Chapter 2:

When I was a teenager

A conversation with the taxi driver

  "I didn't know that girls can be taxi drivers too!"Bookmark here

"Well excuse me, but that was rude!"Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry! I didn't want to upset you or anything. It's just that you are the first female taxi driver I have ever seen."Bookmark here

"Well I am the only one at my company. Anyway, I want to prove that girls can be taxi drivers too and I want to help girls follow their dreams, even though people said that that sort of job is too 'manly' for them."Bookmark here

After that, the taxi driver continued to explain to Kevin about all the crimes that men make against women and how she wanted to stop that. Kevin wasn't really interested, even more, he was quite annoyed because some of the taxi driver's points were wrong, but he just kept nodding and approving. After a while he interrupted her:Bookmark here

"Um... I just realized that I don't know your name. How should I call you?"Bookmark here

"Oh, I am Stephanie."Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you, (*Kevin's mind *even if it too late for introductions) I am Kevin."Bookmark here

"You are a good listener Kevin!"Bookmark here

"I get that a lot. When I was a teenager I wanted to become a psychologist and help people with their problems. And a huge part of that job is listening."Bookmark here

"Wanted to? So you are not one?" replied Stephanie with a disappointed voiceBookmark here

"Unfortunately I am not. But hey, I am a store clerk now and that needs a lot of listening too. So I do put my talent to use." replied KevinBookmark here

But Stephanie didn't respond. Kevin wondered what did he do wrong that ended the conversation, but he couldn't think of anything. After a few minutes of silence, out of boredom, he started looking around the car, maybe he could find something about Stephanie that could help him in that situation.Bookmark here

Because the road was bumpy, the pair of dice was moving and turning a lot. Now it was showing 1 and 2. He then noticed a photo near the car's wheel. It was glued by the speedometer. A pretty strange placement, but some people say that an experienced driver knows what speed the car going only by the car's noises and vibrations. In that photo was Stephanie and a male figure, probably her father. The photo looked recent, but it didn't give Kevin any clue about what he did wrong.Bookmark here

He scanned the car once again looking for more details, but before he could have found anything Stephanie started the conversation:Bookmark here

"Looks to me that you are used to giving up."Bookmark here

And what a weird way to start a conversation! For most people that would seem rude, but Kevin was just happy that the pressing silence was gone. He tried to change the subject with a joke.Bookmark here

"Haha! Well I am not an anime protagonist!"Bookmark here

That didn't worked. Kevin's eyes glimpsed the pair of dice again, this time they showed 2 and 2. Bookmark here

"What am I thinking, I am not a kid, I cannot rely on stupid things like that."Bookmark here

In his mind, Kevin combined the pair of dice value to his conversation's success rate. After that he tried to start a conversation, but failed again.Bookmark here

Attempt #1 (The pair of dice was showing 3 and 1 ): Fail.Bookmark here

Attempt #2(The pair of dice was showing 2 and 3): Fail.Bookmark here

Attempt #3(The pair of dice was showing 1 and 1): Fail.Bookmark here

Attempt #4(The pair of dice was showing 5 and 6): SuccessBookmark here

"When I was a teenager I had a girlfriend, my only girlfriend actually."Bookmark here

Sophie looked interested about where the conversation was going.Bookmark here

"And one day, after we have been together for a few months, we planned a date like usual. There was this park that we both liked to go."Bookmark here

Kevin looked above the pair of dice( That was still showing 5 and 6) at the center mirror. His eyes and Stephanie's met. They both looked away for a second then looked back at the mirror only so that they would make eye contact again.Bookmark here

"Anyway..." said Kevin wanted to get pass that embarrassing incident. "I usually showed up early, but this one time I was 5 minutes late. My girlfriend was always at least 15 minutes late so it was no big deal. When I arrived there, as expected, she wasn't there so I waited.... and waited... and waited... Long story short she never came. And th-"Bookmark here

Kevin stopped. He just realized what was he doing. He was telling a total stranger, more than that, a girl stranger, about his previous girlfriend! He wasn't keeping his past a secret, but he wasn't usually this opened to people. Something in that place made him more opened than usual. Bookmark here

"Go on." said finally StephanieBookmark here

(*Kevin's mind* Oh so she was listening! I guess now that I did start, I should finish my story.)" So I asked her on the phone why she didn't come. but I didn't get any answer. Soon after, we broke up and to this day, I still don't understand what happened."Bookmark here

Stephanie stayed silent for a few seconds. Before she could answer, Kevin said:Bookmark here

"Sorry to bother you with my wired story. I don't know why I suddenly decided that it was appropriate to tell it.Bookmark here

Stephanie's expression changed.Bookmark here

"You really are used to giving up!"Bookmark here

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