Chapter 49:

Start of A Legend

Adventures of Zeleon

The Gladiator Dragon broke it's icy prison only five minutes after Leon successfully encased it.

Leon had a crazy idea that might work in the time he bided, he stood back up on his feet to have his attention taken by a familiar voice.

"ANDROMEDA ASSASSINATION!!!" Courtney charged the dragon head on with a bright purplish red hue surrounding her. She slashed its throat with her magic empowered halberd. But even with her miraculous strength the dragon only had a minor chip in it's armor.

Maezail, who looked dwarfed by the opposing dragon, despite being forty feet in length, breathed a hot breath of fire over it's face. And yet again, it looked annoyed but suffered no visible damage.

"Guys! Get away from it! Nothing conventional is going to work here!" Leon yelled at them as loud as he could to make sure they heard him.

Courtney and Maezail, who had Varius on his back, both landed to the spot Leon was at about a hundred yards away.

"I tried to look like the hero and be so cool just to have it faiiiiillll!!!" Courtney complained as she touched ground.

Varius hopped off Maezail and shook his head in disappointment. "That beast looks impregnable…"

Maezail had no words, he looked gloomy as he gazed on the dragon who started slowly rumbling towards the capital once again.

"Look! It's ok. I have an idea, it's crazy, but just hear me out." Leon spoke with confidence and it got everyone's attention, he continued on. "If we can't destroy it from it's exterior, then we can try it from inside."

Courtney shook her head at Leon. "No! No! You're not, it won't happen, it can't happen! I will not allow you to jump in that thing's mouth willingly becoming food potentially!"

"That's only half of it! I'm going to try something else, something more dangerous than getting swallowed whole. I'm going to unleash Silva's potential all at once."

Varius and Courtney seemed confused, but Maezail cleared it up. "I've only seen Alexander manage that before, I take it you want to unleash every element at once correct?"


Courtney attempted to take Silva out of Leon's hands, only to have the magic within it shock the hell out of her, but she endured the pain anyways. Leon had to forcibly push her off of him before moving behind Maezail.

"Courtney, I have to do this! The energy output it'll take to actually destroy this thing is immense! There isn't another option we have right now, and Maezail just said it's in the realm of possibility. It's the only thing we haven't tried."

"....." Courtney's silence made Varius push Leon back to her, he didn't speak to him, but the reasoning was fairly obvious. The Gladiator Dragon wasn't moving fast, so they had moments to spare.

Leon took a deep breath. "I swear you're so stubborn sometimes!" His outward voice spoke differently than his mind. "Look, I know you're looking after me. But right now I need to do this. I..need to save, for one moment, stop looking at me as this frail human and look at me as the Guardian of Zeleon doing the job he was brought here to do. Afterwards, you can scream, get upset, tell me I'm a fool, and treat me like a dumbass teenager. I promise you, I'm not dying. I'm only getting started and I got promises to own up to, there's too much I need to do. Just have faith, and that faith will be returned in full."

Courtney took the deepest breath possible, Leon thought he'd be in for it still, but that wasn't the case. She put her hands on his shoulder and patted them firmly. "When did you grow up on me...damn you." Her smile was a bit forced at first, but it relaxed by just looking at him. "What's the plan...leader?"

Leon's shock at the last word made him go into full defensive mode. Leader?! Wait, wait, when the hell did I become the leader?! I'm the least qualified!!"

"You became the leader the moment you went after Charlotte." Varius stated.

Maezail had to think for a moment. "You are surprisingly brave and well spoken.

"You're the motivator! You lead by example with words that move powerfully. You also come in with a pretty blank mindset, which allows for more creativity!" Courtney said with an extra bit of joy in her voice.

"Ugh. You guys.."

Leon suddenly felt a weight placed on his shoulders once again, this weight was what he wanted from the beginning. Now, he must prove that he can carry it in stride. He took a deep breath.

"The plan is to try to get it to open its mouth, if it snaps on me I'm good as gone. So, we need to get it to feel pain somehow, which is through its feet. I'm going to spring an ice trap that'll get his mouth gaping after it steps on it. Courtney and Varius you need to provide a distraction that makes him change his movements temporarily to do this. From there, Maezail, you snatch me up in the air, and I'll fall into its mouth, trigger Silva's power and blow it to hell."

Before Leon could say more, Varius and Courtney were already took off. They both slid down the sloping cliff and ran after the massive dragon. Only Maezail was left. Leon put his hand on his forehead in silent annoyance but didn't yell out for them, knowing they'll pull through in their own way.

"For being leaders themselves, they have quite the foolhardy spirit don't they?"

"More like they have these outward personalities I can't keep up with. Despite that, somehow it's refreshing for me. It keeps me from my own abyss."

Down below Courtney and Varius targeted one of the dragon's nails, slashing and trying to pry at it. At first, it seemed like nothing could break it until Courtney's halberd wedged into a sweet spot underneath the impenetrable scales, a soft spot of skin. The dragon took notice as she wedged it deeper in, now making it bleed. Surprisingly, the dragon writhed in pain, making it stumble on it's feet.

Leon saw his opening, he created ice where the dragon would step next. The underside of the foot was pierced with ease making the dragon roar loudly, catching the attention of everyone in the capital even.

"Maezail! Quick!"

Maezail took flight almost vertically as Leon held on, focusing all his power into Silva, making it glow brightly as they ascended higher.

Leon jumped down right as Maezail got directly over the Gladiator Dragon's gaping mouth. Silva glowed in a rainbow like color that soon surrounded Leon's body, looking like a bright star from close and far, he streaked down a good hundred feet on a line.


Leon cried out with powerful emphasis as he went straight into the mouth of the beast.

A brief moment of silence happened afterwards, a collective gasp happened between the trio as they didn't know if Leon was still alive.

Right then, the Gladiator Dragon had rainbow colored cracks burst from its body, it roared once again before more and more cracks showed before the entirety of it's being was completely obliterated in a massive blinding flash of light. The light was so bright that Zelenia was even blinded by it despite being roughly ten miles away.

When the light had disappeared, Leon was in the air alone, glowing with the rainbow colored energy dissipating, as he began to fall.

Courtney was quick to react, she jumped into the air and snatched him, landing gracefully with him in her arms princess style.

"He..really did it."

Maezail was surprised that Leon's ballsy idea paid off in full.

Varius and Courtney laughed at him, leaving the dragon even more confused before they explained themselves.

"Don't doubt this young one Maezail, he's someone who doesn't like being denied. In a path of self improvement, there's one thing he's never needed to improve, and that's his will. He'll only quit when he's dead."

Courtney nodded. "Don't ever underestimate him. His mindset has already done a lot for us, and if he keeps this crazy trend up, he'll be hailed as the greatest, even over Alexander. I personally believe that."

"...Are you guys saying things I can't live up to...again…?" Leon sounded half asleep as he regained his consciousness again.

"We're saying things that you think you can't live up to Leon, also….how'd you come up with that move name on the spot?! I want to sound heroic and cool too…"

"Courtney, I just kind of run with whatever I thought of. And I'm not heroic, I'm just a guy doing the job he signed up for."

"Leon, stop minimizing how important you are for once. You aided in bringing peace, and saved Zelenia from disaster. You're a hero, and everyone will recognize that." Her voice lowered to a near whisper. "Even...if I need to forcibly persuade…"

"If you start doing that, everything I own will get silver lined."

She huffed in response. "Mean…"

They made their way to the gate, where Leon felt good enough to walk on his own, the energy he used took a serious toll on him.

"I should only use that in emergencies, that's a really powerful final ace, but doing that consistently could actually kill me."

The gates opened for them, and with it came an uproar. The city was chanting Leon's name as they stood on both sides of the entire pathway going up. He didn't know how to handle it, he's hardly congratulated his own success to this point, and now with everything that's happened, he finally felt it sink in all at once. He shivered out of this outpour of emotion, both from the outer around him, and within him.

He turned to see Varius, Courtney and Maezail never stepped through. This was all for him, no one else. A moment that he'll remember until he takes his last breath. "I….what's happening right now? I'm so exhausted yet I feel...energized. Is this what it's like to be cheered on? To have faith put into me, of all people? Is this feeling….what it's like to finally feel accepted in a world…" His thoughts ran rampant as he walked, the path that was paved, went right past the gold statue of Alexander Shoud the First. He looked up at him and pondered. "As great as him…? Probably not, but impactful? Much more in the realm of possibility."

He continued all the way to where the most were gathered, with the Shoud family all in attendance. Suddenly, Helios escaped through the front door and charged Leon jumping and lightly flapped his minimally developed wings. "Friiiiiiieeend!!!" He landed in Leon's chest as he hugged the small dragon tightly.

The residents had a universal gasp at first to his presence; Leon shut down any potential controversy.

"This little guy's name is Helios, and he is being raised in the castle, to be a fine dragon that can be the future bridge for both Humans and Dragons alike!"

His fast thinking made people cheer again, as Helios cheered too, even though he wasn't sure what was happening.

Leon took Helios inside, setting him on the floor before kicking off his boots and stretching with a slight yawn.

Outside, Serena addressed the people. "I know we're all excited about the Gladiator Dragon's defeat, but there is more to be done. I will say however, that our Guardian is going to continue this path forward, blazing through obstacles and make Zeleon the greatest place to live in the entire universe. Now, if you may, please check on each other and loved ones who got seperated in this time of panic. We must regather ourselves here as well."


On the same day, several hours later in Xavera, Brivan had the Blood Apostles at attention.

"My fellow brethren and sistren, we have failed once again. Is there someone to blame?! Yes, I blame myself this time. I'm taking the new Guardian Leon Atkins way too lightly. He's grown more confident, powerful and has risen to the occasion more than I would've ever expected. It's no matter however, Xavera isn't finished.

Not at all, we simply need to be more aggressive, more tactical! With the new treaty in place we still must find a way to break these rules and create madness amongst the Zelenia worshippers and these other lesser beastly races. But most of all, and hear me clearly, the soul and heartbeat of this new age must end. Leon Atkins' LIFE MUST END! My fellow Apostles, are you with me?!"

They cheered in unison as he walked off the worn high rise that he was on. He walked past Oni and Ravlynn, who were dug out by Katrina. "If you two do something so foolish again, I'll put your heads on a chopping block."

The pair looked at each other in a huff, they weren't on good terms still, even with their arguments and childish thought processes could've very well killed them.


Leon was getting his things packed. Within the next couple of days, he was ready to make his return to Earth, and face the consequences that would potentially befall him.

While doing this he found the voice recorder he'd lost so many months ago. Pushed back into the corner of one of the drawers. He looked at it for a moment before nodding to himself; sitting down on the edge of the bed, letting out his thoughts.

"Audio log number four. It's been a long time since I last did this, almost six months actually. So much has happened since then, I might have to break this one down in the future, but here goes nothing. I spent a month with the Komodrons and became not only allies, but good friends as well, especially with Varius. Through the most rigged Tournament possible I became the Guardian of Zeleon, defeating Oni, Maeva and Katrina. Maeva is now my trusty sidekick, at least until she starts her family with Robin, I really think they're a sweet couple but they seriously need to learn the word filter, they spout personal business wayy too much. I'm the co-parent of a baby dragon by the name of Helios, which happened on the first day on the job...through very saddening circumstances. I managed to defeat Varius the second time I faced him, a feat no unpowered has ever accomplished. I nearly died fighting Charlotte, but somehow I managed to get Courtney to become a true vampire and she unleashed a strength that not even the now former Vampire Queen could stop. And finally...I killed the Gladiator Dragon. Now, we've gotta figure out what exactly Brivan can do, as he seems like a much more dangerous individual than we first thought."

Leon took a long breath after rattling off so many words.

"But before that. I need to face Earth, my mom and Syrus. I hope they don't hate me….too much. Life is going to get weirder than even now, but I'll find a way through it. This almost novelesque story isn't over. In closing, this is Leon Atkins and these past seven months are only the beginning of my Adventures of Zeleon."