Chapter 20:

Crazy idea

Spirit Guardians

*Moments later…. Aado makes his way towards the facility.Bookmark here

Kamira- Oh hello Mr.Aado what brings you here? Come to spar with us?Bookmark here

Aado- Ahem…no um Future guardians of the other schools and I have come up with a field day for all of you to get used to working together with the other guardians of each school.Bookmark here

Yoku- Field day?Bookmark here

Aado-yes there will be 4 different events that day. I'll give out details and sign up forms later on after dinner time.Bookmark here

*later that night…Bookmark here

S.E.I.D- Email from Hajime Aado confirms yes to open.Bookmark here

Yes….ok let's seeBookmark here

·5 mile relay raceBookmark here

·Obstacle throwBookmark here

·Ultimate tagBookmark here

·Guardian Tournament(All guardians in training have to participate).Bookmark here

Well I guess I'll try the Ultimate tag. I wonder if Jeremi and Nanshi are gonna participate also….nah she's too young.Bookmark here

S.E.I.D- Actually Anjero even the middle schoolers train to be guardians, they just don't go on missions like you older kids. So Nanshi will be participating in the field day festivities.Bookmark here

That makes sense. Ok we have 2 weeks before 3 weeks before it starts. Can't lie I'm kinda getting excited for this.Bookmark here

*Someone knocks on Anjero's door.Bookmark here

Come in!!Bookmark here

Shinkei- Hey are you participating in any of these other events?Bookmark here

Yea probably the ultimate tag sounds fun.Bookmark here

Shinkei-oh ok I don't think I should participate in any of these. My spirit is not built like that.Bookmark here

Hahaha I get it man you can just fight in the tournament and try not to kill anyone ShinkeiBookmark here

Shinkei- Yea, yea, yea I just have to learn to control my anger and I'd be good. Can you help me train till then?Bookmark here

Me? Why?Bookmark here

Shinkei- Well you're the only person I know here right now. Also you can use your water to douse me out if I lose control.Bookmark here

Ok sure bro I can do that.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Thanks Anjero, have a good night bro.Bookmark here

You tooBookmark here

*Shinkei leaves Anjero's room and heads for his dorm.Bookmark here

Ok time to get some sleep training starts tomorrow.Bookmark here

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