Chapter 34:

Obstacle Throw

Spirit Guardians

Romaji- (breathing hard) Yoku what happened?

Yoku- Osore put all of us in an illusion and crossed the finish line while we were in stasis.

Romaji-wow, don't look so down man you did your best and we have 2 more games after this and then the tournament.

Yoku- thanks Romaji that's a lot coming from you, I appreciate it.

Migan- You guys did amazing

yea good work out there.

Yoku- Ms.Sutarion you were watching?

Migan- yea, and I was proud of you 2 for not giving up.

Yoku- does this mean I can take you on a date now???

Migan- don't push your luck kid.

Aado- well, with that lets continue today's events, yea?

Crowd- Yea!!!!

Spectator #5- Bring on the next Event!!!

Aado- That's what I like to hear. The next event will be the obstacle throw. The rules are simple; the guardians will put on these energy gauntlets and throw this giant Spirit mineral across the field the longer the distance the better.

Spectator #4- this better be entertaining!!

Aado- Oh it(I hope) will let me introduce the contestants to you today!

First contestant we have is Kamira Yusei from Spirit South Highschool

Spectator #3- woah she's muscular

Spectator #2- that's how I like my women…. Mmm...strong

Spectator #6- bro….chill out

Aado- ok…. Our second contestant for this event is space juryoku from Spirit west highschool

Kamira- another one from the west huh…

Aado- The third contestant is Mashù Mori from Spirit South Highschool

Mashù- Hello everyone

Spectator #13- He's kinda cute.....ouch what was that?

Spectator #11- What happened???

Spectator #13- felt like I was slapped but I didn't see anything.

Ichiji-(laughing quietly) that's what you get bitch he ours.

Tekai- you can say that again sis.

Aado- and the final contestant today is Suna Kessho from Spirit North.

Suna- Hello!!! Beautiful people. I expect a fair contest. Let's all have fun shall we???

Mashù- Well this one is interesting…

Aado- Ok! Kamira if you would step up to the plate and put these on for me.

Kamira- Ok….So I just throw the boulder?

Aado- Yes but there's a catch to it, you're clever I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. You have 1 minute, and Go!!

Kamira- Ok lets see if I can move it without my spirit….huuunah it won't budge. HULKEN RAGE!!!

Commentator #1- 40 secs left

Kamira- it budged a little to think I'm getting it now.

Commentator #2-What is this? Kamira went back to normal and closed her eyes. There's only 20 seconds left folks.

Kamira- just like in practice….

Commentator #1- 10 seconds







Kamira- just focus on channeling the aura in my arms. Haaaaaa!!!!!

Commentator #2- Wow!!! And it's sent flying!!!

Aado- Yes, good job figuring it out Kamira.

Judge-335 m

Commentators- And Kamira sets the tone for this event!!

Let's Go!!! Great job, Kam!

Kamira- Thank you Anjero!

Shinkei- That was Amazing Kam!

Kamira- Thank you, Thank you!

Romaji- Look who's here

Kalira- Not bad

Kamira- Kalira you showed up!

Kalira- I couldn't miss the first ever guardian games plus my little sister is in it and wouldn't miss it for the world.

Aado- Hm...Guardian Games I think I like that a little more. Well now for our second contestant space can you step up?

Space- No need for the gauntlets…. ZERO!!

*space flicks the boulder

Commentator #2 and it was sent straight up!

Judge-20 m

*crowd is dead silent

Space-....can I get a redo?

Aado-Nope if launched the count is final.

Space- Whatever man I'll remember this.

Aado- Now Mashù steps up to the plate please.

Mashù- ok, I think I get what's going on.

Aado- and go!

Mashù- ok just focus the aura in my arms.

Commentator #2- woah, Mashù has 2 very interesting aura's.

Mashu-Die you Stupid Rock!!!


Commentator #1- it looks like south got this game figured out!

Judge-400 m

Commentators- new high score!!!

Yoku- Nice job Mashù

Kamira- you know you only got higher then me because you went first right?

Mashù- Yup, and thanks for the example Teach!

Kamira- (laughing) shut up fool.

Ichiji- Hey, no getting all buddy buddy with our boyfriend you pig.

Tekai- yea go back to your gym you swole freak.

Kamira-(laughing) when did you get 2 girlfriends?

Mashù- I didn't I don't know what they're talking about.(laughing)

Yokudan- Mashù is the man he got him a pair right there.

Mashù- Chill out

Aado- Next is Suna from North

Suna- I got this in the glistening beautiful bag.

Aado- Go!

Commentator #1- what's he doing?

Commentator #2- looks like he's talking to it.

*55 seconds later

Commentators- 5…..4…….3…..2…...1…….0


Suna- Sorry we were having the most interesting conversations about colors.

Aado- The winner of the obstacle throw is….Mashù!!!

Congratulations Mashù on winning!

Aado- Congrats Mashù here's your gold medal.

Mashù- Thank you all

Twins- That's our boyfriend

Mashù- guys I'm scared. I met those 2 30 mins ago and they're already both calling me their boyfriend.

Yokudan- cheer up Mashù at least you have admirers lucky bastards I should punch you for having girls fight over you.

Mashù- you can have them but I don't want them.

Yokudan- I tried. They instantly turned me down. They told me "I look like a weak lame".

Mashù- sorry

Yokudan- it's just not fair...Anjero you understand my frustration right?


Ashuri- Hey Anjero I'll see you on the field for the next event.

Yoku- you freaking liar! I trusted you!

I just met her also.

Yoku- but she knows your name….its ok I'll just go sit in a corner somewhere till the tournament starts tomorrow.

Ok then