Chapter 0:


Phantasm Project

“What does it take to save a person’s life?”Bookmark here

A shiny ray of morning sun shines through the sky train’s window, hitting the face of Haru, a boyish spiky messy short hair, which is in contrast with the prestigious dark blue school uniform with a dark red tie she is wearing like many girls her age on the same train. It woke her up and reminded her that she is about to arrive at her destination, Tokyo. Haru rubs her eyes and stretches her arm up preparing herself while taking a glance below at the city that dwarfs any places she has ever been to. Bookmark here

“Attention passengers, Train will arrive at its destination in 15 minutes”Bookmark here

After hearing the announcements Haru fumbles around her pocket, unable to contain her excitement, pulling out her smartphone, taking a quick picture of the city to send it to her parents. While also checking some messages her class sent to her overnight, it put a little smile and giggle on her face.Bookmark here

“Oh come on everyone I will be totally fine here.”Bookmark here

“But this is it, I never thought in my life I would ever come here let alone live and study here,” Haru thought to herself, eyes filled with excitement and determination as if she wasn’t here just for a simple vacation or a normal high school.Bookmark here

She sat and waited, watching all the skyscrapers, commercial signs, other trains and cars, and crowds of people walking on the street below the train that is running along a floating rail through the city. Eventually catching a glimpse of where she will study with the school uniform she is wearing right now, T.S.I(Tokyo Specialization Institution) being not far away from the station she will arrive at. Everything made her excited in her eyes grow more and more.Bookmark here

After the train arrives at the station people start taking up their belongings including Haru, she even notices other girls her age wearing the same uniform as her. Then the train's door opened as if a new world had been opened to Haru, she quickly stepped out with a big amazing expression.Bookmark here

“Alright let’s not wait any longer, here I go!!,” Haru thought loudly in her head with an enthusiastic smile everyone who knew her would be familiar with, she proceeded down the station and into the street of Tokyo.Bookmark here

After a quick look at her phone for the school location, she proceeds at a faster pace than any student there.Bookmark here

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