Chapter 47:

Chapter 47 [Repeat]


Taking my time, I slowly and carefully pick my steps as I move stealthily toward the column; trying to get a clear shot toward Lorenzo.Bookmark here

If I do this right, killing him the second time will be easy as pie and then afterward I'm gonna get his fingerprints.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a bright red light shines underneath my feet, my instinct flare up and I can hear Jeanie yell warning me from across the room.Bookmark here

"IT'S A MAGIC MINE!!!" Jeanie shouted.Bookmark here

I quickly jump to the right side but it was too late.Bookmark here

Boom!Bookmark here

I was thrown across the room and my body crashes into one of the columns; pain instantly stabs me all over my body, looking down where to the source of the pain, I could see that one of my legs is broken.Bookmark here

"Haha did you really think I'm gonna let you sneak up on me, I'm Arkoz the immense and no mortal can defeat me!" Lorenzo bellowed.Bookmark here

The blast from the mine burn the cuff of my pants and tore my hoodie. My blood starts boiling again and anger rising from my stomach.Bookmark here

"No! Haru you mustn't rely on him!"  Jeanie warned.Bookmark here

But it was too late, he already took control of my body and I let him.Bookmark here

"You just talking corpse, DON'T GET TO FULL OF YOURSELF!!" I shouted; while that evil smile forming with my mouth under my helmet.Bookmark here

my leg suddenly snap into place; fixing the broken bone and building the tendon; I could feel the muscle in my leg shift from the regeneration.Bookmark here

I quickly get up and dash toward Lorenzo while my hand clenches tightly into a fist.Bookmark here

Anger and rage exploded as Lorenzo was in my range, I throw the first punch and it hit him square on the jaw. His head tun to the right but his body show no sign of moving or avoiding my attack so I throw another punch to his face.Bookmark here

His still show no sign of avoiding my attack, I can feel the rage rise even more deep inside of me; I barrage him heavy lunch and light punch.Bookmark here

But still no sign of moving, I rotate my body 360 degrees and roundhouse him in the face, his bend to the left from the aftershock but he rises back up; an arrogant smirk crept on his face.Bookmark here

"Is that what you call strength? let me show you what true strength is!" Lorenzo bellowed.Bookmark here

Raising his right fist, he swings it across my face; the force was so strong, his right fist break through my helmet and contact with my cheek.Bookmark here

I was sent flying across the room and crash and broke through one of the columns; the side of my helmet crumble and my whole body felt numb and painful at the same time.Bookmark here

"You think relying on your rage alone can defeat me? Pathetic!" Lorenzo scoffed.Bookmark here

I cough out some blood that stuck in my throat; I can hear the sound of fast footstep is getting closer to me, turning my head toward the source; I can see Jeanie rushing to my side and her face filled with worried and pain.Bookmark here

"Haru? please be alright" Jeanie pray; as she places her hand on my chest to hold me down.Bookmark here

"I'm FINE! let me go!!" I barked.Bookmark here

"Haru you need to calm down the rage won't help you in the fight, it only numbs your mind" Jeanie consoled.Bookmark here

"I don't care!! I HATE BEING POWERLESS!! I WILL NOT STAND IT!!" I Screamed; I try to wiggle my body out of her hand but Jeanie strength was not what I expected.Bookmark here

Lorenzo ignores us and he begins to face the door and raise both his hand toward the door; a red tentacle-like mist spread out of his hand and circling around the door. The door shake and the stone crumble revealing a metal structure inside of it.Bookmark here

"your not powerless, you have the power but you need to see it first" Jeanie assure; she embraces my head with her chest and something unexpected happen; call me crazy but I could feel the warmth of her soul.Bookmark here

My burning rage simmered and slowly dissipate; my mind begins to become more clear and calm. I can feel the other me that control my body earlier has retreated back to the deepest reach of my mind.Bookmark here

Something reflects a light to my eyes; moving my eyes to the source, I could see the glimmer of light reflected from the M1879 Reichs revolver. It totally crossed my mind, that the special revolver that made to kill otherworldy being is holster in my belt.Bookmark here

"you see it?" Jeanie asks; releasing me, I could see a smile on her face.Bookmark here

"come one this time I will help you," Jeanie said; after getting off me and extending her hand to me.Bookmark here

I grab it and she lifts me up; my body slowly heal itself but the pain still remains; I grunt and wince after she pulls me up.Bookmark here

"How are we gonna do this?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I distract him and you shoot him in the head," Jeanie whispered; she turns and walks toward Lorenzo.Bookmark here

Lorenzo notices Jeanie walking toward him so he turns his head toward her, a smirk on his face. Taking out of the revolver from the holster, I go around the room trying to find a good spot that I can use.Bookmark here

"You can't hurt me, Gatekeeper. I'm still protected by a mortal soul" Lorenzo burst.Bookmark here

"Oh, I won't be the one that fights you Arkoz!"  Jeanie grinned.Bookmark here

"who? your pathetic human has no power to fight me!" Lorenzo chuckled; as he still pouring his magic into the door.Bookmark here

"Not who! IT!" Jeanie exclaimed.Bookmark here

I notice as one of the holes pouring water down to the floor shoot out a black feathery ball toward Lorenzo; Lorenzo turn his head toward the black ball and it stops midway extending its wings. I was surprised to see the crow that always following me around extend it wings and squawk at Lorenzo.Bookmark here

Jeanie moves out of the way and hides behind a column; my eyebrow raised at the sudden move that she just took.Bookmark here

"what is this a Jo-" Lorenzo didn't finish his sentence when; BOOM!Bookmark here

A bright orange light exploded from the crow and shine brightly every corner of the room; I could feel the light becoming more and hotter, I quickly hide behind one of the columns. It was so hot that almost as if the ball of light behind me becoming the sun itself; I could hear Lorenzo grunt in pain.Bookmark here

The bright light simmer, I peek over the column and I was amazed by the beautiful large bird that floating in the air; Its black feather is replaced by bright fiery feather, it's size was grown into a size of a car in short time and a bright yellow light replaced where the bird's eyes are located.Bookmark here

I have seen this bird before inside a book.Bookmark here

A Phoenix.Bookmark here

The Phoenix extend it claw toward Lorenzo; Lorenzo back away from the door stopping him from pouring his power to open the doors. As Lorenzo finally far away from the Phoenix; he raises his open hand and dark red energy begin to gather forming a ball then he tossed it toward the Phoenix.Bookmark here

The Phoenix extends it wing and ray of bright light come into contact with the energy ball causing a small explosion in the middle of the room. Bookmark here

I look at the balcony and extend my hand toward it; the hook shot out of my gauntlet and stick to the balcony wall and I clench my hand; the gauntlet retract it rope and carry me toward the balcony.Bookmark here

The phoenix flew toward Lorenzo and grab him with its claws; the phoenix circle around the room and tossed him to the side; crashing into the wall. Lorenzo rises from the rubble and jumps toward the Phoneix.Bookmark here

He punches the Phoenix on its head, throwing the bird across the room. I took my aim and ready my revolver; he notices me and immediately throws an energy ball toward me. I was about to jump from the balcony but stop because I know the ball of energy was too fast to escape so I raise both my arm fully brace what about to come.Bookmark here

I close my eyes waiting for the ball of energy to hit but it didn't come; opening my eyes, I saw both of the walls beside me has a huge crater and in front of me floating is Jeanie with her large scythe in her hands.Bookmark here

I can see, Jeanie grinning.Bookmark here

"HOW!? you can't interfere with the fight, I am protected by the contract" Lorenzo barked.Bookmark here

"I can't hurt you, yes but I can block your attacks" Jeanie grinned.Bookmark here

"BASTARD CHILD!" Lorenzo cursed.Bookmark here

He is immediately thrown to the side of the wall by the large phoenix after he said those word. He drops to the floor and begins to rise up again; anger and rage twist his face.Bookmark here

"ENOUGH!" Lorenzo exploded.Bookmark here

Lorenzo raises both of his hand in the air and conjures a large dark red energy ball the size of a minivan; he throws it toward Phoneix.Bookmark here

The large energy ball was too large for the Phoenix to avoid; the ball carries the Phoenix with it and hit the wall behind it; the ball exploded into a bright red fiery explosion.Bookmark here

"NO!" Jeanie screamed as she saw the Phoenix fall to the floor.Bookmark here

I quickly raise my revolver, aiming down the sight, I pul the cork and squeeze the trigger; loud small explosion can be heard exiting the barrel. Lorenzo notices this and he brings his both of his close to each other and conjure more energy and release it. Bookmark here

the blast expands toward everywhere destroying all the column that still stand, throwing Jeanie to the side, causing me to crash into the wall behind me and the bullet miss as it was pushed by the blast; I accidentally release the revolver in my hands.Bookmark here

 I screamed in pain as I push back into the wall and fall back to the ground; I could hear a loud screeching from the Phoenix as it trying to get up but failed to do so.Bookmark here

I puke out immense blood as I was on the floor, every bone of my ribcage was broke and puncture into my organ, I couldn't move my body as it would immense pain. I slowly open my eyes as saw the revolver laying on the ground far away from me.Bookmark here

I look to where Jeanie's is, wondering whether she alright or not; I could see that she already up and running toward the revolver; looking at Lorenzo I could see his conjuring another dark red energy ball to throw it toward Jeanie.Bookmark here

I wanted to scream so I could warn her about the attack but it was useless as my throat is clogged by my own blood.Bookmark here

it happening all over again.Bookmark here

Uncle...Bookmark here

I see it now.Bookmark here

I powerless again.Bookmark here

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