Chapter 24:

Eagle Ancestor

Spirit Guardians

Kamira- Anjero!!! Romaji throw me a grapple!!!Bookmark here

Romaji- Here!!!Bookmark here

Kamira- Aaahhhhh!!!!! HULKEN STOMP!!!Bookmark here

*Kamira runs down the mountain making craters on the side of it.Bookmark here

Kamira- Anjero I got you!!Bookmark here

Thanks Kamira...wait what are those?Bookmark here

Romaji- those are gust mites you woke them up when you made those craters in the mountain!!!Bookmark here

Kamira- Dude those are gross!!Bookmark here

I got them. Kamira just focus on getting us back up there. Vapor Bullets.Bookmark here

*Anjero missed and the dust mites continued their pursuit on them.Bookmark here

Shit they missed this wind is too much! Ok I'll try this then!! Bookmark here

*Anjero angles his arms to the left .Bookmark here

Vapor Bullets.Bookmark here

*the bullets curve and hit the dust mites.Bookmark here

Romaji- Nice Anjero now come on up. I guess you're pretty smart. I'm surprised at my MC Rival.Bookmark here

Huh… let's just get this done and go back home already.Bookmark here

*the 3 get to the top of the mountain.Bookmark here

All 3 paintings.Bookmark here

Romaji- huh…finally at the top.Bookmark here

*Romajis necklace starts glowing a grey color.Bookmark here

Romaji- we're here.Bookmark here

*A person with an eagle mask appears before all of them.Bookmark here

Kamira- Woah weirdBookmark here

Eagle Ancestor- show your proof of the animal spirit.Bookmark here

Romaji- Here is my Necklace.Bookmark here

Eagle Ancestor- ahh so you're here finally your trial starts now!!Bookmark here

Romaji- what do I have to do?Bookmark here

Eagle ancestor- come with me. The other 2 stay here.Bookmark here

Kamira- wait I have to see thi… Bookmark here

*Ancient guards block the wayBookmark here

Kamira- hold on, partner , what do you think you're doing? That's my friend there.Bookmark here

Romaji- Kamira it's ok.Bookmark here

Kamira- ok come back successful.Bookmark here

Romaji- gotcha.Bookmark here

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