Chapter 33:

Spirit Race

Spirit Guardians

Aado- ok everyone did you enjoy that?Bookmark here

Crowd- Yea!!!!Bookmark here

Aado- well we have more where that came from. Let the games begin!!!Bookmark here

*Crowd screams with excitementBookmark here

Aado- now will the guardians competing in race follow me to the track pleaseBookmark here

Yoku- welp we're up Romaji, guys wish us luck.Bookmark here

Romaji- I don't need luckBookmark here

Kamira- Make sure you guys win this show them we're the best school!Bookmark here

Yoku- you got it!Bookmark here

*Romaji and Yoku leaves for the trackBookmark here

Mashù- why is Yoku running it? I mean he's a fast runner but this is a Guardian event meaning they'll be using their abilities.Bookmark here

I guess Yoku never used it around you.Bookmark here

Mashù- used what?Bookmark here

Yoku can use his bullets to teleport.Bookmark here

Mashù- Teleport?!?!?Bookmark here

Yea he can only use it once I believe because it gives him a blistering headache.Bookmark here

Mashù- Hm interesting ability it's that how he got to Kamira and Romaji so quickly?Bookmark here

I guess it wasBookmark here

Kamira- no wonder he was so high up.Bookmark here

*at the trackBookmark here

Yoku- Ready Romaji?Bookmark here

Romaji- As I'll ever be buddy, let's win this for the school.Bookmark here

Yoku- Wow, you're doing it for something other than yourself now?Bookmark here

Romaji- What are you talking about? I've never been selfish.Bookmark here

Aado- ok everyone allow me to introduce this year's participants for the spirit race. In lane 1 we have Romaji jon-zu from Spirit south highschool.Bookmark here

Crowd- Woo!!! Romaji win this wild boy.Bookmark here

Aado- in Lane 2 we have Osore akumu from Spirit West HighschoolBookmark here

Osore- Hello everyone...Bookmark here

Spectator 1- who is he??Bookmark here

Spectator 2- no ideaBookmark here

Aado- ahem ok in Lane 3 we have Yokudan Baka from Spirit South highschoolBookmark here

Spectator 3- Wow what a stupid last name!! HahahaBookmark here

Yoku- Grrr.....Shut up! Whoever said that come and taste these fist; and see how stupid my last name is.Bookmark here

Aado- Yokudan behave yourself...anyways in Lane 4 we have Nanshi Forensu from Spirit East….middle school.Bookmark here

Spectator 1- Why is there a little kid here?Bookmark here

Spectator 4- not sure but I hope she wins!Bookmark here

Aado- I know this seems a little weird but she is also a Guardian in training.Bookmark here

Crowd- Do you best little girl!!Bookmark here

Nanshi- I really don't want to be hereBookmark here

Shinkei- Nanshi!!!Bookmark here

Nanshi- Oh hey Shinkei? Anjero? Bookmark here

Goodluck!!Bookmark here

Nanshi- Now I have to do my bestBookmark here

Aado- And for our last contestant in Lane 5 we Tarik Arashi from spirit north highschool.Bookmark here

Tarik- Hello losersBookmark here

Crowd- boo!! Who is this guy??Bookmark here

Tarik- will you all shut up before I bury you all!!Bookmark here

Aado- anyways the rules are simple you can't use your abilities until you hit the first checkpoint after that use your powers all you want. Ok in your position everyone ready!!Bookmark here

Get set!!Bookmark here

Go!!Bookmark here

*Everyone starts running.Bookmark here

Yoku- Huh, huh ok I'm in first. almost to the first checkpoint. Yo Romaji catch up will ya?Bookmark here

Romaji- shut up I'm catching up once I hit this checkpoint I'm winning this.Bookmark here

Announcer 1- and Yoku reaches the checkpoint first followed by Romaji in a close second; and Osore in thirdBookmark here

Yoku- Ok, here goes Vantage Point!!Bookmark here

Announcer 2-yoku teleported to the finish line and crossed it. Yoku won first place.Bookmark here

Romaji- that's so cheating!! BEAST SPIRIT TAKEOVER: CHEETAHBookmark here

Announcer 1- and Romaji finishes in second, South wins the first event….Bookmark here

Yoku- woah, what's happening? I can hear cheering but no one's moving.Bookmark here

Osore- That's because you're in an illusion. sawdust boy and you should try to wake up before you end up in last place.Bookmark here

*back to the real worldBookmark here

Announcer 2- What's going on Yoku is at the finish line but he's not moving.Bookmark here

Announcer 1- neither is anyone else…. Wait, Osore is walking towards the finish line!Bookmark here

Announcer 2- he's gonna cross it!! Bookmark here

Announcers- Osore akumu is the winner of this race!!!Bookmark here

*Everyone else starts to wake upBookmark here

Romaji- Wha...what happened, why is there cheering going on and I'm not even across the finish line yet?Bookmark here

Yoku- Huh wha….No I.....I lost by a step. You evil, conniving sun of a bi…Bookmark here

Aado- Yoku calm down he just used his ability is all fair and square.Bookmark here

*Aado whispers in yoku's ear Bookmark here

Aado- Hopefully you or Romaji get him in the tournament and get your revenge there.Bookmark here

Yoku- yea...i hope it's me.Bookmark here

Announcer 1- Romaji finishes in 3rd place. Followed by Tarik in 4th and Nanshi in 5th.Bookmark here

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