Chapter 32:

Rafaeru vs Migan

Spirit Guardians

Wooh I'm full, can't wait to work this all off. Oh hey Kam!!!

Kamira- Huh?? Oh hey Anjero and Shinkei.

Shinkei- why do you seem so down in the dumps kam?

Kamira- Oh no I'm not down just um….focused.

Mashù- finally I caught up to y'all you guys ready?

Yokudan- of course we are ready Mashù

Romaji- I'll win this competition and buy all that bread. This I swear!!

Welp guys let's all head in

Everyone- Yeah!

*they head into the arena

Seat Guide S.E.I.D- Hello Guardians!


SGS- yes it is I as a seat guide….now what region are you all from?

Kamira- we're from South

SGS- ok, please follow me to your seats.

*they follow it

Mashù- Thanks S.E.I.D!!

SGS- *whispers* I don't think I remember what you did to me a few months ago.

Mashù-*gulp* yea….sorry about that

SGS- Please enjoy the show and continue to keep this world safe.


*Intercom rings across the arena

Aado- Guardians, and other spectators. Welcome to the first annual Guardian School Festival. We have a great day for you all day. We'll have the 5 mile relay race, ultimate tag, and the obstacle throw. Of course at the end we'll be having the tournament. But first let's get this started with an exhibition match between 2 experienced guardians!!

*Crowd screams

Aado-In this corner we have the one winged master of steel himself Rafaeru!!!

Rafaeru- Yea let's go!!!

Aado- Settle down,settle down

*crowd calms down

Aado- and in this corner we have the always beautiful angelic sounding woman here the Soundwave herself Migan!!

Migan- What's going on everybody!?!?

Aado- Alright the rules are

No killing

Get the opponent out of the ring and the match is over.

No serious wounds meaning no cutting off body parts.

Ok, is everyone ready?

Rafaeru- Ready!!

Migan- ready!

Aado- ok, begin!!!

*Rafaeru and Migan start fist fighting

Rafaeru- Sorry migan I don't hit women, but money is involved. Haaa!!

*Rafaeru jump kicks migan in the chest

Migan- ouch! That's ok it wouldn't be fun otherwise. I finally get to let loose for once.

Rafaeru- Oh ok let's go then!

Migan- have you ever been punched by sound?

Rafaeru- no and I don't pla….

*Rafearu get hit in the face

Rafaeru-What was that?

Migan-Nothing special just my Sound Bullet.

Rafaeru- but I didn't hear you say anything.

Migan- that's because I put up a sound barrier so you can't hear when I use my spirit.

Rafaeru- isn't that cheating Aado?

Aado- hm….no she's using her abilities to her advantage.

Rafaeru- didn't want to do this but you forced my hand. Steel Armor

Migan- Did you really think that would help you?

Rafaeru- yea, sound bounces off certain metals right?

*Migan starts continuously punching Raf

Migan- it does but my Sound is a little special.

Rafaeru- What do you mean….Ahhhh!!!

Steel Armor Stop!!! (Pant, pant)….. You playing dirty huh? Ok that's fine.

Migan- hey I just wanna win is all.

*They continue hand to hand combat.

Migan- this isn't going anywhere.

*Migan jumps back

Migan- Vice Shout!!

*sound beam hits Rafaeru

Rafaeru-haha Sorry princess I got in earplugs so your voice won't work on me

Migan- Shit, sorry I didn't want to use this but I want to win this. Bass Boost!! and Hyper Shout!!

*Rafaeru falls on one knee

Rafaeru- What is happening to my body? It feels like my heart is about to burst out my chest and these scratching noises are making my ears bleed.

Migan- Sorry man, just give up

Rafaeru- I'll never give up on money!!

Steel Armor!! and Steel Selection: All!!!

Migan- What's going on??? He's getting up.

Aado- Oh I guess he was learning something from that lesson

Rafaeru- you're done….

*Rafaeru starts walking towards Migan

Migan- Nothings working!! Treble Boosted!!

Aado- Stop the match!!!

Migan- Wait, why?

Aado- you don't see it...he's clearly unconscious


Aado- Someone get him to the infirmary. You did good man.

*Nurses put Raf on a stretcher and the crowd started cheering for both guardians.

Wow that was an amazing fight they were both so strong.

Kamira- hopefully I can live up to that.

Mashù- just wow I want to fight them both.

Yokudan- that's what you got out of this Mashù?

Aria- I don't get it, just a bunch of violence.

*back on the arena floor

Migan- Aado what was that he seemed to be on a completely different level then me.

Aado- Come with me to heal those wounds I'll tell you.