Chapter 31:

Festival Prelude: Romaji and Yoku

Spirit Guardians

Romaji and Yokudan an hour ago

Romaji- Yoku where did you see a bread stand?

Yokudan- Romaji its right here…. Hey!! Jeremi I see you're here also good to see you again man.

Jeremi- Oh Yokudan yea same….

Romaji- Yoku this is the other guy that did that mission with you and anjero right?

Yoku- yea, I didn't know you liked bread also jeremi. I guess we do have something in common.

Jeremi- of course!!! Melon bread is a masterpiece. I'd kill for this stuff......ahem yea I like fresh bread.

Yoku- noted….

Romaji- Yoku they do have it.

*romaji talks to vendor

Romaji- Hi, can I get all the pita bread you have?

Vendor- Sure that'll be $237.59

Romaji- why is it so much?

Vendor- well the first one is free to all guardians but we have to make a profit somehow. Money doesn't grow on trees you know.

Romaji- but i'm on a budget right now,

Fine…...i'll just take….one….one for now.

*Romaji starts sobbing

Jeremi- is your friend gonna be ok???

Yoku- yea he just really loves that bread ever since he was in middle school. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Jeremi- Woah, woah I don't really care about a flashback.

Yoku- Oh sorry….. Oh Mr.Aado

*Jeremi turns his head and looks at Aado

Aado- Well hello young guardians I see you're enjoying the festivities before the events.

Yoku- yea this place is huge why haven't we seen this place sooner?

Aado- well it was just built...Well hello Jeremi!

*Jeremi frowns angrily

Jeremi- Hello….uncle

Romaji and Yoku- Uncle!!!!

*Aado gives a very fake smile

S.e.i.d- 1 hour before the games start. All participants please come to arena #1 for the intro battle.

Aado- yes, he's my nephew and that's all you need to know well I'll leave you three to enjoy your time. Don't be late though or I'll punish you all.

Everyone- Yes, sir!!!

Yoku- Romaji hurry up to the arena

Romaji- ok hold on I gotta pick a flavor

Yoku- Huh….He'll take garlic like he always does

Romaji- What if I wanted to try a new flavor?

Vendor- Here you go!!

Romaji- I've been getting treated so badly by my side characters lately.

Yoku- see ya at the events Jeremi

*Yoku and Romaji head to the arena.

*Jeremi turns on his earpiece

Jeremi- confirmed Aado is here, ok I'll start phase 1

*everyone gathers at arena #1 for the kickoff