Chapter 42:

Chapter 42 [The Plan]


I open the warehouse door with Kusagi on my back, she tapped my shoulder and I lower her to the ground; she dashes toward Cindy with the plastic bag containing the ice cream and the grappling gauntlet in her hands leaving me behind at the doors.

I look at Kusagi; when she arrives at Cindy, Kusagi gesture to Cindy so she would lower her head to the same level of Cindy, Kusagi is whispering something to Cindy; and she nods her head to what Kusagi said.

Cindy glance at me and look back to Kusagi; now she is saying something to Kusagi. As I was about to get closer to both of them; Kusagi suddenly dashes toward somewhere leaving behind the ice cream and the gauntlet with Cindy.

I sighed.

I took a seat on one of the swivel chair; the chair rotate with loud screech noise before I finally faced Cindy

"What Kusagi told you?" I ask.

"Nothing to worry about," Cindy said.

"Just tell me, does scared of me? disgust by me? hate me?" I ask.

"I said don't worry when the time comes she will tell you herself" Cindy answer.

"So what happens at the nightclub?" Cindy ask.

I sighed loudly; knowing that Cindy will try to ask me about what happened.

"I beat up some dude that deserved it," I said.

"Beat them up? Or try to kill them?" Cindy ask.

"Maybe both, who cares?" I said.

Cindy runs her fingers on the side of her hair before turning to face me.

"We need to talk about your issue," Cindy said.

"I don't have any issue" I denied in jokingly manner.

"You do and please be serious about this" Cindy said.

"Can we not talk about this..." I said.

"Don't be a hypocrite, you call out on my issue with Lucinda but I can't call out to your issue?" Cindy retort.

"I don't mean it like that" I apologized.

"Look give me a couple day to settle my issue, if I fail to do so, I will come to you for help," I said.

"You promise?" Cindy asks; her eyebrow raised.

"I promise," I said; crossing my chest with my finger.

"So do you want to hear my grand plan?!" Cindy beamed.

"Sure, I'm all ears," I said after getting comfy on the chair.

"Ok, what Lorenzo loved?" Cindy prodded.

"Not an answering question that I obviously don't know the answer of?" I sassed.

"Ha ha, its magic, mumbo-jumbo crap, the thing that magician do to trick you, so you give money to them," Cindy said.

"Wow... You sound like you hate magic and what this got to do with killing him and getting the fingerprints?" I queried.

"First off, I don't believe in magic jumbo shit, I believe in true real science, second, please don't interrupt me," Cindy said.

"But you believe in unicorn?" I questioned; Cindy quickly glares dagger at me.

"Don't you dare! unicorn is not magic, they are a myth and they are beautiful, sweet and awesome" Cindy scolded.

"Sure, whatever you say, but can you please put down the screwdriver," I said; looking down at Cindy's hand as she grips a screwdriver tightly.

Cindy put down the screwdriver back at the table and take a long breath to calm herself.

"Let's continue, Lorenzo love magic to the point of obsessing over it. Every time he comes to the city, he always holds some kind of seance with his friends at the top of Ivory Tower." Cindy explained.

"That will you a chance to infiltrate and eliminate the target also achieve the objective" Cindy continued.

"So what it got to do with the grappling gauntlet that you ask me to pick up?" I ask.

"Well that the good part because you going to need it to climb the tower," Cindy said.

"Why that a good part and why do I have to climb the tower, isn't it easier to go through the front door?" I puzzled.

"Because you get to use it and to go through the front door is impossible because Lorenzo has that place secured with 40 guards and 2 hidden turrets at each entrance," Cindy said.

"How tall is the tower?" I ask.

"Hmm, about 96 meters..." Cindy answered.

"Wait, what?!" I ask.

"11 floors but it no big deal for you, that why I order the gauntlet," Cindy said.

"A prototype of a gauntlet! Let me stress the prototype part, it means it not a safe and stable version" I said.

"You will be fine" Cindy assures me.

I facepalm and drag my hand downwards while sighing loudly. 

A 96-meter height that is the same height as the Bigben tower, I could climb it but I don't even know that if I could survive if I fall from that height.

"Let me sleep on it first, I will give you the answer in the morning," I said; standing up from the chair.

"I want an answer, first thing in the morning!" Cindy said; I nod as I walk away from her.

"Also one more thing, Kusagi sleeping with me tonight!" Cindy said; I stop in my track and begins to walk again.

I climb the stair to my room, I sighed as I open the door and enter the room. I walk to the bird food and pour some in the bowl on the floor, the crow living in my ceiling, flew down and begins eating the food.

I walk to where I hang the burned red piece of clothing, running my finger on it, I can feel its smooth fabric damage by the fire.

What the hell am I doing, Why am I asking a question that I know the answer to; I want to find my uncle killer and kill her including all the people who work for her.

I tighten my fist when I open my hand again, I walk backward until I reach the edge of the bed; I let myself fall back onto the bed.

The sound of the crow eating the bird seed and the leaking pipe can be heard; I slowly close my eyes and fall into deep slumber.




"Arthur!" A faint voice can be heard calling out my name.

"Arthur?!" There is it again, now it even louder; someone is calling out my name.

Massive pain pulsing on the side of my forehead, I run my finger on the side of my forehead; I can feel a wetness on my finger. I brought my finger to the front of my face; I saw my own blood on it.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!" I can hear Aeterna screaming.

Turning my head, I saw one man clad with armor grabbing Aeterna hand. Rage burn inside of me, I grab a piece of thick wood on the ground; I run toward the men and bash his head with the wood I holding.

Blood splatter to my face as I kept hitting his head, the men fall limply to the ground after releasing Aeterna.

I fall to my knee, exhausted by the sudden release of energy. Aeterna embrace me from my side; her hands wander around my chest, calming me of my rage; I can hear panting and sobbing coming from her.

"Listen, Aeterna, you need to find somewhere safe far away from here," I said.

"Okay, let me grab my stuff first and then we go together" Aeterna sais; but before she could stand, I grab her hands.

"No, Aeterna, you need to go alone," I said.

"What?! I don't understand, what are you talking about?" Aeterna said.

"I need to go back Aeterna, my mom and dad are still in the village," I said.

I look toward where my village is located; I could see an orange hue light up accompanied by smoke in the background behind the tree line foliage.

"I'm not leaving you side if you going, I'm going!" Aeterna protest.

"Don't be ridiculous Aeterna, I don't want to see you get hurt besides I will be fine" I assure.

"No, you lying!" Aeterna said; I let out a smile.

"Look into my eyes Aeterna, have I ever lie to you? I promise I will find you even to the end of the earth" I said in a calm voice while I look into her beautiful eyes.

"No, please Arthur just let me come.." Aeterna pleads as she stares into my eyes; her eyes begin to tear up.

"See you later," I said, then our lip met each other, I let her go and stand up; begins running toward the village

I could see in the corner of my eye that Aeterna hugging herself as she saw me go, while she sobbing; my heart drop as I saw her crying but I have to push on, I need to save parents.

Arriving at the village, I was greeted by a horrible sight of the village house being burn and the sound of people screaming as the men in armor were slaughtering the villagers.

I look at my house and I saw my parent cowering as they are being surrounded by men wearing armor while one them were riding a horse.

I look down and saw a small shield with a small Axe on its side, I proceed to grab both of them and equip them.

I need to create a diversion.

Walking toward the men surrounding my parents, I hit the Axe blade on the front of the shield and yelling.


All the men in armor turn their attention to me, I notice my dad looking at me; I nod toward him causing him to grab my mother away to safety.

I raise my Axe in the air, hoping all of them would keep their attention on me.

One of the men took a step but was stop by the men on the horse while holding a spear.

The men trudge his horse facing me and raise his spear up as a sign of a challenge.

I took his challenge by raising my Axe up in the air.

Heavy breathing soon becomes apparent as I glare toward the men on the horse.

The men on the horse gallop his horse toward me, I quickly launch my self into a run toward him.

I run as fast I can, raising my Axe for a slash and the men on the horse point his spear toward me.

I scream as I was getting closer to him and then.


Accompany by complete silence.

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