Chapter 29:

Festival Prelude: Anjero and Shinkei

Spirit Guardians

*The day of the festivalBookmark here

Yawn….i'm tired ok they said it should be in the outdoors training facility.Bookmark here

Mashù- yo Anjero you ready? Bookmark here

Hold that thought… Geyser Beam(light version)Bookmark here

*Anjero sprays his face with the water.Bookmark here

Ok now I'm up and ready.Bookmark here

Kamira- Morning y'all I'm so pumped I hope they're here.Bookmark here

Yoku- I'm really hoping to see something interesting today.Bookmark here

Shinkei- all I smell is victory and moneyBookmark here

Romji- Mornin everyone no worries your overpowered main character is here.Bookmark here

Well let's go in.Bookmark here

Everyone- Woah it's huge!!!Bookmark here

S.e.i.d- *on the intercom*The festival starts in 3 hours. Please enjoy concessions and each other's company while we wait!!Bookmark here

There's so many people here. Welp, we might as well check out all the stalls while we wait.Bookmark here

Kamira- Oh my gosh they have Ramen here Bookmark here

Mashù- Let's go eat Kam!!Bookmark here

Shinkei- Yo Anjero, let's go this way I see burgers over thereBookmark here

Oh say less, lead the way my brotha.Bookmark here

Romaji- well yoku where do you wanna go first?Bookmark here

Yokudan- Oh snap, I see pita bread down there.Bookmark here

Romaji- PITA!!!! Let's go!!Bookmark here

*back to Anjero and Shinkei at the burger stallBookmark here

Shinkei- Hey is that Aria?Bookmark here

Yea it is…. Aria what're you doing here?Bookmark here

Aria- Mom made me miss school to support y'all.Bookmark here

Shinkei- you don't sound so ecstatic to be here loser.Bookmark here

Aria- Don't start with me shinshin.Bookmark here

Shinkei- It started when you were born fool.Bookmark here

*They start wrestling with each other(if you can call it that).Bookmark here

Stop it, infants. Why do you two always fight and argue?Bookmark here

Shinkei- because she always starts it Bookmark here

Anyways where's mom anyways Aria?Bookmark here

Aria- I don't know she gave me money and told me to find you guys. Bookmark here

Shinkei- I guess you forgot the find us part because it looks like you're about to eat something without us.Bookmark here

Aria- Shinshin I will smack you!Bookmark here

Shinkei- try it little girl!Bookmark here

*they start fighting againBookmark here

Huh Geyser beam(small version)Bookmark here

Aria- What the heck! You got my hair wet!Bookmark here

Stop fighting you little kids for a second and just enjoy some food before I have to go.Bookmark here

Shinkei- you're so lucky I can dry myself off with my spiritBookmark here

*Shinkei dries out and steams out his clothes.Bookmark here

Aria- What about me I don't have a Spirit like y'all.Bookmark here

Mysterious female- I got you little girlBookmark here

*The wind starts blowing water off Aria's clothes and hair.Bookmark here

Aria- Thank you, honestly my hair looks even better now.Bookmark here

Mysterious female- no problem at all. I'm Ashuri Gale by the way.Bookmark here

Aria- Oh my gosh you're so pretty.Bookmark here

Ashuri- Thank you very much little girl.....and you must be the water spirit guardian I've been hearing about.Bookmark here

Uh….yes I am...i'm anjeBookmark here

Ashuri- Anjero sutanri, nice to meet you. I'm the Guardian of Air. I go to Spirit north. I hope to see you at this festival soon…Bookmark here

*she walks awayBookmark here

Shinkei- she didn't even ask me who I was.Bookmark here

Aria-looks like she only cares about important people.Bookmark here

Shinkei- I'm important shut up….Anjero you good bro?Bookmark here

Yea...she had this real confident yet sinister aura about her. HmBookmark here

Someone behind anjero-What're you staring at little manBookmark here

Who in the hell… no way why is he here?Bookmark here

Rafaeru- Ah, Anjero how are you?Bookmark here

Answer me why is he here?Bookmark here

Devanga- Oh didn't you know I'm going to Spirit North now.Bookmark here

Hopefully chained up like you are now.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Anjero I think this is the guy who kidnapped meBookmark here

I assumed so Bookmark here

Devanga- Oh little firefly still scared of me?Bookmark here

Shinkei- as if fat boyBookmark here

Devanga- What the fuck did you just call me? I'll kill you once I'm out these chains you hear me you and your waterbug of a brother.Bookmark here

Rafeauru- ok that's enough take him to the waiting area.Bookmark here

Raf, why is he here?Bookmark here

Rafearu- well after he was interrogated by commander commando we found his file. Turns out he was stolen from his family 6 years ago by Tenki and forced to do his bidding; in order to survive. Bookmark here

Wow, I feel kinda bad now.Bookmark here

Rafaeru-Yea, but since he holds one of the Original 7 north recruited him after they found out we have 2 original spirits in our school.Bookmark here

How do they keep him under control?Bookmark here

Rafearu- they apparently got a Spirit dampening collar from the STC and are using it on him.Bookmark here

Stc??? I thought they just made S.E.I.D?Bookmark here

Rafearu- that's all i can tell you since you helped bring down Tenki and him. You 2 Don't tell anyone I told y'all this ok?Bookmark here

Shinkei- okBookmark here

Ok…Bookmark here

S.e.i.d- 1 hour before the games start. All participants please come to arena #1 for the intro battle.Bookmark here

Rafearu- well that's my que see you all later.Bookmark here

See ya….now can I have a burger please?Bookmark here

Stall attendant- Sure can with cheese….Bookmark here

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