Chapter 41:

Mashù vs. Suna

Spirit Guardians

Migan- What did you all think? Amazing huh?Bookmark here

Crowd- Yea!!! Wow!! Rematch!!!Bookmark here

Huh….im tired Bookmark here

Aado- Anjero amazing job you deserve the rest.Bookmark here

Oh Mr.Aado I thought you were spectating with the other Commanders?Bookmark here

Aado- I was but I had to come down and say Congrats to you.Bookmark here

Oh ok thanks I think I'll go back up to the stands.Bookmark here

Aado- sounds good! Bookmark here

Migan- Well S.E.I.D next match please.Bookmark here

S.E.I.D- The next match will be Jeremi Naeme from Spirit east vs. Kotobagari Ruisu from Spirit west.Bookmark here

Migan- You 2 ready?Bookmark here

Jeremi- Yea…..Bookmark here

Ruisu- Hahaha (ruisu looks behind himself at the south crew)I give upBookmark here

Crowd- What the Hell???Bookmark here

Announcers- well folks we have our first resignation from the tourney today. The winner is Jeremi Naeme from Spirit EastBookmark here

Migan- Ok then S.E.I.D next match.Bookmark here

S.E.I.D- the next match will be Mashù Mori from Spirit SouthBookmark here

Mashù- Finally I'm upBookmark here

S.E.I.D- Vs. Suna kessho from Spirit North.Bookmark here

Migan- Ok both fighters ready?Bookmark here

Mashù- I've been ready to fight someone.Bookmark here

Suna- I'm so honored to fight someone with such a beautiful aura please show me more.Bookmark here

Mashù- uh ok.Bookmark here

Migan- Ok, Ready! Set! Fight!Bookmark here

Suna- Ok show me that beautiful aura again.Bookmark here

Mashù- No need I try to fight without it.Bookmark here

Suna- ok suit yourself pretty boy. Crystal Soldiers!!! Go get him boys!!!Bookmark here

Mashù- Awesome you might be fun to fight after all. Bookmark here

*Mashù starts breaking all the clones.Bookmark here

Mashù- is that all you got??Bookmark here

Suna- mmm….i'm glad you asked Shard Storm!!!Bookmark here

*Suna forms a tornado of crystal shardsBookmark here

Mashù- that doesn't look good Jackpot!!!Bookmark here

*Mashù continuously dodges the shards until it fades away.Bookmark here

Mashù- man you're kinda lame I need more competition.Bookmark here

Suna- Sure look around….Bookmark here

Mashù- I don't see anything but little crystal shards around the ring.Bookmark here

Suna- isn't it beautiful!!!Bookmark here

Mashù- you're so weird I guess I'll just end this then.Bookmark here

Suna- Not so fast Crystal Soldiers!!!Bookmark here

Mashù- woah there's so many.....bring it on!!!! Revenge Rush!!!Bookmark here

Suna- there it is...just as elegant as my crystals.Bookmark here

*Mashù continues to fight suna's clones while he watches in awe.Bookmark here

Suna- you're so impressive I might start liking you.Bookmark here

The twins- What did he say?!?!?Bookmark here

Ichiji- Win Mashù!!!Bookmark here

Tekai- Yeah, kick his behind!!!Bookmark here

Suna- rude and unsightly women. They should be ashamed….anyways let's end this what do you say?? Shard Storm!!Bookmark here

Mashù- I'm not done fighting just yet.Bookmark here

*Mashù pushes a clone soldier into the tornado.Bookmark here

Mashù-.....Qoyntuaz Jackpot, and Retaliare Revenge Rush!!!Bookmark here

*Mashù starts obliterating all the soldiers.Bookmark here

Suna- What the hell?Bookmark here

Mashù- the more enemies I have to fight the stronger and faster I get!!Bookmark here

Suna- He…..he's destroying all my beautiful soldiers. I can't beat this guy.Bookmark here

Mashù- Hahahahaha you're next….Bookmark here

*Mashù destroys the last soldier.Bookmark here

Mashù- don't punk out Now!!!Bookmark here

*Suna falls to the ground with a blank stare.Bookmark here

Suna- I.....I give u.....huh???Bookmark here

*Mashù falls to the groundBookmark here

Announcer #1- and Mashù is down!!!!Bookmark here

*Migan rushes over to check on himBookmark here

Migan- He's unconscious!!!Bookmark here

Announcers- And the winner of this Match is Suna kessho from Spirit North!!!!Bookmark here

Suna- oh of course muah won I'm just too pretty to lose Hohoho.Bookmark here

Kamira- The fool used up his energy using both spirits at once.Bookmark here

It was impressive though. It's probably the longest he's kept both maintained without fainting.Bookmark here

Kamira- I do have to give him props for that though just wish he'd win though so we could stay undefeated.Bookmark here

Romaji- I mean someone was bound to lose. Just didn't think it would be Mashù.Bookmark here

Kamira- I had my money on Shinkei low-key.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Hey!! Why me?Bookmark here

Kamira- Well you're the newest one here so it was an easy pick is all.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Hm... I guess I still feel bad for him though.Bookmark here

Kamira- I've known Mashù for some time. He'll be fine once he gets something to eat.Bookmark here

Migan- Well let's keep chugging along S.E.I.D if you'd pleaseBookmark here

S.E.I.D- The next match will be…juryoku space from Spirit west vs. Diana Gale from Spirit NorthBookmark here

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