Chapter 46:

Chapter 46 [Trust]


I open my eyes again to a complete darkness, I quickly raise my helmet to allowed myself to take in a fresh air and that when it hits me the smell was something like rotten eggs cook with a dead animal carcass that been left behind for days under a hot sun and rain.Bookmark here

Oh, my god just thinking about it gonna make me puke and the smell doesn't help either.Bookmark here

"oh my god Jeanie, where are we and what is that smell?!!" I grumbled; quickly lower my helmet down hoping to reduce the smell.Bookmark here

"Underground sewer, I think," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"Nightvision on,"I muttered, the helmet screen light up with green hue giving me a clear sight of the long corridor of the underground sewer interior.Bookmark here

I turn my head toward Jeanie; I could see that she already start walking, I quickly catch up and follow her from behind. Stepping on the floor; I can feel a gooey substance that which I don't want to know.Bookmark here

"Why are we here?!" I ask.Bookmark here

"Arkoz is around here" Jeanie answer.Bookmark here

"How can you be sure?" I ask again.Bookmark here

"All the demon come here. If they want to bring chaos into the world by opening the gate from their realm and your" Cindy said.Bookmark here

"How can you stand the smell?" I ask; scrunching my nose under my helmet.Bookmark here

"It not that bad," Jeanie said; suddenly a splash sound can be heard from Jeanie; looking at her I can see she accidentally step into a puddle.Bookmark here

"Can you see where you going?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I can..." Jeanie asks then she accidentally step into another puddle.Bookmark here

"You just step into another puddle," I said.Bookmark here

"No, I'm not! I can see clearly" Jeanie said; she doesn't want to confess her mistake.Bookmark here

"Besides only I know the way there" Jeanie continue; a sense of pride in her voice.Bookmark here

"Ok let do this," I said after pulling her close to my side; our shoulders met while my arm intertwines with her.Bookmark here

"Wh-at, w-hat, what are you doing?" She stuttered.Bookmark here

"You guide me while I make sure you don't step into any more puddle," I said.Bookmark here

"We don't have to be close to each other" Jeanie said; I can feel her squirming beside me.Bookmark here

"It easier this way, I'm sorry if I making you uncomfortable" I apologize.Bookmark here

"It's not because I'm uncomfortable, it because— nevermind, forget what I say!" Jeanie said.Bookmark here

With my arm mingle with her; I could finally confirm that her arm is cold to the touch almost as if she has no bodies heat whatsoever. I wonder the coldness of her body has something to do with her not being a human.Bookmark here

"Can I ask why is your body so cold?" I ask.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a long awkward silence fall between us, did I just mistakenly ask a sensitive question? Shit, I have to be quick, say something right now.Bookmark here

"Are you uncomfortable with my body?" She asks; her arm loosen from me.Bookmark here

"I mean it not that I'm uncomfortable, I just wondering why your body is so cold," I said.Bookmark here

"I mean apart from the cold your skin actually quite smooth and soft—Ahh, what the hell did I just say?" I mumbled.Bookmark here

Suddenly, Jeanie tightens her grip on my arm and get closer to my side.Bookmark here

"My body is the way it is because of the choice I made, back when I still have my humanity," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Forget what I ask, it's rude to pry into somebody else life" I continue.Bookmark here

"It okay, I don't mind telling," Jeanie saidBookmark here

"Well, there was this young man that I fall in love with when I was still young and still living on earth but someday—something bad happens" Jeanie continue.Bookmark here

"He told me to run first then he will find me afterward so I ran— and ran until I was far away but when I look back and waited for him, I realized that he was never gonna find me," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"So what did you do?" I ask.Bookmark here

"With determination, I was going to back and find him but that night my luck ran out, my father came out of nowhere and took me away to his realm," Jeanie said; her grip tighten.Bookmark here

"He took me away and force me to get strong so he could use me as a weapon, I rebel by sacrificing my humanity to achieve the power to overwhelm my own father and seal him in the deepest reach of my world," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"So did you find him again?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I did not find him because when I came back to your human realm, 40 years have passed" Jeanie answer.Bookmark here

"You know what the last thing he promises me?" Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"He promises me that he would find me no matter what" Jeanie continue.Bookmark here

"Sound like he broke that promise," I said flatly.Bookmark here

"I still wonder whether if he breaks that promise or not," Jeanie said; I felt a tinge of hope in her voice.Bookmark here

"You sound like you still have hope that he will keep that promise," I said.Bookmark here

"I always do besides he never gives me a reason not to trust him, he always tells the truth" Jeanie chimed.Bookmark here

"A lot of trusts just for one guy," I said.Bookmark here

I stop in my track as I face with two choices, more precisely two corridors leading somewhere.Bookmark here

"Left or right?" I asked; looking at Jeanie.Bookmark here

I can see Jeanie raising her hand between two corridors after lowering her hand she looked at me.Bookmark here

"Left," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

Following her suggestions, not because I trust her, it because I have no idea where I'm going and she seems to know where we going better, so I took the left corridor with Jeanie by my side.Bookmark here

"aside from you shitty dad, don't you have other family members?" I aks.Bookmark here

"I do have one, a half-sister!" Jeanie beamed.Bookmark here

"what is she like?" I ask.Bookmark here

"For one, she is really beautiful even more than me, she also has this calm and polite demeanor that she always maintained and when you look at her you can see that she kind of person who always has a plan and very reliable not like me," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"I always make a fumbling over something and making mistake as I go," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"well, I hope you not making a mistake now" I jested; Jeanie bumper shoulder to mine to stop me from laughing.Bookmark here

"Anyway, apart from family what is the advantage of being something else like you?" I ask; after finishing my small laugh.Bookmark here

"A lot of things that I find better-being someone like me, I can teleport, super strong, I have power beyond your imagination, a super cool scythe, my sense of pain, cold and heat is lower. Also, hunger doesn't affect me anymore." Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"so if I pinch you can't feel anything?" I ask.Bookmark here

"well I can feel the sense of touch but nothing else" Jeanie respond.Bookmark here

I raise my hand to her cheek and pinch it gently; I was surprised because suddenly she jumps and hit my helmet with the back of her hands, the force recoil my head backward; I could feel the bone of my neck was almost broken into two.Bookmark here

"What did you do that?!" She surprised.Bookmark here

"I thought I was gonna test whether you say to truth or not' I said.Bookmark here

"No, I mean why did you pinch my cheek, why not pinch my arm or somewhere else, I was shocked when you did that" Jeanie fumed.Bookmark here

"I didn't know you would react that way, I'm sorry" I apologized; slightly bowing my head.Bookmark here

"I mean I didn't dislike it but it did surprise me" Jeanie mumbled under her breath.Bookmark here

"what did you say?" I ask; barely hearing what she said.Bookmark here

"Nothing let just go!, I can feel that we are closing on him," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

We continue our walk in the dark corridor of the underground sewer; after a few minutes, I can spot a light shining through at the end of the corridor, we fasten our pace.Bookmark here

"Nightvision off"I mutter; the screen turns into a normal HUD.Bookmark here

when we finally at the end of the corridor, I was greeted by a beautiful sight of a circular room with a balcony that held by many columns at the side of the wall and dome shape ceiling; the greek architecture company with green moss growing on the side of the wall make the room look ancient and mythical. Bookmark here

The domed ceiling has a few holes which ware fall through making it look like a waterfall inside the room and in the middle of the room a single double greek door closed, standing silently not connected to any wall.Bookmark here

I focus on the door; I could see Lorenzo in awe toward the door while his hand runs on the door.Bookmark here

"That's the gate" Jeanie whisper.Bookmark here

"I think, I have clear shot from the column over there," I said.Bookmark here

"You wait here," I said to Jeanie; she nods and I begins to sneakily walk toward the column.Bookmark here

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