Chapter 74:


The Creature Hunter: Soul Of The Wind

As Orano looked at Nuzuki, he ripped the top of his cloth, revealing his wounded and muscular body.

He then said,

"You call yourself the strongest, but you can't even kill a normal human being."

Nuzuki grinned and said,

"Don't worry, that is why I came back."

Orano then gripped his sword and said,

"You've hurt the people I care about all this time, killed innocent people, and you left it behind like it was normal. But this will end today, and no other person will die because of your greed."

Then he added while pointing his sword towards Nuzuki and said with fearful and furious eyes,

"I'll bring your end."

"Then come! Orano Tatsumi!" Nuzuki shouted before they clashed once more.

Nuzuki had quickly flown towards Orano and tried to hit him, but Orano protected himself and pushed him. And after he got back, Nuzuki threw many feathers at the air and waited for them to fall again.

And even though they were many of them and they were very sharp, Orano took a deep breath and moved carefully. He was now fearlessly escaping from the incoming feathers and was getting closer and closer to Nuzuki by the second.

And as he got close enough, he swung his sword to the left and aimed Nuzuki's face once more.

Nuzuki grinned and thought he was going to hit from the left. So he put his wing to the left and guarded himself. But unexpectedly, Orano hit him from the right and got him stunned. Then he hit him in the stomach with his knee and landed a final blow by spinning after his first hit and kicking him from his upper chest.

Then he jumped towards Nuzuki and tried to hit him.

At first, Nuzuki blocked the incoming attack. But when he pushed him back with his left wing and tried to attack him, Orano dodged his attack threw a punch to his waist. 

This made Nuzuki angry, so he tried the same with his right wing. But once again he took a punch in his waist and leaned towards him. After that, Orano hit him with his palm and then hit him with his elbow, making him step backward.

This time, Nuzuki didn't stand there that much and found an open spot of Orano. He then used both of his wings and tried to hit him from the top of him. But once again, Orano acted quickly and got away from his attack by rolling in the ground.

Then he got behind him and got ready to hit him.

Nuzuki looked behind him nervously and said to himself,

*He is fast!*

And before he could turn around, he took a kick to his back and fell to his knees. Then Orano grabbed his wing tightly and pulled it towards himself. 

After struggling and trying to get away, Nuzuki's wing got ripped from his body and fell to the ground.

His pain was immeasurable, and his eyes were covered with anger. So he quickly turned around and tried to hit him with his other wing, but failed once more. Orano had thrown him an uppercut then kicked him. 

Then Orano jumped towards him and started to hit him with his sword. He hit him again and again and again. Making him so hard to even see his surroundings. Then he landed a final blow and sent him to the ground.

Now, The one that was having difficulty standing up and was in big pain, was Nuzuki. All the pain he caused Orano, now he was suffering himself. He was desperate and was running out of time.

So he shouted with all the anger that he had in his heart,

"You will pay for this! Tatsumi!"

And they once again collided in the middle. 

But this time the entire battlefield was shaken. And although there were no scratches in the ice around them, despite so much fighting, their collision had created large cracks in the ice, and it was getting destroyed. Their collision was getting more dangerous.

Then Nuzuki shouted once more,

"I shall kill your friend and rise again, Orano Tatsumi! Because I am the superior one! I have the power!"

Orano shouted back,

"Because of your ego, you've already lost this war!"

And Orano was right. 

Because of his carelessness and bloodlust, he didn't realize Ken had already approached behind him, and he got hit from his waist. This made him got cut in half from the waist down the middle.

And when he was in the air, Orano gave one last look to Nuzuki. 

That look wasn't a normal look. It was an outburst of Orano's feelings, goals, and anger that he carried to this day. He looked at him with two eyes, burning with anger from the bottom of his heart.

Then he cut his head before his body fell and finished his job.

Their battle was finally over.