Chapter 53:

(Tristan) Confession?

Cafe Eris

I was so nervous. I tried confessing to Lolita, but was rudely interrupted by none other than the bald eagle. I hate him.
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Ever since then, however, I never had the opportunity to properly confess again. Either some demanding customer comes in to interrupt or Scanta barges in and kills the mood. Bookmark here

I also noticed that Lolita’s been brushing me off everytime I’m about to confess. I think she’s holding something back, but then again, I could be overthinking this whole situation. Bookmark here

I hope she’s just as nervous as I am. Bookmark here

The one good thing that’s happened is Father Keith. He’s been coming in everyday to talk to me about Lolita, and give me some pretty good advice about her. He says he thinks she’s a great person, and apparently they’ve known each other for some time now. Bookmark here

He basically forced me to tell him that I liked her, but ever since then, he’s been urging me to confess to her. He claims that Lolita likes me back, but I needed to let her know explicitly. Bookmark here

Father Keith also says she needs to tell me something. Something that may change the way I see her. It must be a pretty big deal, because he’s been very insistent about how, “She’s different, but she’s still the one for you.” Kind of a big statement, but I appreciate his concern. Bookmark here

Looking at the big picture, this whole situation is completely messed up. I have an exorcist acting as a mediator between me and my crush, and we’re all treating this situation like 3rd graders. Bookmark here

It’s immature, but honestly, I’d do anything to get with Lolita. Bookmark here

At around 3pm, Father Keith left the cafe after his daily lecture on why I should confess to Lolita. Bookmark here

A couple minutes after he had departed, started to clean the counters. There were quite a few people in the cafe, but everyone was seated at their tables already. When I looked up, Lolita was standing right in front of me with a sly smile on her face. Bookmark here

“Oh my god! L-Lolita! You have to stop sneaking up on me,” I jumped. A few people turned to see what the commotion was all about. Bookmark here

She laughed, and I couldn’t help but laugh with her. Her laugh was just as pretty as her. Bookmark here

“How do you sneak in, anyways? It’s like the chime breaks everytime you come in… I should probably get it checked out or something…” Bookmark here

Her face turned serious, “Um yeah, about that… I need to tell you something.”Bookmark here

I gave her a confused look, “Yeah of course. Maybe you could wait until my break at 6? Is that too long? I know you probably want some privacy.”Bookmark here

“Actually no, I think I can just tell you now. I need to tell you now.” Bookmark here

Damn, it must be very important. “U-um yeah, sure. Go ahead.”Bookmark here

She took a deep breath. “Tristan, I think we’re both painfully aware of our chemistry, right?” Bookmark here

I chuckled a bit, “y-yeah, I definitely am.” Bookmark here

This seemed to ease her up and she laughed softly. “But before you say anything, I need to tell you the truth. I’ve been hiding something from you, and it will probably change the way you see me, and I completely understand-”Bookmark here

I opened my mouth to protest but she stopped me with the raise of her hand. Bookmark here

“Tristan, I…”Bookmark here

Yes?????Bookmark here

“I’m…Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

A ghost.” Bookmark here

I let out a small laugh, “Very funny Lolita. Now what did you want to tell me?” Bookmark here

She didn’t laugh with me and just stared. Bookmark here

“This is a joke, right…?” Bookmark here

She looked like I had kicked her. “I wish it was.” Bookmark here

WHAT?Bookmark here

“Hold on, so you’re telling me, you’re a ghost? Like a dead person who’s soul or whatever is stuck on earth?” Bookmark here

She looked down, “Yeah. I guess.” Bookmark here

This is impossible. Whatever this prank is, it’s going too far. Bookmark here

“Lolita, please just say what you wanted to tell me before.”Bookmark here

“I told you. I’m a ghost.” She was starting to get angry, but there were tears in her eyes. Bookmark here

The more I stared at her, the more I started to notice. Her skin was oddly pale… Almost translucent. I’m a goddamn design student. How did I not notice this before?Bookmark here

Does that explain all the weird happenings that go on in the cafe? Bookmark here

Is she the reason why Greg Gory called Father Keith? Bookmark here

Wait, she also never lets me touch her. At first I thought it was because she was uncomfortable, but maybe…Bookmark here

I reached out to wipe away a tear that ran down her face. Bookmark here

My hand went straight through her, and all I could feel was cold air. Bookmark here

“What the-” Bookmark here

A couple people in the cafe had turned to watch, some looking in amazement and some in horror. Bookmark here

She looked around the cafe, “That’s right. I’m a ghost! Laugh all you want, or run away for all I care!” She said in-between sobs. Bookmark here

Tears were running down her face when she looked back at me, “I told you you’d think differently of me.”Bookmark here

She started to run towards the back room, and I tried to grab her arm to stop her. My hand didn’t grasp anything but cold air, and I cursed at myself. How did I already forget, I can’t frigging touch her!Bookmark here

I scrambled out to get to the back. She was openly sobbing now.Bookmark here

“Lolita! Wait!” Bookmark here

She paused, and slowly turned around. Bookmark here

I huffed, catching my breath. “Lolita, do you really think that badly of me?” Bookmark here

She looked up in confusion, “what?” Bookmark here

I took a step towards her. She took a step back. Bookmark here

“I guess I haven’t made the best impression then, have I?”Bookmark here

“Tristan,” she hiccuped, “I don’t think I understand.”Bookmark here

Another step forward. Another step back. Bookmark here

“Did you really believe that I’d see you differently?” Bookmark here

I crowded her against the wall. She started disappearing into the building, but pulled herself out once she noticed. Bookmark here

I slammed my hand against the wall beside her head. She let out the cutest squeak. Bookmark here

Her eyes looked up at me, sniffling, “Tristan?”Bookmark here

Crap, that move was way too bold of me! I’m panicking, should I confess now? What do I do? She’s clearly expecting something. Bookmark here

“Lolita… I… I- um, I- Idon’tseeyouanydifferentlysopleasedon’tworryaboutbeingaghostbecauseIdon’tcare.” Bookmark here

How cool of me. Great. Nice one, Tristan. Bookmark here

Her eyes widened for a split second before she let out a full-belly laugh directly into my faceBookmark here

It was the most beautiful laugh I’ve ever witnessed. Bookmark here

I smiled and waited for her to calm down. I tried to be romantic and rest my forehead against hers, but ended up face planting into the wall. Bookmark here

She laughed even harder this time, “Some cool moves you got there Tristan!” Bookmark here

I sighed in defeat. I really have to stop trying so hard. Bookmark here

Then again, if it made Lolita happy, then I guess I was happy too. Bookmark here

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