Chapter 21:


Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”― George Bernard Shaw
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A soothing tune could be heard from any room in the building. Violin and piano accompaniments could be distinguished with ease. The harp sounds dominated every second of the song. The music never stopped. Bookmark here

Any person that stayed in that building for more than a few hours was falling into a peaceful trance. The atmosphere made everyone feel a little high.Bookmark here

From the outside, the building was covered in a pale yellow, and t was surrounded by colorful flowers. On the inside, the view was modest. Everything was covered in an immaculate white.Bookmark here

Haru observed that even if the hospital had many windows, you couldn’t see anyone on the corridors. Not even a single shadow.Bookmark here

Also when an outsider tried to enter the building, he was allowed only to the ground floor. Later, the boy understood why.Bookmark here

At the rest of the floors, where the patients were placed, there was no window. There wasn’t even a tiny gap to see outside. This made Haru overthink for quite some time, but as soon as he was sent to his room, the sweet smell of a scented candle washed away his thoughts. Bookmark here

“I can get used to this!” A doctor said while passing by Haru’s open door.Bookmark here

“Don’t enjoy it too much! You know what happens.” Another one added with a low voice.Bookmark here

Trying hard to stimulate his mind, the boy finally processed their short exchange of sentences. He also shouldn’t forget to not enjoy this “visit”. How long will he be under their care? Why any floor doesn’t have windows? Bookmark here

“What’s the deal?” He said looking at the wall beside him, not realizing someone entering his room.Bookmark here

It was a tall man with porcelain-like skin. He had pretty long hair colored in a light grey and tied in a down ponytail. His green eyes were looking big for his proportions, but his glasses may be the cause of this. He had pretty wide shoulders and he seemed like the type who works out.Bookmark here

“Want to know?” He asks with an amused look.Bookmark here

At the sound of his voice, Haru shuddered and fixed his eyes on the new man. He had at least 30. The boy raised a brow giving the “Keep going” look.Bookmark here

“Maybe another time! You have to understand some things before, Haru.” He waited for the one in front of him to ask how he guessed his name.Bookmark here

“Whatever you say!” The young one said after lying on the bed with his eyes closed.Bookmark here

He didn’t seem to bother with things he wasn’t interested in.Bookmark here

“Haru, your surname is Chibana. Your birthday is on the 3rd of march and you are almost 22 years old. A Pisces with a height of 1.83 and 63 kg. Your mom was taken away at the age of 11. Do I have your attention now?” The doctor asked as the boy showed no interest.Bookmark here

“Just leave already, I’m tired.” He said almost incomprehensible.Bookmark here

Haru didn’t move a single finger and it annoyed the calm out of the man. Usually, his patients are amazed by the information he gives without reading somewhere. Bookmark here

“Do you know that your heart belongs to one of the sacrifices?” He insisted on trying his best to catch Haru’s attention.Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“Do you know that is special?”Bookmark here

“I came to that conclusion for some time now.”Bookmark here

“I mean very special. It gives you some abilities that the normal people can’t even dream of.”Bookmark here

“Yeah yeah… something with déjà vu and a lot of pain.” Bookmark here

He puts a hand under his head and yawns sleepily. This ambiance around him made it impossible to be active. It was quiet and peaceful, except for this “I don’t know when to shut up” guy who kept on bothering him with stupid details.Bookmark here

“I see you don’t care about yourself…” The man says as he stares intensely at the boy’s heart. “What about others? To be more precise, what about that love interest of yours?” Bookmark here

Almost like an instinct, Haru stood up and faced the man with a strange glare. There was a slight chance for him to talk about Hoshi since his father liked her, but there was also a chance to talk about Aiko. Bookmark here

If he guesses the girl right, he will listen to him until the end and he has nothing to say anymore.Bookmark here

“Aiko, right?” He smirked as the eyes of the boy widened.Bookmark here

Ok, he must admit that this guy is pretty talented.Bookmark here

“Poor soul, you don’t even realize the situation you are in! Let me give you a piece of friendly advice. Don’t expect a happy ending that includes all your wishes. That’s too irrational even for someone as young as you. Life doesn’t even give you lemons and you expect a perfect ending. Pathetic, don’t you think?”Bookmark here

He takes back his words. So what if he’s talented? He’s a hopeless human being. Bookmark here

“Who hurt you that bad?” Haru asks with an ironic tone.Bookmark here

“Another idiot who hoped for a happy ending in this world.”Bookmark here

The silence broke in, letting the music cover again the space. It was indeed calming, but Haru wanted to know more. How could this guy know about Kibo?Bookmark here

“You’re not here to check me so why did you come, doctor?”Bookmark here

“Chimon.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Call me Chimon. I’ve heard some gossip so I thought I would see for myself. I’m sure you know Meiko, he told me about you.”Bookmark here

The boy looked him up and down trying to remember why he felt familiar.Bookmark here

“You are that doctor who has his interests and doesn’t want to associate himself with youngsters, right?” He asks proudly of remembering Hoshi’s words.Bookmark here

The man chuckled slightly.Bookmark here

“This is all my background info? I’m a little bit disappointed, not going to lie.”Bookmark here

“That’s not all. You have one of those unique objects that give you special abilities.”Bookmark here

“Oh, is that so? What do you think is my object?”Bookmark here

“Without a doubt your glasses.”Bookmark here

“That’s correct! How did you get it right?” Chimon waited for the obvious reason.Bookmark here

“They have a heart shape and have the color red. Judging from your style you are not too much into colors. Also ever since you entered my room you kept staring. I assume you kind of get information on people just by looking. Am I close to the truth?”Bookmark here

“Very close, Haru!” He says with a smile. “My glasses work on anything, including people and objects. I read the information that appears in front of me. I don’t have a time limit to my ability.”Bookmark here

“You can get any type of info?”Bookmark here

“Except the governmental ones, pretty much yes.”Bookmark here

“Then what is your down point?”Bookmark here

“I’m starting to have bad sight. I’m supposed to go blind soon.”Bookmark here

“Can you tell what my down point is? I have this bad feeling that is not just the pain I feel when I have a déjà vu.”Bookmark here

The man squinted his eyes and let out a deep sigh.Bookmark here

“You are right, there is one more thing. I’m not sure if you would like to know…”Bookmark here

“Whatever it is I will accept it.”Bookmark here

“I don’t fully understand either, but it’s about your soulmate. Changing the heart made you lose yours and replace it with the victim’s soulmate.”Bookmark here

Haru remembered about Kibo weird saying about soulmates. Does she also know something?Bookmark here

“Will this affect me?”Bookmark here

“I don’t think so. After all fate is continuously changing with every decision we make.” Bookmark here

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