Chapter 22:

Romaji's Mission

Spirit Guardians

Romaji- Kamira you also.Bookmark here

Kamira- What's up Romaji?Bookmark here

Romaji- So I already asked Mr. Aado about this and he gave me the ok.Bookmark here

Kamira- And that is?Bookmark here

Romaji- My necklace found a new talisman.Bookmark here

Kamira- oh snap!! Awesome man, which one is it this time?Bookmark here

Talisman?Bookmark here

Kamira- yea those coin looking things he always has.Bookmark here

Oh those….Bookmark here

Romaji- yea those the thing is my spirit didn't manifest naturally in my body. It's actually in this necklace passed down from my ancestors but it only came with 2 talismans so I used S.E.I.D. to expand my necklaces frequency for finding talismans to use.Bookmark here

You know I low-key thought you were kinda….Bookmark here

Kamira- stupid?? Yea we all thought that at first. But he's quite smart and has a 3.0 gpa right now.Bookmark here

I guess that's pretty good.Bookmark here

Romaji- you trying to say something waterboy? You think you can get a better gpa than me?Bookmark here

I didn't say anything. Calm your dog down Kamira.Bookmark here

*Kamira hits Romaji in the back of the head.Bookmark here

Kamira- get to the point.Bookmark here

Romaji- ouch, anyways my necklace picked up a talisman signal in Darjones. I think it's the one I've been looking for. Mr. Aado said I can take two people on this mission to find you two in?Bookmark here

I mean don't we have a festival/tournament to prepare for? Bookmark here

Romaji-that's true but if it's the one I think it is I need it for this festival. So please?Bookmark here

Listen man… I know we haven't had the best relationship so far but I'm always down to help a friend in need.Bookmark here

Romaji- thanks the second player.Bookmark here

Don't push it homie….Bookmark here

Romaji- Kamira??Bookmark here

Kamira- I'm in, why not?Bookmark here

Romaji- alright we leave tomorrow, meet me at the docks with a change of clothes for 3 days.Bookmark here

Kamira and Anjero- 3 Days!?!?!Bookmark here

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