyaki stand, and I will buy some from you.”

“Thank you, Hana.”

We then go to the takoyaki stand, and while we wait, Hana talks to me, “hey senpai, I want to tell you something.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“I love... to be with you, I mean you're my best friend, and I love you as a friend, you're important to me,” Hana is blushing.

“I think the same, you're an important friend to me.”

Hana gives me a little bag, “well senpai, I wanted you to have this lucky amulet that I just bought. I don't have anything to repay everything you did, but I wanted you to know that you're a special person to me, and I hope you have luck in your life.”

“Thanks, Hana, I will buy one amulet for you after we buy the takoyaki.”

We buy the takoyaki, and we go to buy some amulets, I buy one for each of my friends, I also needed to find a gift for Yukino, and this is perfect.

I give the amulet to Hana, “Take, I hope you like it.”

“Of course I will like it, senpai, I will treasure with my heart, even if we are apart because I move soon I will always have the memories I spent with you.”

“I think the same, I will never forget you, also I'm sure we will still be in touch wherever we are in the future.”

We then go with our friends, and I give Yukino and every one of my friends an amulet.

“Thank you, Meiko. By the way, I think the fireworks will start soon.” Yukino seems excited.

“I want to see them too, senpai.” Hana is also excited.

“Why they are taking so long with the fireworks? I will train until they start,” Takeshi starts doing exercise.

“Count on me, Takeshi!" Kentaro joins him.

“Stop it! I've never been so ashamed in my life.” Maya looks mad.

Even b-chan is singing and enjoying the festival.

“I think these fireworks will be the most beautiful I will see,” Kanako has a smile on her face.

The fireworks will start soon, but I see Shinichiro passing by, so I go with him.

“Hey, I have a problem,” I was running because he was far, so I'm tired.

“What is it? Does it have to do with your wish?” Shinichiro is eating corn.

“Yeah, I found the first wish, but if I stop the demon's curse, then my friend Kanako won't be able to walk again.”

“That's really bad, but you need to stop the curse, or you will die.”

“I know, but Kanako's dream will be destroyed.”

“Perhaps you need to ask her, and see what she thinks.”

“I don't want to do that!”

“If you don't ask her, then just stop the curse.”

I feel angry, but I think he's right, I should talk with her.

I go with my friends, and finally, the fireworks start. The fireworks look beautiful, everyone is amazed by them.

“These are the last fireworks of the summer,” Kanako tells me while looking at the sky.

“Hey, Kanako, we need to talk about something,” I tell her even though the fireworks haven't ended.

We go to a place behind a food stand.

“What is it, Meiko?” Kanako looks confused.

I explained everything to her.

Kanako looks surprised, “Meiko, I don't know what to tell you. Thanks for considering me, but it's your life against my dream, and me walking again. So save your life, to me that's what matters the most.”

“But what about your dream of being an actress?” I feel bad for her.

“Meiko, if you don't live in this world, then it won't matter. My dream was to give joy to the people like you by my performances, but if you're not here, then is useless.”

“I know, but... sorry Kanako, if there was a way to help you, and save me, everything would be different.”

Kanako is smiling, but she looks sad, “Don't worry, we will get through this together.”

“Thanks, Kanako.” I smile at her.

I feel so bad for her, I wish there was some solution.

We then go back and enjoy the time with our friends.

I go behind a food stand while my friends are seeing the last fireworks to talk with Pakya, “It's sudden, but I will do the wish now.”

Pakya looks at me and says, “What will you wish for today? Pakya~”

”I'm sorry, but I wish that everyone thinks I will go to study abroad.”

Pakya looks confused, “If that's what you wish, then it will become a reality, Pakya~”

I go with all my friends, and I explained that I will go to study abroad, everyone believes in it without any doubt. All my friends look sad and hug me.

The fireworks ended, and I enjoy the time with my friends.

After a fun night at the festival, I arrive at my home, and I tell Pakya, “Sorry, but I won't wish for my first wish, I've been thinking all day about what to do, but I couldn't find any solution, except for giving my life."

Pakya looks worried.

I start to cry, and continue talking, “I will wait until I don't find anything to wish, then when the day comes, I will disappear, or well, transform into a demon. Then everyone will think that I moved to another country, so they won't be sad.”

I can't stop crying, Pakya is just looking at me without saying anything.

“I will continue living until I run out of ideas for a wish, then everything will end to me. I prefer to give my life for Kanako, and everyone who I helped, like Ms. Yukari or Takeshi.”

Then I take my diary, and I throw it through the window, so I won't be able to know which wishes I already made.

Days passed, and I enjoyed every moment with my friends. Every day seemed the brightest day, even if it was cloudy or rainy.

Weeks and even months passed until one day I finally didn't know what to wish, that was the last day of my life.