Chapter 23:

Darjones Mountain

Spirit Guardians

Kamira and Anjero- 3 Days!?!?!Bookmark here

*the next dayBookmark here

Romaji- ok peeps let's head out.Bookmark here

Kamira- Romaji it's too early to be this energetic.Bookmark here

Romaji- not energetic, excited Kamira. Just the thought of adventure and getting a new talisman to add to my collection.Bookmark here

Kamira- whatever man I hope is good.....Anjero what is that?Bookmark here

Oh...this? It's a breakfast sandwich that I made this morning.Bookmark here

Kamira- just for you? *sobbingBookmark here

No I made some for the both of y'all Bookmark here

Kamira- thanks man...wait is this pork? I don't eat pork, it's bad for me.Bookmark here

No it's beef for you I had S.E.I.D. search up all of you guys allergens and dislikes so you're good.Bookmark here

Kamira- thanks dude. Bookmark here

*Kamira and Romaji takes a biteBookmark here

Kamira and Romaji- Oh my gosh….this is delicious Bookmark here

Kamira-Anjero you didn't tell us you can cook!!Bookmark here

Yea I used to cook for my family when my mom had to work. I also took cooking classes in middle school and my old high school.Bookmark here

Kamira- Dude if you want you can become my private chef when I get rich.Bookmark here

No thanks, I have other ideas that have nothing to do with cooking. Bookmark here

Kamira- Really? You never talk about it and what's that?Bookmark here

Well ever since I got Aalto I wanted to rid the world of all despair.Bookmark here

Kamira- I love the vision but how're you gonna do that?Bookmark here

Not sure yet, but I know I'll find the answer someday.Bookmark here

Romaji- S.E.I.D. etaBookmark here

S.E.I.D- estimated time arrival 2 minutesBookmark here

Romaji- Hey we're approaching Darjones now be ready to climb.Bookmark here

S.E.I.D.- Guardians be careful of high wind travel here. Wind gusts moving South 70mph.Bookmark here

Yay…. Sounds fun hahaha…are all your trials this dangerous?Bookmark here

Romaji- I think so, it's only my second one. Bookmark here

Where was the last one? Bookmark here

Romaji- underwater but Aado helped me with that one so it was pretty easy.Bookmark here

I never really asked what his spirit was.Bookmark here

Kamira- gotta ask him yourself when/if we get back. There's a whole story behind it.Bookmark here

*the 3 get out of the sub.Bookmark here

Geez...these winds are ridiculous..Bookmark here

Kamira- we have to climb that giant mountain?Bookmark here

Romaji- From how my spirit is reacting I take that as a yes.Bookmark here

Ok let's go…Bookmark here

*the 3 start to climb the steep mountain of nomiddl Bookmark here

Romaji- Everybody good down there?Bookmark here

Yea we're good so fa…..Bookmark here

*Anjero starts to fall over the edgeBookmark here

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