Chapter 35:

What happened?

Spirit Guardians

Aado- ok everyone we'll be continuing these events tomorrow please enjoy the food and atmosphere until then!

Crowd- Ahhh!!!!

Spectator #2- When's the tournament!?!?

*Everyone leaves the arena

Kamira- I think we all should get some sleep after today.

Yoku- Yea I agree with Kam I'm so tired.

Mashu- Alright let's get some food and all go back to our dorms.

I don't know what I want to eat….Shinkei?...shinkei?

Shinkei- Yo, isn't that Jeremi?

Oh snap! It is. Yo Jeremi I see you showed up for these games. Good for you.

Jeremi- Oh hello Anjero and Crew don't mind me just got lost heading to the guest dorm.

I have no idea where that is to be fair.

Mashù- I'll show you after I get something to eat. Romaji tag along.

Romaji- Why me?

Mashù- Gotta talk to you about something privately.

Jeremi- Thank you

*Everyone gets something to eat

Mashù- Hello, can I get a seafood Medley hold the oysters though I'm severely allergic.

*Everyone heads back while Mashù and Romaji take Jeremi to the guest boys dorms

Mashù- The dorms are over here Jeremi . Have a good night.

Jeremi- ….Thanks

Romaji- Weird he was just cheery when he saw Anjero. You don't think he's???

Mashù- No, I think he just tolerates Anjero because they fought together during that mission.

Romaji- Oh ok, still pissed he got selected for that mission. I did as much as him, and got stuck cleaning bathrooms while he was rewarded.

Mashù- I mean we technically weren't supposed to be there in the first place.

Romaji- True, but I was the MVP of that mission.

Mashù- What did you do besides be the Carpool?

Romaji- Watch it, for your information I beat 2 big armored soldiers by myself.

Mashù- Oh nice man daps for that but Anjero beat the top minion and Tenki.

Romaji- With everyone's help…..anyways why did you want to talk to me?

Mashù- well since you brought up the whole war thing I thought I'd tell you first.

Romaji- and that is??

Mashù- Have you felt anything off during this whole festival?

Romaji- off like how?

Mashù- well like….Woah!

*A landslide occurs and Romaji and Mashù fall.

You 2 grab our Hands!!

Mashù- Anjero?!?!

*Romaji and Mashù grab The crew's hands to avoid falling.

Romaji- Wooh!! That was close and didn't have any time to respond.

Kam- you guys alright?

Mashù- Were you all tailing us?

Not important, Yoku do you see anyone?

Yoku- No not at all.


Mashù- Back to my question.

Oh yea we were

Shinkei- We were just curious.

Mashù- Well besides that I'm glad you all were here because that would've been bad for us

Romaji- Dang, the story would've been over if I died here.

Mashù- A random mudslide out of nowhere….wait didn't you tell me Devanga is here?

Yea, but he's chained up so I doubt he's just free roaming around here unless...they let him go.

Yoku- Well let's just worry about this tomorrow everyone I'm super tired.

Shinkei- Yea, the events continue tomorrow, let's just tell Mr. Aado in the morning.

*They all walk back to the dorms

*****- Did you get them

*****- No I missed, damn it!

*****- don't worry about it, our target wasn't them anyways.

*****-got it