Chapter 52:

(Lolita) True Love

Cafe Eris

My secret was out. I finally told someone the reason why I was still here. Bookmark here

Because I’m a lonely, hopeless romantic.
Bookmark here

I get it, okay? It’s kinda hilarious, a ghost stuck on earth because they hadn’t experienced true love. Bookmark here

I thought leaving was impossible for the longest time. I’ve been here for God knows how long, so obviously I’ve had time to think about why I’m stuck. At first I thought it was just because of the age I died at. I was pretty young, around Tristan’s age I think.Bookmark here

The details are kinda blurry, to be honest.Bookmark here

I guess Father Keith was right. If I stay here any longer, I’ll start to lose bits of myself. I’d start to forget things, whether it be something like my favourite memory or something as simple as my own name. Bookmark here

Anyways, after he finally cracked me with his ridiculously sad backstory, he explained to me how he would help me. I told him all about Tristan, and how he caught my eye the very first day I saw him. Even though I’ve been a hopeless romantic for all the time I’ve spent on earth, I always thought “love at first sight” was too cheesy. I mean how does that even happen anyways? You see someone you’ve never met and suddenly you’re in love? Sounds fake to me. Bookmark here

But when I saw Tristan, I took back everything. It was like I unlocked a deep feeling hidden within me when I first saw him, almost as if I’ve known him before. It was weird and hard to explain, but that’s the only way I can describe it. Bookmark here

If I lived through a past life, or maybe multiple past lives, I definitely lived them alongside Tristan. Bookmark here

Father Keith promised me that he would set us up. I learned that he’s kinda a softie when it comes to love. I guess it makes sense because of his past, though. Poor man.Bookmark here

He told me he would come into the cafe everyday during quiet hours and try to be a wingman for me. He insists that the only way I can pass on is if Tristan confesses to me. Bookmark here

Today, he came into the cafe at around 8:00pm. There were no customers in the cafe, and Tristan began to put stuff into the back room. I waited for Father Keith to appear in the window before taking a seat at one of the tables. Bookmark here

When the door chimed, Tristan came out of the back. Bookmark here

“Hello, sir.” His eyes flitted towards me, “O-oh, Lolita! I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you come in.” Bookmark here

Father Keith nodded to Tristan and I and gestured for me to talk to Tristan. Bookmark here

“No worries Tristan, I just came in.” I gave him a (hopefully) charming smile. His face turned red and I giggled, he looked so cute! Like a little tomato. Bookmark here

Tristan turned his attention back to Father Keith who was making his way to the counter. Bookmark here

“What can I get you, sir?” Bookmark here

“One americano, please.” Bookmark here

“Coming right up, sir.” Bookmark here

Father Keith nodded and waited by the counter for Tristan to finish. I couldn’t help but watch Tristan make the drink, he was just too attractive! He was much more relaxed at his job now, and his laid back movements were so hot. Bookmark here

Once the drink was made, Tristan placed it down on the counter in front of Father Keith. Before he could turn to do something else, Father Keith reached his hand out to stop him. He beckoned Tristan to come closer. I pretended to look away, but I leaned in closer to hear what they were talking about. Bookmark here

“Son, you seem very tired,” Father Keith spoke in a low voice. Bookmark here

“Oh, um, yeah I guess. It’s been a long day,” Tristan chuckled. Bookmark here

“Listen, why don’t you go spend some time with that young lady over there. It seems like she wants to be in your company, correct?”Bookmark here

Tristan looked towards me with wide eyes. I waved shyly. Bookmark here

“Go ahead, son. She seems like a very nice girl. No one else is here, and I don’t mind if you take a break.” I patted him on the back and he squeaked a little. Bookmark here

He gave Father Keith a grateful but nervous smile and made his way towards me. I buzzed in anticipation. Bookmark here

“H-hey, Lolita,” his voice wavered a bit. It was too cute. Bookmark here

“Hey yourself, Tristan,” I giggled.Bookmark here

“S-so, how have you been?”Bookmark here

“Oh you know, same old same old. You seem kinda tired though, busy day today?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, you know it. I had to clean up some messes and frigging Rika park came today. I was sweating bricks while making her drink, I’m glad you weren’t here to see that.” Bookmark here

I let out a hearty laugh at the mental image. “You tryna impress me or something?”Bookmark here

He looked away, blushing furiously. “.... Maybe…”Bookmark here

I laughed again. “Oh Tristan, you’re already cool in my book. Don’t you worry.” Bookmark here

He looked up at me with surprised eyes, “Y-you think I’m c-cool?”Bookmark here

“Of course.” Bookmark here

We looked at each other’s eyes for a second too long and I had to look away. When I snuck a glance at him, he looked away too. Bookmark here

“It seems like we’re both pretty whipped, huh?” Bookmark here

He chuckled and scratched the back of his neck, “You’re getting pretty bold, L-Lolita.” Bookmark here

“I think that’s what you like about me. And plus, am I wrong?” Bookmark here

He gazed into my eyes once again and waited. Bookmark here

He didn’t answer right away and looked away after a second.Bookmark here

I panicked. Have I been reading this the wrong way? Am I being too outgoing? Crap, maybe he doesn’t even like me! Bookmark here

No, no, no…. Bookmark here

I don’t have that much time left… Bookmark here

And I actually really like Tristan!Bookmark here

Have I really… Bookmark here

Have I really spent my time loving someone who doesn’t see me the same way?Bookmark here

Have I not learned from my mistakes?Bookmark here

No, no, no… Bookmark here

I looked down and tried to laugh, but it came out all sad. It was pathetic. In the corner of my eye I could see Father Keith trying to get my attention, but I just shook my head.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh of defeat. “I’m sorry Tristan, I guess I’ve been reading the wrong signals-”Bookmark here

“No!” Tristan blurted out. I jumped back at his sudden outburst and he cringed at himself. Bookmark here

“S-sorry, but no. I mean, no. No, not no, I- It’s just that- I-” Bookmark here

“Deep breaths Tristan,” I tried to remind him.Bookmark here

He took a couple before continuing. “You aren’t reading the wrong signals. I just panicked and you surprised me with your forwardness but honestly it’s what I like about you! It’s charming to say the least but it’s so different from what I’m like so sometimes it can take me a while to respond but in my head I’m so happy! I’m honestly really happy! I could keep going on how h-”Bookmark here

“Tristan,” I laughed in relief, “Please slow down. I’m not going anywhere.” Bookmark here

He paused and his body visibly relaxed after a couple seconds. Bookmark here

“Lolita, what I’m trying to say is…”Bookmark here

Is it happening right now?Bookmark here

“ I’m happy because…” Bookmark here

Please, please be what I think you’re going to say. Bookmark here

“I l-like...”Bookmark here

Yes????Bookmark here

“I really like ...” Bookmark here

Wait, shit! I haven’t told him my secret!Bookmark here

The reason why we can’t even be together in the first place! Bookmark here

“I really like y-”Bookmark here

“Wait, Tristan, I need to say some-” Bookmark here

The front door slammed open. “Heyo! What’s going on peeps?” Bookmark here

THAT BALD ******** ***** ***** ***** **** ****** ***** OF A CAFE OWNER. I’M GOING TO KILL HIM.Bookmark here

“Oh Lolita! You’re here! And good old Father Keith, so nice to see you in real life!” Scanta approached Father Keith with an outstretched arm, but Father Keith didn’t shake it. Bookmark here

He looked oddly pale. Bookmark here

I cleared my throat. “Father Keith, are you okay?”Bookmark here

He looked at me with wide eyes. The hair on his arm was standing up. Bookmark here

“Lolita, Tristan, and, um, you sir, I must go. Thank you for the drink.” And with that, Father Keith ran out of the cafe. Bookmark here

Scanta turned to us with a raised brow. “What’s up with him?”Bookmark here

Tristan looked like he was holding back his anger. “No clue,” he said through clenched teeth. Bookmark here

“What’s up with you, Trissy poo? Did I… interrupt something?” The ugly bald owner wiggled his eyebrows at us. Gross. Bookmark here

Damn that old bald man, how dare he interrupt! I was so close to getting a confession out of Tristan! And plus, it’s not like I only want him to confess because I wanna “move on.” I genuinely like this guy! And SCANTA JUST HAS TO BLOCK THAT TOO! Bookmark here

Speaking of Scanta, Father Keith seemed weirdly frightened of him. I guess I’d have to ask him about that later. Bookmark here

I gave Tristan an apologetic look then scowled at Scanta. “I’m gonna head out through the back, Tristan. I’ll be back to come see you. We should continue our talk in total privacy, I think.” I gave Tristan a wink and he seemed to calm down.Bookmark here

“Y-yeah. Um, good night Lolita.” Bookmark here

“Good night Tristan.” Bookmark here

And with that, I disappeared into the cafe. Bookmark here

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