Chapter 5:

Sugiru Kentarō

Student life of Buissy in Tokyo


« This is a matter of life and death. I will not let you profane this sacred place. »Bookmark here

Why must I be stuck with a sane person...
Actually... Now that I think about it... Why should it be a problem for her but not for other woman ?Bookmark here

« You're like a ghost. No. An evil spirit. Nothing can be done about it apart from leaving everyone into blissful ignorance. But it's different here ! »Bookmark here

You'll see, one day I'll make you pay little man.Bookmark here

Anyway, after 8 hours of sleep, it is now the second day of school. And, once again, classes rapidly ended. However this time, Louis couldn't get up fast enough to not be caught by a hoard of curious students. Much to my dismay as Hoshiko got away. He tried to answer everyone but it quickly became suffocating. Fortunately, a tall, muscular guy took him and put him on his shoulders.Bookmark here

« Stop it everyone. You can see he's not feeling well. »Bookmark here

He approached the door and got out of the classroom. Louis still on his shoulders...Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The big guy continued to walk to who knows where carrying a confused Louis.Bookmark here

« Humm... Thank you but can you let me down now ? »Bookmark here

« Oops. Sorry I was day-dreaming and forgot about you. »Bookmark here

« How strong can you be to not feel you're carrying someone and then forget about it? »Bookmark here

« Ahah... I'm Sugiru Kentarō. It seems my parents choose a really appropriate name for me. »Bookmark here

« Nice to meet you. I'm Buissy Louis. ».Bookmark here

« Buissy I wanted to ask- »Bookmark here

Buissy suddenly ticked and made a weird face.Bookmark here

« What is it ? »Bookmark here

« No it's just that it's still weird for me that a classmate calls me by my family name ».Bookmark here

« I forgot about this. Then I'll call you Louis from now... So, I wanted to ask, could you give me some advice ? »Bookmark here

« It depends. What kind of advice ? »Bookmark here

« Well, you must have lived or at least visited Paris, the city of Love. So of course, love advice...» said the mountain of muscle as he began to blush and look away.
His body and his actions creating a weird dissonance. What is he ? A maiden in love ?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

« You kidnapped the worst possible person for this kind of advice... I'll help. ».Bookmark here

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