Chapter 48:

Escaped Gladiator

Adventures of Zeleon

Their celebration got cut short. An alarm was raised through the city, and immediately everyone was in a panic outside. Leon immediately got out of his chair and was ready to charge outside before he felt a rumble beneath his feet.

"What the hell…? What is that big that it shakes the earth like that?!"

Serena's face said everything that Leon needed to know, she looked grim and even hopeless. Only Maezail shared the sentiment she felt.

"Leon...that alarm is only used in the case of a S Class threat. But..feeling the heft of that creature, there's only one thing it could be….a Gladiator Dragon."

The whole atmosphere of the room changed. Atticus ran faster past Leon faster than anyone he could out into the city.

Raffi and Fenris both left after, patting Leon's shoulders as if it were the last time they'd see each other.

Courtney, Varius, the Komodron Elder, Serena, Cynric and Maezail were the only ones who stayed.

"Isn't the Gladiator Dragon extinct?" Leon asked.

"Supposedly, but no one actually knows." Maezail responded.

"It's suspicious….Katrina said that Brivan had a plan for today. But this...this was more than I could anticipate." Serena said.

"Well, we got ourselves a target for after, I'm going to slay a dragon." Leon stated.

Courtney blocked him immediately and pushed him back into the room, almost making him fall.

"You're not fighting that behemoth Leon! You don't even know how you'll kill it!"

"I'll find a way Courtney! I'm the Guardian, and it's my job to protect this place with my life!"

He moved forward and Cynric grabbed him from behind. Leon tried his best to squirm free, but he was high rank amongst the Vampires for a reason, he overpowered Leon easily.

"Thank you, Cynric."

"Not a problem madam."

Leon growled and groaned fighting to get himself free but couldn't do it. Varius and the Elder both looked at each other with a similar thought.

"Why are you holding Leon back?" The Elder asked.

Courtney was quick to respond. "He just got out of the hospital this morning, he's not going out there."

"Then what's the plan of action? Maezail, what exactly is this Gladiator Dragon capable of?" Varius asked.

"From what I was told. The Gladiator Dragon is flightless with armor thick enough to take a meteor strike without a scratch. Essentially like you but on a scale of an unfathomably big creature, Varius."

"So. Piercing weapons like a halberd would be useless? What about magic?"

"Physical weapons would fail, so magic is all that could work."

Varius smiled at Courtney. "I rest my case."

"That doesn't mean he should go in alone!" Courtney exclaimed.

"I personally hate saying this, but we need to get everyone evacuated first. So if Leon can distract that behemoth even if it's for a few moments, hundreds more lives can be saved. Remoire's staff will need help too…." Serena explained. The more she did, the more guilty Courtney felt.

"Let him go Cynric…"

At Courtney's command Leon was let go by Cynric. He walked past her to the door, but turned to say a least few words. "Look. I know you're all worried, and you want my best interests and whatever else. But, I promise you. I'll be ok. It's not my time yet."

Leon stepped out and used Blitz Movement to get himself up above all the commotion in the streets.

The atmosphere in the Meeting Hall was deflated. Everyone still got themselves out except for the Komodron Elder.

Varius, Cynric, and Maezail helped get people to safety properly without trampling over each other. While Serena and Courtney headed to the hospital to help Remoire with evacuating non critical patients escape.

Leon made his way to the wall. It was now that he got his first glance at the behemoth making its way to Zelenia. It stands at about fifteen stories tall, it's body 90% covered in black diamond looking armor, with orange eyes that look completely enraged.

"I might really be in over my head this time. But, here goes nothing."

"ORION SUPERNOVA!!!!" Leon didn't hesitate. He used arguably the most powerful move in his arsenal. The blue arrow streaked through the sky, expanding into a small-scale blue giant that soon exploded on the massive dragon. The noise had caught Katrina's attention, and she floated up on top of the wall next to Leon.

"You think that worked?" She asked.

From the smoke of the blast. The dragon came out without a single scratch. A look of doom befell Leon, he'd thrown his best shot and got absolutely nothing out of it.

"Does that answer your question…."

Katrina covered her mouth in sheer shock. She didn't know how to react in the situation. She had to block that move herself and it nearly ended their match immediately. "What are you going to do…?"

"What I always do. Find a way, and after this...Brivan and Xavera are getting a visit from me."

Leon went off, moving through the air with lightning going after the massive beast.

Katrina was left behind on the wall, trying not to quietly sob. " did he do this? A creature that's supposed to be extinct, is moving towards us menacingly. What kind of power does he have exactly?!"

Her words were only for herself to hear. She couldn't stop Leon, and the city was in chaos behind her. Without much choice, she floated herself back over Zelenia, and landed on a building in the heart of the commotion.

"Everyone!" She shouted but her voice wasn't heard. "EVERYONE!" This time however, people did hear her and they stopped making noise. "Right now our Guardian is going to fight that behemoth, if he can't stop it. He bides us precious time to make our escape. Now! I'm tired of watching you all run like it's a rat race instead of helping each other and facing this grave time unified over divided. Now stop trampling each other and get the children and elderly out of here first! If I see able bodied individuals trying to run I'll personally have them jailed for not following direct orders."

Meanwhile, Leon was now on the cliffs trying to get a view of the dragon to see if there was any weak spot on it.

Every step it took felt heavier while being so close, like multiple powerful aftershocks all strung together in a rhythmic flow.

Leon used earth in a unique way and slung large diamonds at the dragon, but they shattered on impact.

He then tried lightning strike after lightning strike, each one getting more powerful than the last. And while it seemed like the dragon winced at it, it's body was so massive that it just kept pushing its way forward unimpeded.

He tried using an incredibly hot blue flame to attempt to melt the dragon's incredibly thick armor but it didn't leave so much as a mark. Out of frustration Leon jumped off the cliff and tried slashing into the armor instead. Silva was parried without even a movement towards Leon's direction.

The dragon must've felt Leon trying his hardest, because it's tail pancaked him into the side of the cliff with a single swing.

The dragon kept marching forward as Leon tried to peel himself out. "How the hell can I damage this thing?!"

He peeled himself out and crawled back onto the cliff again, his thoughts getting more and more desperate as he tried to come up with a solution to the issue at hand. "Maybe freezing it could work...I need to douse it with water first...actually with that I can try two things! Hopefully one is successful."

Leon created a massive orb of water surrounding the dragon, making the pressure increase to deeper and deeper depths in hopes of drowning or crushing it.

The dragon again just seemed annoyed by Leon's persistence. It broke free of the orb without harm, prompting Leon to try his other idea now.

He froze the dragon head to toe in ice, freezing the water that covered its body, making it a complete ice sculpture from head to toe. Leon took a deep breath, seeing that the dragon couldn't move.

"Damn it. I couldn't kill it, but at least this bides time. I need to think of some strategies here…"


Back at Zelenia, they'd successfully evacuated over half of the population with the rest in tow. Cynric, Varius and Maezail had the traffic down to one efficient route. The now new second in command of the Vampires took over the route himself.

"You two go help Leon, I can imagine he's not faring well if the situation hasn't changed yet. I can handle a load of humans on my own. Just go."

The Komodron and the Dragon both wanted to retort before Katrina who was moving about above gave her input as well.

"We have this! He forgets that I'm still here as well. Just go help him! He's in over his head!"

The two of them looked at each other with a shrug.


"We will!"

Varius hopped on Maezail's back and the two took off in the sky.


Courtney and Serena aided Remoire with getting the non critical patients safely with success. But, there was still one last issue.

"You two did a great job in helping, but I can't leave. I will go down with this hospital if need be, I will never leave my patients behind."

Serena sat down and let out a deep sigh. "I never thought your quality of stubbornness would come back to bite me like this. I'll stay with you. Courtney, you go help Leon."

"Yes. Please get him help before he gets himself another ticket back into his designated bed." Remoire said, sounding slightly exhausted.

"That's not even a question at this point…."

Suddenly an announcement was made over an outdoor com. "Update! The dragon has been frozen for now! Please continue the evacuation, but our Guardian has bought us all time!"

"That's Leon for you. But the fact he hasn't killed he really struggling out there?" Courtney pondered out loud as she left the hospital. She saw Maezail in the sky, and took flight along with him, seeing Varius accompanied him as well.

"So! I take it you guys are helping too?!" She asked.

"Of course!" Varius responded.

As they cleared the wall, an update came again, seeing the event with their own eyes.

"The dragon is free! I repeat the dragon broke itself free!!"