Chapter 25:

Animal trials

Spirit Guardians

*1 day passed

Geez I'm kinda bored right now…


Was that Romaji? What's going on?

Ancient guards- Nothing stays back or else.

Kamira- or else what? I can beat you fucks without even using my spirit.

Ancient guards- stay back!!!

Woah Kamira you might wanna retract that statement. Out of the way I won't ask again…. Ok Vapor Bullets… wait nothing's coming out.

Kamira- Really Anjero that's embarrassing HULKEN Rage…


Kamira- What's going on? Why can't I use my spirit energy?

Ancient guards- its an anti-zone meaning no spirits.

Kamira- welp Anjero hope you haven't gotten rusty at fighting.

You wish (smiling nervously).

*Back at the trial with Romaji.

Romaji- what do I have to do?

Eagle Ancestor- Sit! Meditate! You must remain focused for a day straight.

Romaji- if you say so…

*Romaji sits in a circle outside the cave. Wind starts to blow past Romaji.

Romaji- the wind it's too strong.

Eagle ancestor- Focus…

*one day later

Eagle ancestor- good now stand up….jump off the cliff.

Romaji- Wait...huh?

Eagle ancestor- Jump prove to me that you deserve the eagle talisman. Now Jump!!!

Romaji- alright alright just give me a second….1….2…..3…. Go Ahh!!!!

*Romaji jumps down the mountain.


Eagle Ancestor- How did you get past my guards?

Kamira-they weren't that tough to beat.

Eagle Ancestor- you shouldn't be here, it's a sacred ritual.

Fuck that Romaji!!!!

Romaji- Yo what's up waterboy?

Are you floating?

Romaji- Flying really, I got the eagle talisman. you scared us, can we go now?

Romaji- yea you and Kamira head on back I'll be there in a minute.

Kamira- ok don't be long.

*Kamira and Anjero leave down the mountain.

Romaji- thank you for the talisman.

Eagle Ancestor- Romaji there's something I have to tell you.

Romaji- What is it?

*Kamira and Anjero get into the submarine.

Geez it was a lot easier getting down then going up.

Kamira-that's usually how it happens.

*Romaji swoops in

Romaji- well guys let's head on back I'm ready to win it all

You seem to be in a good mood.

Romaji-Yea player 2 I finally got what I've been looking for.....Can I count on you guys again if I find another one?

Sure, but stop calling me that though.

Romaji-Alright Waterboy you got it!!

*The three head back to the school campus.