Chapter 84:

It’s a Disheartening Chance Part 1

New Leaf!

I was currently standing on my balcony. It was currently almost midnight. Since my apartment is near the middle of the building, I got a good view of the lights in the Tronito night. I was finishing a conversation on my phone… Bookmark here

“Boss, are you sure?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, for sure. It’s odd that you’re speaking on behalf of Ren, but sure. He’s accumulated a ton of unused vacation time, so it’s totally fine for him to use them tomorrow.”Bookmark here

I nodded.Bookmark here

“Oh, thank you, Sir.”Bookmark here

“But you said that you were still coming in but probably at a different time, so why are you giving thanks? Eh, but whatever. You’re welcome.”Bookmark here

“Okay, good night, Sir.”Bookmark here

“Yup, night!”Bookmark here

I hung up and sighed… I then grabbed the railings and bent down as I moved my legs out, stretching my back…Bookmark here

I should be asleep right now, but I have things on my mind… Bookmark here

Honestly, I wasn't entirely sure about the things I told Camryn. That Ren loves her… That Ren is worried about her… It pains me to admit it, but none of it might have been the truth. But Camryn was sad and needed to hear those… Is lying still bad if it’s meant to cheer another person up?..Bookmark here

I slowly stood straight up. I then raised my arm and grabbed it with my other hand and bent my back to one side.Bookmark here

In fact, it’s been like this since I met Ren in high school. Sometimes, he’d act cold and treat me like a stranger — I’d constantly question whether we were really friends or not, but Connie or Valerie would assure me…Hm…Bookmark here

After a few seconds, I bent my back to the other side and switched arms.Bookmark here

I’m sure Camryn found my relationship with Ren weird — actually she probably found mine, Connie’s, and Valerie’s relationship with him odd. They’re so energetic and I treat him roughly, and that probably seems like we aren’t compatible with each other. But even so, we’re still friends — I think being able to act so casually with him is proof of that.Bookmark here

I then stopped stretching and spun my arms around in circles.Bookmark here

So, when I told Camryn that Ren actually cared and loved her, it might have been a lie. However, I have a strong feeling that this time, it isn’t… It’s the classic rom-com story of an energetic girl meeting a gloomy guy… Also, a couple of hours ago… Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Dammit… Why did there have to be a long line? Couldn’t those ladies have pissed quicker!? Dammit, now I’m late for the show… Bookmark here

But as I walked out of the welcome centre, I saw something odd. It froze me in place and made me want to just observe.Bookmark here

Camryn… Why is she like that? Head down… Tightly grabbing onto the railing… Her limbs are slightly shaking… Bookmark here

I saw Ren speak, but it was too low for me to hear.Bookmark here

“Shut up!”Bookmark here

And then Camryn slapped away Ren’s reassuring hand and started to run… Bookmark here

“Huh? Camryn?”Bookmark here

I took a few steps in her direction, wanting to pursue her — I wanted to help her with anything she was dealing with. But I caught a glimpse of Ren… and I ran towards him instead.Bookmark here

“R-Ren, what happened!?Bookmark here

I ran up to him and looked at his eyes — they were wide open and quivering. I looked at his fingers — they were twitching. I looked at his mouth — it was slightly open…Bookmark here

I observed his entire face — this isn't Ren… What was he feeling?.. He was scared… He was nervous… He was confused…Bookmark here

“R-Ren? What happened?”Bookmark here

“B-Bailey?”Bookmark here

In the sky, there was a loud explosion from a firework. The following display would have been incredible, but I couldn’t focus on that right now… Bookmark here

Instead, I couldn’t move my eyes from Ren… The difference made it thousand times more worrying. I’ve never seen him like this before… He’s usually organized, but he’s messy right now… He’s usually calm, but he’s panicked right now… He’s usually cool, but he’s scared right now…Bookmark here

Ren’s left leg gave out, but he kept himself from falling by holding onto the railing. His eyes shut tight as if he were in a lot of pain.Bookmark here

I frantically put my arms forward to catch him.Bookmark here

“Ren!?”Bookmark here

“S-Sorry, Bailey…”Bookmark here

When he spoke, he sounded weak… But I could also sense some dread and repentance in his voice.Bookmark here

I softened my voice.Bookmark here

“Ren?”Bookmark here

“W-Why?.. N-No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…”Bookmark here

He covered his forehead with his free hand.Bookmark here

“Ren, what happened? Are you okay?”Bookmark here

“I… I don’t know. Dammit, what is this feeling… My head hurts so badly. It’s like…”Bookmark here

I saw Ren’s fingers tense up as they dug deeper into his head.Bookmark here

“Gah!”Bookmark here

“H-Hey, Ren, it’s okay… J-Just calm down-”Bookmark here

“I can’t, idiot!”Bookmark here

I was slightly caught off guard. His shout… So demanding and intimidating… But at the same time, it sounded so feeble and frightened…Bookmark here

“I’m just so confused, and I can’t stand that! God, this pain is just so unbearable… Gah, I can’t take it. Why am I receiving this punishment!?”Bookmark here

He turned his face to me. He was forcing his eyelids shut, but he was also resisting it to look at me.Bookmark here

“Bailey, why is this happening!? Why… What did I do wrong!? I…”Bookmark here

He removed his hand from his forehead and stared at me with eyes open in desperation.Bookmark here

“What the hell did I do to wrong the girl!?”Bookmark here

In the distance, I heard a whistling sound for a few seconds… followed by a loud explosion…Bookmark here

So that’s it, huh? It’s because he somehow made Camryn sad… But… that’s unusual for him… Bookmark here

I saw some nearby people staring at us, mumbling under their breaths and whispering to each other. Some of them had looks of puzzlement, concern, and annoyance on their faces…Bookmark here

I put my hands on Ren’s shoulders.Bookmark here

“H-Hey, hey, Ren… Um… It’s kind of late, so you should get home.”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“You should get home… Take your car and drive home…”Bookmark here

“B-But-”Bookmark here

“Really, it’s fine. I’ll take the bus home, alright?”Bookmark here

“B-But-”Bookmark here

I removed my hands from his shoulders and moved a few steps away from him. I took a deep breath.Bookmark here

“Ren, I’ll go fetch Camryn and I’ll bring her back — I swear!”Bookmark here

I clenched my fist in determination.Bookmark here

“U-Um… R-Right…”Bookmark here

I nodded and quickly turned to chase after Camryn. She ran this way, but where did she go? And is she okay?Bookmark here

I was under pressure at that moment, and I was a bit indecisive about my decision. Ren somehow made Camryn sad, but that had to be unintentional — Ren just isn’t the type of guy to purposely do that. And because of their feelings, I think they needed time apart from each other, so I sent Ren home alone. But I had a hard time choosing. I wanted to console Ren who looked distressed, but I decided to chase after Camryn — she’s younger and probably needed it more, and even though she has a phone, I doubt she’ll answer it and she’ll be lost… Bookmark here

Ren… Camryn… What’s going on? But whatever it is, I swear I’ll help!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I then decided to stretch my legs, holding a leg up while using the railing to keep my balance.Bookmark here

There’s hope… When Camryn ran away at Aragain Falls… when Camryn swatted away Ren’s had… Ren was different. He truly was scared. He truly was confused. He truly was frustrated… Knowing that he somehow made Camryn mad… It truly filled him with guilt…Bookmark here

I turned around and started stretching my other leg.Bookmark here

But I’m still not sure… What should I do moving forward?Bookmark here

Tomorrow, I want to bring Camryn back to Ren… But would she want that? Despite what happened, I still can’t be sure of Ren’s opinion of Camryn… And if I’m wrong, I know Camryn will be crushed. She needs to get away from her past. She needs an adult that truly loves and cares for her… She doesn’t need an orphanage, foster home, or homeless shelter that needs to care for multiple people… She needs one — and that one is Ren Morales…Bookmark here

Or maybe… Bookmark here

Dammit…Bookmark here

I stood up straight and dug into my pocket for my phone…Bookmark here

I need advice — Dammit…Bookmark here

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