Chapter 49:

(Kulsum) Going On a Vacation!!!

Cafe Eris

There they go again. Ma always goes “AKJSDjhdssfkjAHASDJhsdghjshajHJAS” and then dad goes “sdjfhksdfh!” back and forth until one of them stops speaking at all. But THIS time was a little different.Bookmark here

Pa was the one who went all “KJSDHFKEUHRFUKJD!!!!!!” because Ma said that she “had to go for work.” I’m not even surprised anymore! She always has work! I knew it was suspicious when she came to the meeting today. It’s okay. I’ll use this an an excuse to get dad to buy me a sparkly new dress. But not right now, because he looks really really mad. Bookmark here

Everyone is mad and sad today. Even Maruto who came back screaming and crying because Mr. Beyin told his parents his real name. Well, I don’t know if that’s actually what happened, but what else would make Maruto so sad? He did his meeting anyways and told us he’s going to Cafe Eris for bread. That sounds a lot more fun than this! Bookmark here

“I want to go too!” I told my dad. I know if I ask, he won’t say I can’t.Bookmark here

“Ok dear. We’ll go to the cafe and we can pick up your mother since her office is right beside.”Bookmark here

Uh oh. Dad was extra extra mad this time. But not at me of course.Bookmark here

Mr. Bora told us to come sit down in his class.Bookmark here

“Good afternoon,” he shook dad’s hand. “Oh, Kulsum’s mother won’t be joining us today?”Bookmark here

Pa kept his fake smile on, I could tell he was upset. “No.. unfortunately she had something at work come up that took priority.”Bookmark here

“Ah I see, well there isn’t much to discuss really so this will be brief. Kulsum’s grades are great, she does all the work on time, she gets along with her peers. Although it would be great if she could be a little nicer when it comes to sharing, but that’s of course a work in progress.”Bookmark here

Pa just nodded and thanked Mr Bora. Then we left.Bookmark here

But, we didn’t go to the cafe like he promised.Bookmark here

“I thought you said we’d go to Cafe Eris!!! Why are we at home!!!!!!????” he lied to me!Bookmark here

“We’ll go in 5 minutes.” He kneeled down to talk to me. Bookmark here

“Listen, sweetheart. Remember I told you that we might go on a trip this month? Well, I decided that we should, so pack a bag you can carry with your favourite clothes and then we’ll go to Cafe Eris okay?”Bookmark here

I nodded and went to pack my things for the trip. For some reason Pa also took a big fat envelope. I don’t know why he needs that on vacation, but maybe I’m just too young to understand.Bookmark here

We got to the cafe and met up with Maruto and Mishti, OOPS, I mean Masuke. Before I could even start eating the cake that Santa gave us, Ma came into the cafe and started arguing with dad again. I counted on my fingers to do the maths, this was the 27th (?) time this month. Bookmark here

“Kulsum, come here. Bring your things,” dad called to me.Bookmark here

Ma pointed to our bags, “....Why does she have that? What are you trying to do?...You know, I’m extremely tired, let’s just go hom-”Bookmark here

“No. You’re going home. Kulsum and I are leaving.”Bookmark here

What does that mean? Is Ma not invited on this vacation?? Yay! A trip with just Pa and me will be so much fun!!Bookmark here

“.....What are you talking about?” Ma asked.Bookmark here

Then Pa brought out the big fat envelope from home and he gave it to Ma. “I want a divorce. I’m taking Kulsum with me.”Bookmark here

Hmm… is divorce a fancy adult word for vacation? But why are they so angry about going on vacation? Well actually, now that I think about it, they’re always angry on vacation.Bookmark here

“Yeah we’re going on a divorce Ma! You’re not invited!”Bookmark here

Ma didn’t look at me. She didn’t even open the big fat envelope. I expected her to be wayyyy more mad but she was super quiet. I could see the bald man in the corner staring at us too. Maybe he also wants to go on divorce with us.Bookmark here

“I’ll see you in court.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, okay,” Pa took my hand and we left the cafe. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to Maruto and Masuke before my vacation! Pa didn’t turn back, but when I did, Ma was sipping her tea, and the bald man in the corner looked very very sad. I don’t understand.Bookmark here

It’s just a divorce?Bookmark here

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