Chapter 41:

Chapter 41 [Gadgets]


The fluorescent surgical white light filled Ricky armory, lighting up the room without leaving any shadow or darkness behind, just being in Ricky armory is like being in a candy store or a toy store; so many things just grab my attention even Kusagi was amazed by the knife collection Ricky had.Bookmark here

"Arrr what brings ye here, to my humble abode," Ricky said; squinting her left eyes and imitating a pirate voice.Bookmark here

"Cindy asked me to pick up something for her and what with the pirate accent?" I ask; my left eyebrow raised.Bookmark here

"I binge-watch the entire Pirate of Bermuda series last night, it kind of stuck in my head now," Ricky said; walking toward her work desk and grabbing a small box of it. She brought the box to me and gave it to me.Bookmark here

I look at the small box; confused.Bookmark here

"What is it?" I ask.Bookmark here

"RRrr to know what lay inside ye must open it first? rrr.." Ricky said, grinning at me still imitating a pirate voice.Bookmark here

"Before I open this, can you stop with the pirate talk?" I ask.Bookmark here

"ahh, ye no fun" Ricky said.Bookmark here

I open the small box; revealing a black gauntlet with a sleek and smooth design that completely covers in metal plating and there is an X sized hole in the middle of the hand part.Bookmark here

"what is this? it looks sick as hell" I said, amazed by its design.Bookmark here

"Suprise! it a grappling hook, shooter, gauntlet, thingy, I can't seem to find a name for it yet but it basically a grappling gun," Ricky said.Bookmark here

"It a prototype that I made, it has electric ascension engine inside that power the rotor to lift anybody up and also shoot the hook out using magnet similar concept like the railgun as for the power supply, I used a Stoalium battery that I bought from a shady guy that he might have stolen it from the military," Ricky explained.Bookmark here

I put on the gauntlet on my right hand, and bask it under the white light.Bookmark here

"it also has a sensor that detects nerve from the brain whether you want it to shoot the hook or rotate the motor inside," Ricky said.Bookmark here

"I have no idea what you talking about, all I heard is grappling gun," I said, then pressing the button on the side of the gauntlet causing the x sized hole to light up in red light.Bookmark here

"I might want to stress that it is still a 'Prototype'" Ricky said.Bookmark here

I clench my fist and the hook shot up causing it to plant itself into the ceiling. Kusagi heard the shot and turn her head toward me, her eyes were widens as she saw the gauntlet. I can tell from her face even she is impressed by the gauntlet.Bookmark here

"Check it out Kusagi! awesome right?" I said; Kusagi quickly nods her head energetically.Bookmark here

"So if I just think—" I didn't finish my sentence when the gauntlet suddenly pulls me up with such force that I hit my neck on the ceiling and crack the ceiling above me; the hook detach and I fall right back to the ground with a piece of derbies.Bookmark here

" I know why its a prototype" I grimace.Bookmark here

"Yeah I have to work on that, I did warn you though," Ricky said.Bookmark here

"so that it will that out the way, let ask the big question," Ricky said.Bookmark here

"who is the kid?" Ricky asked; she looks at Kusagi as she wipes the dust off my cloth.Bookmark here

"Oh I haven't introduced you guys yet, this is Kusagi, a kid I just found and right now taking care off," I said.Bookmark here

"taking care of? do I need to call the police on you or something?" Ricky said.Bookmark here

"I'm not a Lolicon, jeez, she the one who found me" I retort.Bookmark here

"SUrreeeeee, that what the last guys said," Ricky joked; her right eyebrow raised.Bookmark here

"I'm serious!" I said aloud while still laying on the floor and wincing at the pain.Bookmark here

"So your name is Kusagi?" Ricky asks; Kusagi nod nervously.Bookmark here

"My name is Ricky and this here basement slash armory is my workplace, if you fancy anything in here, gimme a call," Ricky said.Bookmark here

I stand up then wiping the dust off my clothes.Bookmark here

"What would Cindy want with a grappling bracelet" I wonder.Bookmark here

"I myself, don't know what her plans is" Ricky let out.Bookmark here

"But I do hear she got a fight with Lucinda?" Ricky ask.Bookmark here

"Yeah, but I think they gonna be alright I talk to Lucinda and Cindy about it" I replied.Bookmark here

"Good, nothing wrong with a lover spat now and then," Ricky said.Bookmark here

"Did you finish checking the mech suit?" I ask.Bookmark here

"What that piece of junk" Ricky said.Bookmark here

"Piece of junk?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yes piece of junk, the servo, motor and bearing is all rusted not to mention I don't know what kind of power supplies that the guys used to run that thing even if I managed to get it run, the only thing it can do is walk, grab and take out its shield" Ricky said.Bookmark here

"We'll get it running then maybe it can be useful to us," I said.Bookmark here

"Yesss boss," Ricky sighed.Bookmark here

"One more thing, for a long time that I have to live here, never once I have seen Lunarhaven snow before," Ricky said.Bookmark here

"That's why they call it a Christmas miracle," I said.Bookmark here

Ricky shrugs her shoulders and head to her work desk.Bookmark here

"It time we head home," I said; taking off the gauntlet and putting it back in the box.Bookmark here

"See you later," I said and start walking toward the exit.Bookmark here

"Say hi to Cindy for me!" Ricky yelled out.Bookmark here

Kusagi and I used the other door that leads to the docking area where my motorcycle is parked. When we reach the loading area, I can see people in the alley smoking and chat with each other, some of them just enter and exit the nightclub using the back door; when I look at the sky I can see that it has darkened and the moon is in full view.Bookmark here

"Where we heading next?" Kusagi asks; I jump down to the alley from the loading platform and kusagi get on my back from the loading platform.Bookmark here

"We going to unicorns to buy a ice cream for Cindy," I said.Bookmark here

While I was carrying Kusagi on my back, a group of young adults wearing a smart suit are walking toward us, they are laughing as they occasionally glance at me.Bookmark here

"Can I have some?" Kusagi ask.Bookmark here

"How do you girls can even eat ice cream in the middle of winter?" I jest.Bookmark here

"Do- it," one of the young adults said.Bookmark here

"no, you do it," another one of young adult said.Bookmark here

"wait here they come," the other one young adult said.Bookmark here

"I want to try, I never—" Kusagi was interrupted by one of the young adults; suddenly grab the beanie off Kusagi head.Bookmark here

Kusagi let out a yelp of surprise as her rabbit ears perk up high up.Bookmark here

"Woah, what a freak," one of the young adult said.Bookmark here

"A powered?" one of the young adults say.Bookmark here

"I know it, I saw the kid feet and I know instantly that she a powered freak," One of the young adult said, while they all staring at Kusagi.Bookmark here

Kusagi looks around nervously as the scene caused all the people in the alley to stare at her; Kusagi tries to hide her ears under her hands. People begin to take out their phone and begin taking pictures of Kusagi.Bookmark here

I can hear people whispering to each other as they stare directly at Kusagi.Bookmark here

I can feel Kusagi heavy breathing as she tries to shrink herself, to hide her ears from taken picture of, then I felt it, the wetness on my shoulder.Bookmark here

I walk to the motorcycle and sit Kusagi down, I look at her face; tear run down her eyes to her cheeks as she whimpers under her breath, her hand still trying to cover her rabbit ears.Bookmark here

I drop to my knees so I'm the same level of height as Kusagi and I wipe her tear on both of her eyes with my thumbs; Kusagi looks at me with worried eyes and I smile at her showing her that everything's gonna be fine.Bookmark here

"Listen to me Kusagi, I been where you been right now," I said; as I remember the bucket of blood. Bookmark here

"You know what I did?" I ask; Kusagi look at me waiting for the answer.Bookmark here

I stand up; cracking my knuckle and my neck.Bookmark here

"I break one of their arms," I said; smiling.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I get you beanie back, wait for me here and watch the show," I said, turning my body so I face the three young adults in the alley.Bookmark here

I quickly dash toward the middle one and uppercut him in the jaw with my fist sending him flying back; while knocking him out, I grab the beanie out of his hand before he falls to the ground and I throw it back to Kusagi.Bookmark here

"What the fuck did you do?!" one of the young adults said.Bookmark here

"It obvious, isn't?" I said flatly.Bookmark here

"Fuck you!" One on the right of me said.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a fist launch at me from my right side, heading straight to my head, I took a step backward and dodge the fist.Bookmark here

I kick the one on my left just before he was about to attack; interrupting his attack.Bookmark here

The one on my left launch another punch at me; dodging his attack, I grab his arm and elbow chop his arm.Bookmark here

I can feel his bone breaking under my elbow. I proceed to jab his throat interrupting his scream of pain; he falls backward holding his throat as he tries to take a breath.Bookmark here

I hear the young adult charge at me, I turn my body and he stabs with a small flip knife in the chest. I grunt, grabbing his throat with my left hand and keep on punching his stomach with my right hand.Bookmark here

I bring lift his body upward and kick his chest sending him flying into the garbage heap.Bookmark here

I walk toward the one with the broken arm, kicking him so he falls on his back, I sit on his stomach, taking the knife off my chest, I stab it in his hand; he screams in pains and I pull my fist backward.Bookmark here

I punch his face.Bookmark here

I punch his face again.Bookmark here

I punch again.Bookmark here

Again.Bookmark here

And again.Bookmark here

Until Bigjaw suddenly appeared behind me and drag me away.Bookmark here

"That enough you don't need to kill him!" Bigjaw yelled as he drags me away from the guy I just punch.Bookmark here

"Then what is the point?" I asked flatly.Bookmark here

"Get your crazy ass home!" Bigjaw order.Bookmark here

"Fine!" I shrug his hand off me and walk to Kusagi.Bookmark here

"And for all of you here, if one of you post what happens here, you all will be banned for life from this club!" Bigjaw warned.Bookmark here

I can hear people grunting in disappointment in the background.Bookmark here

I look at Kusagi; her face lowered as she holds the beanie down.Bookmark here

I want to reach out to her with my hand but the moment I saw blood on my knuckle, I stop immediately.Bookmark here

I get on the motorcycle and ride away.Bookmark here

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