Chapter 39:

Matches have to be rigged

Spirit Guardians

Mari- Geez that was way harder than it should've been….oh yea, Anjero I figured out what that poison was.Bookmark here

What was it?Bookmark here

Mari- it's a spirit energy infused poison made for paralyzing people while rotting the skin of its victims.Bookmark here

So you're saying it was someone with a poison spirit that shot at Shinkei and I?Bookmark here

Mari- Maybe so but it also could have been a poisonous animal some animals now have some spirit energy in them nowadays; but be on the lookout.Bookmark here

Will do! Mrs. Mari take care of Yoku please. Bookmark here

Mari- Of courseBookmark here

Romaji, Mashù let's get back to the stadium.Bookmark here

Mashù- SureBookmark here

Romaji- Don't boss me around bum boy.Bookmark here

*back at the StadiumBookmark here

Announcers- Wow!!! Down goes Sans. The winner is Aoi!!!Bookmark here

Shinkei- Anjero you're ok!!Bookmark here

Yea, I'm cool what all happened?Bookmark here

Kamira- Dude you won't believe this. That girl who just won has the same powers as your mom.Bookmark here

Huh?? Is that even possible?Bookmark here

Shinkei- but get this it's blue instead.Bookmark here

Anjero- but Mom's is yellow. It's not possible.Bookmark here

Kamira- Technically since it's not a part of the Original 7 it can make different Variations of that spirit. Bookmark here

Mashù- Oh yea we did learn that in class sometime ago. Honestly I just forgot.Bookmark here

Migan- you all ready for the next match!?S.E.I.D pick the next contestants please!!Bookmark here

Why is Ms. Sutarion doing this now?Bookmark here

Kamira- Aado wanted to sit up there with all the other School Commander'sBookmark here

Romaji- seems to me that she's enjoying this now.Bookmark here

S.E.I.D- The next match will be Anjero Sutanrì from Spirit South vs Devanga Matin from Spirit North.Bookmark here

Ok now!! These picks are so rigged!Bookmark here

Migan- can both contestants step in please.Bookmark here

Rafaeru- sorry I have to un-tie him first.Bookmark here

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