Chapter 3:


A conversation with the taxi driver

   "You really are used to giving up!"Bookmark here

"What are you talking about?"Bookmark here

"And the worst thing is that you know it too."Bookmark here

"I have no idea what are you talking about." said KevinBookmark here

"I am done. I won't talk with you anymore until you figure it out yourself!"Bookmark here

"Oh come on,, don't be like that!"Bookmark here

Kevin's words never got a response. Stephanie was ignoring him completely and focusing on the road. The first thin Kevin did was to check the pair of dice. It was showing 2 and 1.Bookmark here

"So that was the problem!" thought KevinBookmark here

Then the car took a steep curve. The inertia pushed Kevin to the right side of the car. In the same time, the christian cross felt down. Kevin looked at Stephanie from this new angle waiting for her to pick up the fallen cross, but she didn't.Bookmark here

"Are you not going to pick that up?"Bookmark here

Silence... Kevin expected that. After realizing that he probably won't be able to start a new conversation with her, Kevin gave up and decided to stay silent until the trip was over. Out of boredom, from his new perspective he start analyzing the car's accessories once again. Then he realized that he had missed a very important detail. Stephanie was wearing only black clothes, and on top of her, hanging from the ceiling was a black scarf. Looking again at the photo he realized that a part of it was cut of, almost like there was another person in that photo originally. Black clothes... black scarf... photo... someone missing from the photo... Kevin connected all the dots and realized that Stephanie was in mourning. He just discovered a huge clue. He looked instinctively at the pair of dice.Bookmark here

"Five and Three huh? I am getting close." thought KevinBookmark here

The car took another turn, this time to the right and Kevin was again moved to the other part of the car, now he was sitting in the same place he initially was. But this time the left sun vizor was gone because of all the sharp turns and all the holes in the ground that shook of the car.Bookmark here

Only then realized Kevin how dark was inside the car until then. Now the rays of the sun calmed Kevin and he was ready to try and make up to Stephanie.Bookmark here

"I feel like an adult now, I just realized a lot of things." said KevinBookmark here

"So you have finally realized?"Bookmark here

"Did I just say that with a loud voice?"Bookmark here

"Yes you did!" said Stephanie jokingBookmark here

"Well I am glad I did. And you were right I am used to giving up... and I know that too, I just tried to hide it."Bookmark here

"It's ok now!"Bookmark here

"May I ask you something then?"Bookmark here

"Sure?"Bookmark here

"What's with that photo?"Bookmark here

Real Aire
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