Chapter 4:

Shukumei Hoshiko

Student life of Buissy in Tokyo

« Sorry, it seems the voice in my head played a prank on me Ahah... »

This was bad good ! Louis finally is in the situation he wanted to avoid the most. To think my little plan worked. Ah ! Sometimes my genius is almost frightening...

« You mean the voice in our head ? Also, why is this a situation you want to avoid ?» asked blue-hair suspiciously.

« No no... You're just collateral damage sadly... I will find a solution to you hearing him. I just want to avoid you so that you don't have to put up with his... antics...»

What do you mean antics ? Just shup up and let me talk with my new found lov-

« Hey, don't think i forgot about your inappropriate comment in our first encounter. Narrator.»

Ah. That was just me blabbering nonsense... Ahaha...ah...

« Well it is true that I don't want a narrator to follow me around. Especially if he is this perverted. »

« We don't know. If he finds a way to detach from me, he might try to follow you to the toilet. And even worse, to the bathroom. »

« … This is urgent then. » as a grim look took over her pretty face.

Dear lady! Don't worry... I just wanted to ask about your name... Might also take your number as well while we're here... Gahaha.

« Shup up » both of them shout in unison. Scaring away a nearby passer-by.

« Let's just restart from the beginning. I'm Shukumei Hoshiko. Pleased to meet you. You are? ».

« Buissy Louis. Please take care of me from now on » he said while bowing.
« Still, I'm saddened to be a harbinger of chaos. »

« It's not like you can do anything about him. Can you ? »

« Can I ? »

« Why are you not answering Narrator ? »

Oh no... I was shaking my head from side to side...

« You don't have a head. » Louis said blankly.

I do not have a heart either but the both of you keep breaking it...

« Now that I think about it... Narrator, you can see everything around me, right ? »

I am indeed aware of everything happening within your surrounding.

« … Hoshiko. Huhh. Can I call you Hoshiko ? »

« Yes. »

« You might want to wear sportswear under your skirt from now on » he promptly said.

… ...? OH ! LET'S GO !


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