Chapter 19:

Meeting with Aado

Spirit Guardians

Aalto switches places with Anjero.

Kamira- Anjero are you ok??

Anjero really Aalto- Yes I am ok Kamira. Actually I have to go….to the bathroom.

Kamira- Ok don't be long

*Aalto leaves the training facility.

Kamira- Ok then….Romaji train with me.

Romaji- Bet I've gotten stronger since last time.

*Aalto sneaks to Hajime's office.

(Knock, knock)

Aado- Come in!

*Aalto enters the room

Aado- Well hello Anjero…or should I call you Aalto?

Aalto- I can't get anything past the great Aado...but enough of that. I have a few questions for you and how you answer them. I might give you something.

Aado- and what would I get that would benefit me?

Aalto- Important Intel about the spirits and the Mother Willow.

Aado- Ok...Ask away

Aalto- First what's your intention for collecting guardians here?

Aado- That's really a question for the big head honcho of all the Academy's. Me personally is to train the future to protect the future is all.

Aalto- Hm...I don't hate your answer ok… What do you know about the Darkness Spirit??

Aado- I don't know, I haven't talked to my brother in so long. Why?

Aalto- Ok I'll tell you the Intel

Aado- Wait, you didn't answer my question!!!

Aalto- Listen carefully because I'll only say this once

Aado- Ok

Aalto- My mother has informed me that she feels a presence coming soon in 4 years.

Aado- Presence?? What do you mean?

Aalto- my mother feared this…. that is all I can say for now relay this message to all the other schools. We all need to be ready for whatever happens in 2 years.

Aado- You're not giving me enough information about the matter!!

*Aalto and Anjero switch back

Aado- Well damn

Hello Mr.Aado

Aado- Anjero this doesn't get out to anyone unless I say so ok??

Yea I promise

Aado- Ok well go back to training.

Yes sir

*Anjero leaves the office and runs back to the practice facility

Aado- Huh…. What am I to do….S.E.I.D call the 3 other schools

S.E.I.D- Ok, immediately sir.

Aado- Thank you…. Hey Yakobu you still interested in that idea?.....Nice