Chapter 40:

Anjero vs. Devanga

Spirit Guardians

Migan- that's fine.

Devanga- well, well, well so we meet again waterboy! So greatful for the stupid A.i to let me fight you again.

Wish I didn't have to but fate is a bitch.

Devanga- well, it won't go as smoothly for you this time around. Shadowboy isn't here to help you this time.

Spectator#3- Why is there a Criminal here?!?!?

Devanga- Shut the hell up fool before I end up killing you also.

So you plan on killing me? Isn't that against the rules?

Devanga- So? I don't care about rules.

Migan- I'm gonna disqualify you.

No, I don't want it this way.

Migan- you sure Anjero? you just healed.

I'm feeling better than ever actually.

Migan- Ok well…. Ready!! Get set!!! Fight!!!!


*Landslide blitz almost hits Anjero; but he dodges out of the way.

Woooo that almost hit me I guess it's my turn!

*Anjero rushes at Devanga and they start hand to hand combat.

Devanga- What?!?!? No water this time around?

I don't feel the need to use it yet.

Devanga- So you're looking down on me huh?

Of course not.

*Anjero lands a jab on Devanga while Devanga misses his punch going for Anjero's head. Anjero shouts out Geyser Beam and washes Devanga away, almost knocking him out of the ring. Devanga stops himself in time with his partial Rock Armor.

Devanga- I won't be taken out that easily.....i've been FIGHTING MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

Well I don't plan on losing just yet….i guess I might as well even the playing field.

Devanga- Heat Rock Armor!!

Vapor Fist!!

*Anjero and Devanga throw continuous blows at each other neither gaining ground. Anjero tries kicking Devanga in the chest but gets his foot stuck in his armor.

Devanga- Hahaha gotcha….now feel the rocks start crushing your leg.

Huh…what's with everyone and trying to get rid of my leg.

Announcers- And Anjero is caught in Devanga's Armor!!! Can he get out??

Errr… let me go..

Devanga- never!!! The only way you're getting out of this is if you chop off your leg right now.


*Anjero lifts his body up and punches Devanga's chest. But getting his arm stuck in the process.

Devanga- Damn guess you're out of luck.

Who said that? I let you catch my arm so I can do this Vapor Bullets!!

Devanga- Ahhh!! What are you doing?

What do you think I'm doing? You better let me go because I have energy to spare.

*Anjero keeps blasting Devanga with his Vapor Bullets inside his armor.

Devanga- Ok!!! Enough!!

*Devanga blasts away his armor, blasting away Anjero with it. Devanga starts panting while soaking wet.


Devanga- (panting) why won't you just go down?

I told you this before didn't I?

Devanga- I still don't understand what drives you.

I didn't either till I fought you back then and found out it was you that kidnapped my brother. So I guess you can say my drive and resolve comes from you.

Devanga- I don't get you….that makes no sense.

Just realized that so I want to thank you for that. So thank you Devanga

Devanga- Shut the hell up!!!(Devanga punches Anjero in the face.) Why would you thank me? I've done nothing but hurt and kill people all my life.

And you don't have to anymore. you go to school now. I mean yea you are chained up and all but you're technically free now from all the hurt and despair from your life.

Devanga- Landslide Blitz!!

Shinkei- Anjero watch out!!

It's ok…

*The rocks stop in front of Anjero and Devanga starts crying

Devanga- I….i….im not free….Giga-Drill Impact!!!

Woah!!!! Devanga don't do this, let's just both give up!!

Devanga- No!!! I'm winning this no matter what so I can officially be free!!

Well I'm not losing this then!!! Alto Geyser Beam!!!

*Devanga rushes towards Anjero and Anjero shoots his Beam at Devanga they start to struggle between each other but Devanga starts to get the upper hand and is tanking the beam with his giant hand Drill.

Shit this isn't working, guess I gotta push out more energy!!

Devanga- your little beam can't stop my drill!!!

You're right!!

*Anjero dodges out of the way

Devanga- What?? I can't stop!!!

*Devanga stops at the edge of the ring.

Sorry man but I won this!

*Anjero kicks Devanga out of the ring.

Announcers- And the winner is Anjero Sutanrì!!!!

Hey man you ok??

Devanga- Get away from me!

Yo you don't hear that they're cheering for you.

Spectators- Wow!! Amazing fight you two!!

Spectator #3- Devanga!! Amazing job!

*Devanga smiles at the crowd

Devanga- I won't lose next time...Anjero.

I look forward to our next match, Devanga.

Migan- you two that's what I call a show. Go take a break for today. The next round is tomorrow.

Will do!