Chapter 6:


Student life of Buissy in Tokyo

I will not let him.Bookmark here

« Shush Narrator. »Bookmark here

How could he love the only person i got attached to ! This is horrendous. I hope she says no. Actually, I want him to be humiliated, to feel like sh*t. To think he loves Hoshiko-chan...Bookmark here

'Pretty normal... After all she can be pretty dazzling and they know each other for a year so it must have grown on him'.Bookmark here

It was only a few hours ago when I thought he was a good guy and he backstabbed me almost instantly.
Also, to think you, the aromantic, actually tried to give an advice when you don't know anything is just beyond me.Bookmark here

« Well, now is the time. I told him to join me for the confession at the end of the day before she goes home. »Bookmark here

Yes. Actually what's with you ? « The less prepared you are, the better » ? The more I think about it, the more I can see this as a bad idea for him. Also, I can't help but think it isn't a good idea to have suggested Kabedon for him. You might have helped me without wanting to.Bookmark here

« Here he is » said Louis while waving his hand towards him. « And no matter what, don't do anything Narrator. »Bookmark here

I won't. If she also wants to betray me that's her choice.Bookmark here

'There's nothing to betray though... Literally nothing'Bookmark here

As Sugi-Bookmark here

« Shush you're too loud. Narrate quietly. She can hear you. »Bookmark here

Bookmark here

« Shukumei, I need to tell you something important so prepare yourself. »Bookmark here

Sugiru slowly approached Hoshiko-chan as she retreated a little, only to be stopped by a wall. Sugiru was, without knowing it, taking a much deeper and ominous voice.Bookmark here

« Would you- » He prepared himself and positioned his right arm mid-air.
Moments later, his right hand launched itself to the wall and...
Bookmark here

*CRASH*Bookmark here

Went right through the wall.Bookmark here

« Go out please ? »Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I think he forgot one part, no ?Bookmark here

Hoshiko-chan has never been so scared in her entire life and slowly turned her head to find a saviour, only to see a shocked Louis watching from the side.Bookmark here

« H-Help... »Bookmark here

« SO ? »Bookmark here

« I- I'M SORRY » as she ran away without looking back.Bookmark here

« Ah. »Bookmark here

Bookmark here

 Louis, from now on, please don't try to give advice ever again. Your advices suck.Bookmark here

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