Chapter 21:

Shinkei's training

Spirit Guardians

*2 days passed since the announcement

I wonder how many strong guardians are out there?

Aado- Seeing that there's more than just regular elemental spirits now I wouldn't be surprised if it was too many to count. Focus up, we'll be at a disadvantage since we only have 6 trainees here. The other schools will have multiple students participate in these events.

I'm pretty sure we'll be ok. We've all been on plenty of missions together.

Aado- Well North collectively has been on over 300 missions. East with 226 and west with 156 missions completed.

Yoku- And how many have we done??

Aado- collectively…...52 missions.

Yoku- but we took out Bradoon Tenki doesn't that count for something?

Yea with the help from Jeremi from the North.

Aado- exactly so you all need to work extra hard to win this.

Kamira- What do we get for winning this thing?

Aado- Bragging rights for a whole year…..


Aado- Ahem.. And a trophy made after the spirit tree.

Kamira- That's kinda lame...but whatever if I can let loose on those girls from the west that's all I need.

Hey Yoku, why does Kamira hate the west so much?

Romaji- She doesn't hate the West, just the female guardians there. Long story short she originally wanted to go there but they kinda bullied her out of that school.

Oh my Kamira I'm sorry

Kamira- That's ok, it filled me with aggression to become strong. I'll crush them all, especially the Sanda twins.

Mashù- we'll leave you to that hehe…..

Aado- Ok I'll announce the participants for the events.

5 mile relay race:

Romaji Jon-zu

Kamira Yusei

I'm kinda surprised about Kamira but I'm also not.

Obstacle throw:

Kamira Yusei

Mashù Mori

Yoku- Geez Kamira

Ultimate tag:

Mashù Mori

Yokudan Baka

And Anjero Sutanrì

Aado- Shinkei you sure you don't want to participate in any of these. Maybe the Relay race would be good.

Shinkei- I don't know I can't exactly control my spirit yet. Plus I'm not much of a runner

It'll be ok man you just need to use your spirit like it's an everyday thing it took a good minute to kinda control Aalto. You just need to talk to pyrus. Get to know her and she'll teach you so much.

Shinkei- Ok fine I'll give it a try. You all have been warned.

Aado- Nice more power. I wish you all luck in your training till it's time.

Kamira- What are you gonna do Mr.Aado?

Aado- I have to get this all organized. This'll be so big for the trusted guardian foundation.

Hm I've heard of them before but from where.

Kamira- they're the company that gives us all this cool equipment and the creators of S.E.I.D.

I thought Mr.Aado made him.

Kamira- No, he only programmed him to be less annoying.

S.E.I.D- I heard that


*1 week later

Rafaeru- Ok Shinkei let's try this again.

Shinkei- ok

Rafaeru- channel your spirit, focus on it.

Shinkei- I got it.....i got it.....i don't got it.

Rafaeru- it's ok just try again.

Aado- Rafaeru a minute if you please!!

Rafaeru- what's up Hajime???

Aado- This Field day is fairly new so we're probably gonna need an exciting opener.

Rafaeru- Ok what does this have to do with me?.....Oh no…

Aado- please I just need you to fight someone in a friendly exhibition match that's all.

Rafaeru- who would I fight?

Aado- …the sound barrier...

Rafaeru- um…. no

Aado- please we'll give you a bonus.

Rafaeru- How much are we talking?

*Aado whispers in Raf's ear.

Rafaeru- Oh yeah I'll do it!!!

Aado- Great! (This man really loves his money) I'll set it up.

Romaji- Anjero comes here real quick.

Ok??? I wonder what he wants.