Chapter 50:

Case File #602

Cafe Eris

The search for a [redacted] year-old man who went missing last week has now turned into a missing person’s case. Bookmark here

“Despite a thorough search with the community, the young man has not been found,” says local police. “Our thoughts are going out to his family and friends during this tough and confusing time.”Bookmark here

Police were contacted after Wabong [redacted] had not returned to his family home for 1 week. Bookmark here

The mother of Wabong [redacted] states, “Hw was always out, whether it be for a day or two straight, but he would always tell us where he was. He didn’t answer our calls or texts for a week, so we started to get worried.” Bookmark here

His family notes that Wabong has a habit of “going missing” for a few days, but this specific occasion is very out of place. Bookmark here

Police suspect foul play, but nothing can be confirmed as of now. Bookmark here

Police say Wabong was last seen wearing a ‘Bick and Borty’ shirt, black shorts, and with his EyePhone 7 in hand. Bookmark here

If you have any information, please contact the authorities. Bookmark here

A missing person’s flyer has been attached below for further details.Bookmark here

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