Chapter 30:

Festival Prelude: Mashù and Kamira

Spirit Guardians

Kam and Mashù 2 hours ago

Mashù- hello sir can I have the meat lovers pork bone ramen?

Kamira- and can I have the miso ramen with extra chicken?

Stall vendor- sure coming right up

Kamira- Man this place is pretty big

*2 voices come from behind them.

2 Voices- Well if it isn't a little kammy..

Kamira- Hahaha I hoped you 2 would show up to this festival.

Twins- Well why wouldn't we. We do go to Spirit west after all

Mashù- Spirit East I heard y'all only have 3 here the other 7 are just trainees.

Twin #1- well hello you're quite the looker im ichiji jikan.

Twin #2- I'm Tekai and what's your name?

Kamira- I think I'm gonna throw up...

Mashù- I'm Mashù Mori

Ichiji- wow cute name.

Tekai- well I love it.

Kamira- Ew… are you 2 fighting over him? Typical females I swear.

Tekai- Shut up you ox just because you got a little bigger doesn't mean we still can't kick your ass.

Mashù- Kam who are they?

Kamira- Remember when I said I was bullied back then?

Mashù- yea….

Kamira- these are the 2

Mashù- Oh ok. You got this right?

Twins- Get ready to remember how pain felt kammy!

*the twins grabbed each others hand

Twins- Temporal Pause!!

*the two sneak up behind Kam trying to hit her in the back of the head….

Migan- Break Shout!!!

*the shout breaks the temporal pause

Ichiji- ow, ow, ow what was that?

Migan- save the fighting for the tournament ladies!

Tekai- you didn't almost have to kill us... ow

Migan- you're so weak I was holding back.

Stall vendor- here's your food!

Migan- Oh is that meat lovers don't mind if I do.

Mashù- but thats mine

S.e.i.d- 1 hour before the games start. All participants please come to arena #1 for the intro battle.

Migan- I'll see you all around

Mashù- Kam can I have some of your ramen?

Kamira- you can have mine I lost my appetite…..

Mashù- ok thanks. Wait Kam where are you going?

Kamira- to the arena…..