Chapter 1:

Beginning of the journey


When I opened my eyes, I was in the world of the game I used to play and it had probably been two years or maybe three since my death even though I hope this is all just a dream but reality is still cruel. When I wake up for the first time in the meadow, I don't know whose body I'm in now, this body kinda buff than my old body. I also still remember my old life until now and….. How did it ended.

It all started when I found out how cruelly the world treats the good and the weak and I'm just an ordinary office worker who just wants to live in peace but all that changed 180 degrees when someone took advantage of my kindness and finally brought me down. I lost my job and the trust I had built for a long time and I ended up being unemployed. Nobody wants to hire a criminal, right?, even though you didn't actually do that but that's the cruelty of the world, there is no justice at all, the weak must get out or be controlled and because of that i change my vision for this world.

I decide to giving up on looking for a job and think what happen to the rest of my life without money, But not for long someone came offer me to play RPG game and will earn money with it and i decided to give it a try because i really need money to survive and finally i played that game and got money, but the longer i play the more i enjoy and i forget about outside life. This game took over my mind, the money they gave me that I should use to survive I spent only on that game and I only ate instant noodles instead of the healthy food I used to eat. My life now completely changes.

And not long after i reached high level suddenly my game got banned. I know it sound so stupid but it really drives me crazy though. i go to their office to get an explanation but when I got there they just thought I was some bargain for seeing my appearance and the guy who offer me that game just give me a disgusting look and finally kicked me out without giving me an answer. I'm completely blank now, I don't know what to do and keep thinking why do they all take advantage of good people then throw them away if it doesn't benefit them anymore. I feel the hatred in my heart for humans getting bigger and especially my very weak self who can't do anything to against them.

If this world are still what they call it a justice i hope it knock they're front door and slap them.

I went home disappointed and my heart became dark. I feel like I want to make them feel the same as I do now, disappointment and suffering I want to see how they will react, but I can’t do anything, I don’t have power or courage to change anything, I’m starting to hate myself and every people on this planet.

On the way home I heard someone asking for help, I followed the voice and I saw a guy who was being robbed from a distance. Honestly I don't care what will happen to that man after knowing how cruel this world is and walk away but when I see his face my body move on Its own and finally help him. But when I’m about to help him, there’s another people coming from behind and surround us. I standing in front of him to defense him but while I was standing in front of that man he pushed me to the thief and used that opportunity to run as far as possible. one of the robbers think I’m about to attack him and he stabbed me in the stomach and them kicked me against the wall, they said it was all my fault who made their target run away and started beating me until I felt nothing anymore then they leave me dying on the street.

The pain on my stomach are fading away as my consciousness and I started feeling cold all over my body, I saw the sky getting darker and darker then finally I completely didn't feel anything anymore, the pain, the coldness of my body until I shaking, breathing, everything disappeared except my mind, my anger, my hatred for the world and people who live in it.

For a God who give me this kind of life by treat every kindness that I do to other humans making my life much worse, then I swear to you in my next life I will be the strongest and I will control the world, I will make them suffer as I feel, I will take everything they love and crush it. That’s my promise!.

I didn't feel anything after that, I couldn't breathe, I didn't hear or feel my body warm or move my muscles and I don't even remember how long I've been like this. While I thinking about this situation I saw a small light getting bigger and bigger and suddenly I started to feel the warmth of a body and move it, I also felt like I breathing again and heard the sound of the wind then.... I heard woman’s voice.

"Open your eyes. It's time to wake up from the dream. Our Knight Naruk." I heard woman's voice inside my head and as she spoke I immediately opened my eyes quickly

The first thing I saw was an interface that floated in front of my eyes and it showed the level bar, health and magic or something like that. I getting up and quickly felt my stab wound but I didn't feel anything and for some reason I already wearing some clothes like, weird clothes. For second I was really dreaming, a very real dream. I am at meadow and I didn't see any buildings like I used to see.

"Where... am I?" I standing and looking around.

"We have been waiting for you, Naruk" Suddenly I heard the same voices from my head and make me shock.

"What the hell!, who's there?!" I looked around but saw no one. Then the voice continue speak trough my mind.

"I am Gaia, the mother of all”

“Gaia?” Wait, what?. I heard that name before, but where do I heard that. “What do you mean by waiting?. And who’s Naruk?” I have so many question.

“I summoned you’re soul to this world because we need your help to free mankind from the dark force"

"What do you mean?, answer my question!" I shout.

“You been reborn to this world from many pray of the many beings who suffer from the evil forces that have ruled this world for so long since the evil force arrived and took control all of the lands and none of the warriors I sent back alive until now”"And what make you think I won't be like them too?"

"Because you are the chosen one who predicted to make the evil force fall to their knees"

“Hahahahahaah…… What an interesting fairy tale you told to make me laugh like this. But I’m sorry your predicted might be wrong. Do you have any idea how I feel about those human?. Hate!. They have no feelings, they take advantage of people who are weaker than them and then throw them away. And now you want me to help them for what they did to me?. Think again” I laughed because for what I’m hearing. I mean, the me?...saving mankind after what they did to me in my previous life?.

Gaia doesn't respond to my words a bit and it feels like she has disappeared from my head. I already made up my mind now. To become the strongest and control all of them I want to see what I did was right as they did to me that time.

I no longer care about humans or living things in this world. If they suffer because something evil has ruled this world, then so be it. Then I will be the worst thing for that evil power.

I went from the meadow and looked for information about this world. The first thing I know is, this world is not where I used to live, the interface in my eyes is like an RPG game, my clothes are like old fleece clothes, shoes and vests are made of leather or something like that.

After walking for a while I finally saw a building that was completely familiar to many who saw it for the first time. My eyes widened when I saw the Roman Colosseum building and the building still looked very nice and many people entered there with the same clothes as me. Am I back in the past?

Then out of curiosity I entered the Colosseum and it was filled with cheers of people, after looking closely I saw a number of people fighting each other in the middle of the arena.

"The hell?, It can’t be"
My eyes are wide with white skin showing. I can’t believe for what I see it now.

I look at those people who fighting in arena suddenly tabs appear on my interface and explain anything about that guy who I’m looking to, the status or job they use, and their skills and their level, that guy level at 35.

This thing same as seeing the monster info in the RPG game I played at that time.

Then I left by running out of the Colosseum and away from the people towards the meadow earlier, I panicked and scared to see my new world, I was confused what happened.

I sat on the grass and took a breath and let it out to calm down and started thinking about what was going on.

First, I was in Rome, Rome in the past to be more precise. That means I'm in Greece where the spartans live and fight, and those people were one of the spartans.

Second, there is an interface that shows the health bar and exp bar like the RPG games I played in my old life. That means I'm in a game world and if I remember correctly the game I played was in a fantasy setting. There could be monsters, and dungeons in this world.

If that's the case then I can become strong by raising my level as high as possible, just like in a game.

My fear disappeared in an instant after thinking like that and then I stood up then went back there to look for more information. this world is just a game world, and they are all NPCs (Non Player Character), and I just need to think this is like a game and keep fighting to raise my level the same as before.

Some people said about the monsters that disturbed their plantation and I decided to go there after buying the sword, you could say I was doing a side quest to get gold. After arriving at the scene I saw a number of slimes absorbing the vegetables and gardens there, I tried to look at their info with the interface in my eyes and it didn't take long for the info to appear and explain everything, The slimes are still level 3, I think I can beat that.

I tried killing a slime and I saw my experience increase a bit, if I can fight the stronger ones then I will quickly level up. Hmp..... interesting.

Then I keep fighting and fighting to vent all my anger on all the people who made me end in this world, I hate them, I want to make them suffer, I want them to cry sorry for what they did to me, I want to kill them all.

Three year had passed when I arrived in this game world, and now i am at level one hundred and it's the highest level I can reach now, and I became the most powerful knight around, they called me "Naruk the cold-blooded slayer" because every time I defeat the enemy I will definitely make them unable to fight anymore, Depends if he deserves it or not, if you catch my meaning. I learned a lot about this world in three years. This world is almost the same as the RPG games I play, and has the same map as the real world, but it more like the past and a bit fantasy.

Even so i just said i played this in my old life but this is not same at all. Feel like i just transport to another world but the world just like game.

you need to eat, drink and also need rest and sleep like normal people do and if your health bar is empty it means you will die...... really dead.

The monster I fight just like the game, they have level too as I am and this world also have a dungeon that I always use to rise my level and got rare item.

I use the sword and shield job because it's the strongest one I've used while playing this in the previous world. The skills i got at this level are still few and to get the strongest skill i need to pass this level because you need to upgrade for getting level up again. I always increase my level by fighting a monster or do the dungeon and i forgot about the upgrade and anything and now I have to do that troublesome thing. I keep trying to level up again but it can't. I see a plus sign under my name and it looks like I'm being asked to upgrade just like my old game, No wonder why I can't get past level 100.

Some people say there a magic stone that can grant you power but for me it just remove limit of level and I know exactly where the stone is. Atlantis.

So this is really going to be a very very long journey. Shit... Even this world is about give me the hard time. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, the first thing to do is to find transportation and buy it with the money I have from winning the Colosseum back then. I'm already on my way to Atlantis and as far as I can remember, in the game I was able to get there quickly, but since it's half the real world and half the game world so I have to go there like the original map.

I saw a farm that not too far from my place and i think they have some kind of transport for sale so i decided to go over there and have a look. There are some horses in the stable but I'm not sure they're healthy to walk long distances, even my interface say so.

"Excuse me. Sir, do you need something?" I immediately looked behind me when I heard the voice behind me.

There was a little kid wearing a hood almost covering the whole body, he must be the horses keeper but definitely not the one who owns this place.

"Yeah... is there a horse that's strong enough to walk long distances?"

"What do you want?" Then a big fat guy came in and I didn't like his tone was. I saw his hand still holding a cup feel with beer, did this guy still drunk?, obviously he must be the owner of this place and with the interface in my eyes i can see his status and what i see is he's not a some kind knight or anything, just a fat man with a drinking problem.

"I'm looking for a mount here, strong enough for long journeys"

"Oh!, So you want to buy" The tone of his voice change "Then you've come to the right place. the horses here are all very strong and healthy" yeah like i don't see all these bunch horse are sick.

"Do you have anything else?" he started touching his chin like he was thinking, obviously no one will buying that.

"Hmmmmmm..... I guess not" he shrugged his shoulders

"How about-" "Shut your damn mouth you useless brat!" The kid wanted to say something but he was immediately snapped. This fat guy really start pissed me off.

Then I took out a gold pouch and showed it "is this enough?"

He chuckled and smile "ahh.... now i remember" then i throw the gold pouch "I do have another one. follow me" He came up to me and touched my back like we had known each other for a long time. Then I grabbed his arm and said "Don't ever touch me with those filthy hands of yours, Got it!" he groaned in pain and then nodded forcefully and I threw his hand away. The fat guy led me to the big barn "you!. I don't buying you to be lazy. Open that door and take the horse out, you idiot!" he snapped at the kid.

"B-but that horse bit wild-" that kid speak with tone scary but before his finis his speak the fat man kick him and yell.

"I don't wanna hear your excuse!. Now go before I'll put this boot on your face" Then he look at me and give me his ugly smile "that kid just a stupid slave, just ignore it"

Not long enough waiting i hear the horse roar and rushed out of the barn with the kid got stuck on the rope and got dragged. The horses have the white color and blue hair and kind a buff one. As I was looking for, it's clear he's strong for long journeys.

But the horse was completely out of control, the little boy could be killed if not stopped. I looked at the fat drunk and it was obvious he couldn't do anything with his life, you bastard. Ahhhh..... do I have to do this myself?. Fine.

The horse ran without direction and destroyed every stable and every farm. I take a head in front of the horse and steady my shield to stop that horse. That horse for some reason getting faster and you can tell by looking at the kid who start float, I start too looked at the horse with my interface and as expected this horse has level 15. He some kind a monster?.

"Okay horse. Let's see who is the strongest here" I said to myself. I saw an electric spark coming out of the horse and it was running faster towards me, the horse must have used its skill now. Then the horse slammed its head against my shield and finally stopped.

The kid fly and I jumped to save him. When we land, the boy's robe came off and it surprised me because he was a girl with a green eye and sharp ear side.

"You are okay?" i ask when we land and the kid immediately put her hood back and force to down and walk away.

"I-I’m sorry-" the girl not even finis her speak because that ugly bastard pulling her hear under the hood and make her scream in pain.

"Look what have you done to my farm!. How you suppose to pay this, hah!"

"I-I’m sorry, master. I’m really sorry" little girl begging for mercy but that fat man look like really angry to her.

"You elves always take anything that belongs to us. I had enough of you!" Fat man raise his hand and about to hit that kid. But before he land his hand on that little girl cheek i slam his face with my back of hand so hard and make him fly to the pig stable.

"Get your dirty hand off of her"

"W-why you protect that bastard instead of you own kind!?" The fat man speak in scare. He almost lost all the front teeth because my back hand.

"Don't compare me to you, you disgusting bastard!. You are nothing but shit to me"

"Y-you gonna pay for this!"

After that the fat man passed out and i just leave him be the where he should belong.

The horse getting up and look like he seems to have calmed down then I saw a cart that looked still good and I took the horse and tied it up. I put all my stuff on the cart and start to leave this farm but before that for some reason i look at the kid and don’t wanna leave her with him. If i leave her here, she just get beat up by that bastard again.

"Come with me, kid. There's nothing here for you anymore"

"b-but he is my master. I have to follow whatever he says" the kid speak in tone of scare.

"I am your master now. So you must follow my orders now" i give her my hand but she still afraid to leave but finally accepted and I pulled her into the cart and left this place.

While on the way, I heard a rumbling sound from behind then I looked at the girl who was hugging her own stomach. That kid must be hungry.

I climbed into the cart to see what happen but she jump in scare "I-I-I'm really sorry sir! I didn't mean to do it. Please don't hit me. I promise I won't do it again" that kid screamed in fear and begging for mercy to me and tried to protect herself.

I just keep silent and took the small bag of food next to her and gave her a piece of bread.

"Here, eat it. I don't want to take care of a sick child" The kid still in doubt to take it from my hand.

"B-but-" before her finish i just put piece of bread to her mouth and leave another bread and water beside her.

"Eat and be quiet" then I went back to the front of the cart so I’m not make her scare even more. I looked back and the kid immediately ate the bread like.... Like an animal who never give any food in the cage. A very hungry wild animal.

I feel something about her that i should save her for some reason. Hmmp.... I guess is better not to think about it right now.

During the journey the girl still looking back at the path we had been through and she seemed to be thinking about something, probably about her old master.

"Are you okay?" I asked but I looked to the front of the road after seeing the little girl.

The girl gasped and sat back down as before, She lowered her head and replied stuttering "I-i'm.... I'm sorry, sir"

What?. I just asked how she was and she apologized?.

"I asked are you okay?" I see at her.

I'm worried about her condition after being beaten like that by that big ugly bastard.

"Y-yes sir, I'm fine" After that I just kept quiet and looked front.

The night is coming and the town we were going to was still quite far away so I decided to sleep outside for the night. We stopped near a tree not far from the road. I got down and untied the horse's rope from the cart. After untie the horse from the cart, i saw the The little girl is sleeping peacefully in the cart under the hood. The horses make a sound while nudging me, I raised my eyebrows while I look at it, then the horse lay down and give me a sign with his head to his stomach. “You want me to put her beside you?” The horse nodded. Did he just understand me?, what a smart horse I got. Look like he wants me to put that girl next to him. The horse seemed to have a human-like mind ever since its head hit my shield or he been like this before we meet.

I went up to open the small door behind the cart and slowly tried to lift it, but suddenly the little boy flinched and got up then he backed away quickly while protecting himself, he looked very scared when he saw me.

"I-I-I'm sorry I fell asleep while working, sir. I didn't mean to" He hid under his hood and tried to protect himself with his hands, he stuttered and trembled with fear.

I became silent and confused when I saw him like that. I just tried to pick him up and put him to sleep next to the horse.

I got into the wagon and approached her, she was getting scared and begging for mercy but I ignored her and lifted the little girl onto my shoulders and carried her to the horse that was lying there. This little boy is really light when I lift him up.

She kept apologizing and struggling to get away from me and is getting annoying hearing her screaming right next to my ear. Then I put her next to the horse, the girl backed away in fear as she crept closer to the horse and protected herself.

"There...." then I just left them and look for some wood to make bonfire.

The little girl was confused when she saw me doing nothing to her and then the horse snorted and nudged its head against her.

Geez, that ugly fat guy really went too far to beat her like that. I feel sorry for that kid, she probably been kidnapped from her parents and sold as a slave. I'm sure the evil power that Gaia was talking about at that time might be a humans like them.

After a while away looking for wood I returned to their place. I stopped for a moment when I saw the girl asleep on the horse's belly and the horse wrapped its head around the little girl like a blanket. The two of them seemed to have a connection even though the horse almost harmed her. He was very kind to that kid and gave his stomach as a pillow and slept next to her. She was sleeping very deeply but still wearing a hoody.

She must be had a rough day.

After the bonfire is set I kept watch around because the monsters moved wilder at night.

"You have successfully completed your first quest. Thank you for saving the girl, Naruk" suddenly I heard the same voice when I was in the grass field.

"What the hell?" I stood up quickly and looked for the source of the voice "You again" Gaia seems to be talking through my mind again.

"You must protect her, Naruk, with all your strength until she is strong enough to protect you in your journey"

"What are you talking about?!" I shouted at her to answer me but seems have disappeared again like before.

What the hell she even mean by completed my quest. Damn she never explained anything.

I look at that girl with interface to check her but i can't see her status, all blank. What is Gaia mean i should protect that girl?. Is there something about her is special?. Does that mean Gaia know we about to meet each other?.

Ahh!….i have so much question about it. Next time I should ask her for a reward for completed the quest.

The sun is rise and we continued our journey to nearest town, I looked at the map and it seemed that the city was not far away, finally, My food was running low I had to refill in the city when we arrived.

I suddenly stopped when I saw a slime type monster not far from here, the slimes were in the meadow near the hill. Then I got off the cart. "Come with me. We have something to do and don't ask"

She just nodded and followed me from behind and until at the foot of the hill I stopped and turned around to look at her.

"W-what are we-" the little girl asked in a scared tone but I cut her before she finished the words and I glared at her

"tch- didn't I told you not to ask?"

I have to do that before she gets noisy like last night

"I-I'm sorry master" she bowed her head.

Wait, did she call me master just now?. Last night she still call me sir. Whatever, she can call me as she want, I don’t care either.

Then I took out a dagger from my pocket and gave it to her "here. Use this dagger and kill that slime" i pointed at the slime with one level so she can kill easily.

Gaia's words are still stuck in my head all night about this kid will protect me.

She started shaking "Come on. Kill it" I gave the order.

Then she talk in stutter "I-I can't. I don't want to kill anyone, master. I’m really sorry" she dropped the dagger on the ground.

Ahhh...... I knew it, there's no way this girls can protect me. I just sigh and then took the dagger and put it back in my pocket then I walk away returned to the cart.

"There's no way this girl will protect me. She can't even kill that weak slime. You're wrong again, Gaia" I was talking to myself and as usual she didn't reply to me.

I don't care what you gonna do to convince me. I will still stick to my plan. Rule this world and control all of them. I have sworn by my death.

We continue the journey and finally arrived at the town. This place is more luxurious than where I live. The people wore luxurious clothes and looked quite peaceful here.

I parked my horse and cart at the town gate and entered the town with little girl followed me from behind. She looked at her feet while holding her hood. Then I heard a rumbling sound from behind and looked at her who was covering her stomach after making that sound.

"I-I'm sorry master" she apologized again and looks scared. Do I look like I want to hit every time she makes a mistake?

I can only sigh "alright. Let's eat first"

I saw a tavern in front of us and I decided to go there. Not too fancy but suitable for my finances, beside I came here to buy supplies not to eat fancy food. I sit against the wall and ordered

"Give me a beer and a steak and some kid's food"


We went to table on the back where a less crowded and near the wall and sit on the bench, the kid still standing next to me.

"Why are you still standing?" I asked.

She spoke nervously as usual "a- a slaves are forbidden to sit at the same height as their master"

I raised my eyebrows "Sit on the bench, now!" I raised my voice and surprised her

"y-yes, master" then she sit on the bench in front of me and still looked down.

"By the way, why do elves like you become slaves to humans?"

She shock at first and then shaking when I asked "I-I'm not an elf, master. I'm a human and just a slave"

I clearly heard the drunkard said she was an elf and went I save her at the barn I just saw sharp ear of her. When I try to see her status on my interface, nothing is visible. It's not like I care who and what she is. I just don't wanna take the kid away from their parents.

"Where’s your parent?" I asked again.

"......" she keep silent.

"What about the house. Do you remember where you live?"

"........" she just keep silent again.

This started a bit annoying, then I hit the table and make her shock again as i asked "why do you keep silent?. Answer my question!"

"I'm really sorry master, but..... But I don't remember anything about my past. All I know is, I lived just to be a slave"

Then the waiter came with the food i ordered "there you go"

I immediately drank the beer in one gulp and started eating the steak. I can finally eat a lot after starving last night. Even this is a game world but the food here is like the real world, I can taste it. and I can get drunk too if I drink too much, just like the real world. I’m about half way through eating the steak and I saw that kid's plate was not touched at all.

"Why don't you eat?" I asked while chewing.

Then she answer nervously again. Every time. "Can I eat luxurious food like this master?"

I just sighed, this kid really is too obedient to slave rules or whatever they call it. "Listen. I don't care if you're a slave or not. Eat whatever's on the table. Don’t waste food, Got it!?"

"I’m sorry master" after that she started eating the food but without using a spoon. Before she’s touching the food I quickly grabbed her little hand.

"Wait..." I took the spoon beside her plate and put it in her palm then made her hold the spoon "Use a spoon if you want to eat. I told you i don't wanna taking care a sick child on my journey" she try using the spoon on the food but the way she hold it is weird. I think she never been taught how to eat with a spoon before. What a poor thing.

“By the way, you have a name?. Is hard calling you without knowing your name”

“I-I don’t have a name, Master”

I rise my eyebrow “So what should I call you then?”

“I’m….. I’m sorry Master, My old master always call me stupid or garbage, I don’t know what I should tell you”

This kid for real?. Is he okay with being called like that?

"Ahhh….. Alright, since you don't have a name, i will call you Lamina from now on"

She look at me and then suddenly groaned in pain and dropped the spoon then grabbed her left hand.

"Hey! What's wrong?!" I asked in a panic then I felt pain in my left hand and a mark appeared on my hand. I saw my name and lamina appear on the interface. Maybe when I gave her a name, we must have entered into some kind of contract, or formed a party. I pulled her hand and as i expected, she have the same mark. I asked her again "are you okay?"

She immediately took her hand back and covered it.

"Yes master. This always happens when someone gives me a name" she explained while enduring the pain then she continue to eating. Often?. Has she changed her Master frequently?, how bad is she?.

I keep watching her eating with the hood still wears, the hood is quite dirty and can't be used anymore, her clothes are also worn out, she doesn't wear shoes either. I can't cleary see her face really looks like. Is kinda annoying.

While she was eating, I tried to slowly remove her hood but suddenly she immediately grabbed that hood and blocked my hand.

"No!" She screams.

"What's wrong with you? Isn't it more comfortable to eat without a hood blocking your face?" I convinced her but she insisted didn't want to take her hood off.

"I'm sorry master, but I don't want people to see me" I kept forcing him but he kept getting in the way and started make me angry.

I grit my teeth because I had enough of her scare thingy "Okay!. You want it the hard way?. Fine" I glaring her with a narrow eye and frown my forehead "Lamina this is an order, take off that hood, now!"

"N-no please Master" she begging, and then she started groaning because feel the same pain again and took off her hood, it seemed like she was moving without her own will. I look her in confuse and feel guilty to look how she hold the pain.

After the hood was completely opened I raised both my eyebrows together and I wasn't surprised because I had expected it, this little girl is actually an elf. Long gold mixed green hair, gloosy green eyes, long sharp ears and a beautiful face at this age.

"You are really an elf" I just grin,

"ELF!. there's elf here!" I heard someone at another table screaming and got all their attention towards our table.

Lamina immediately covered herself again with her hood after hearing a scream. Their gazes on lamina were the same as drunkard earlier and rush to our table.

I immediately stand in front lamina to cover her.

"The hell you guys want!?" I shout as i ask.

Then some who maybe the owner this tavern show up and asked us to leave.

"I’m sorry sir but we have to ask you and that....." he gave a disdainful look to lamina as he spoke "filthy thing get out of this tavern right now!"

"Why the hell you guys hate her so much, she didn't even do anything?" I almost lost control when I saw those who treated lamina like a pest.

"Oh…. She didn’t do anything but her kind, yes”


“Don't you know what the elves do to humans?!" I raised my eyebrows "years ago humans were severely enslaved by the elves and tortured by them and when evil powers appeared, they just let humans handle them and they just disappeared"

"But she didn't do, did she?"

"No, but she is related to them and always like that"

I don't know if what that guy said was true or not but when I looked at lamina who silent and not stand against them, maybe what they said was true, but I can't let them corner a child like this.

"Tch….Let's go, Lamina" i grabbed lamina's hand “We're leaving this place."

I continued to grip that girl's arm as I passed the angry mob. They cheered hatred on her. They said, Murderers, Tortures and others, I don't really hear them.

After that we managed to get out of the place and keep walking towards the gate.

"M-master, I-I’m sorry because of me you got into trouble"

"No. It was me the one who force you to take off that hood and show you self without knowing your trouble" I keep looking ahead as i speak, I should have known that lamina didn't want anyone to see her who was an elf but I keep forcing her and now I know the truth about her, maybe that's the reason why she really doesn't want to take the hood off around strangers “we take our supplies, then leave this place, before the people at the tavern spread who you are" i suggest.

After stocking up our carts, we immediately left the town and continued our journey.

"I wonder why they hate you so much. Is what they said true?" I asked as I broke the silence after half an hour away from that town.

“I-I…… don't remember anything master” she lowered her head again and hide under her hood.

I move from the coachman to the cart and sit in front of her. I feel she's hiding something from me.

"Tell the truth, Lamina. Where did you come from and why did you become a human slave?”

"B-but I really don't remember anything master. Please believe me!" She raised her voice, I knew she was hiding something.

"Then why didn't you tell them like that when they cornered you at the tavern?. Why don’t you just tell them you don’t remember anything and act like a stupid!" I rise my voice to her.

"I-I.... I...." she stuttered and not for long she removed the hood from her head and I could see her face clearly this time and she continued to take off that robe and clothes then turned her back towards me. I widened my eyes in surprise to see her back and arms is full the same marks as on our hands, her body is tin and I can see her spine, this is horribly then she started to explain "What they said was true, Elf enslave a human race, I remember just that. I've lived in this world long enough just to bear all the sins of the elf race by becoming a slave to humans until. Is has been so long that make me forget my name, family and where I live, all I remember is every anger and hatred they directed at my body every second" she looked at me again and continued "but i don't want to hate them, i want humans and elf to live together peacefully" She smile gently "I really want to see that happen"

Don't give me that smile.

"Lamina...." this kid.... she is really have a pure heart, she lives only to bear all the sin that she didn't even commit. I can't believe that there is someone who can still make a smile like that after what have been through all this time. She doesn’t deserve any of this.

"Master?.....why are you crying?" I gasped when I realized there were tears running down my cheeks. I wiped my tears and then jump out of the moving cart and ran into the forest "ah!, Master!" I ignored lamina's screams and keep going I must see someone who knows this.

I can't remember the last time I cried for someone's life, this is weird, I thought I've decided not to care about anything in this world anymore but why after seeing her i really want to save her.

Who are you really are...... Lamina.

In the middle of the forest I stop and shouted calling "GAIA!!!"

Then I heard a woman's voice in my head.

"All nature bless you, Naruk"

"You've known all about her all along, do you!" I snapped at her "why don't you save her, bastard!. She doesn't have to suffer like this for the sake of her race. She's still a child" Gaia was silent again and my anger grew bigger "ANSWER ME!!!"

"I can’t save her, she the who chose this, the one who can save her just you and she the one will be you savior" She manage to mute me with that word then she continue "Fate has determined your meeting, Naruk. You must protect that girl with all your might. She’s need you and you need her" then the voice fade away and disappears completely, I kept calling her but as usual she didn't respond.

"Gaia!. Gaia!!. I'm not done talking yet!. Dammit!

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