Chapter 7:

Hello, Mother

I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!

As the nurse carries me slowly, I begin to think of several things…Bookmark here

First, what race am I? What gender am I? Do I look ugly or somewhat tollerable…Bookmark here

What kind of person is my mother? My father? And, do I have sibling?Bookmark here

Somehow, instead of looking forward for my new life, I become anxious over my condition of birth this time.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Oh, Bianca-san, are you heading towards Mrs. Hartmann’s room?”Bookmark here

I hear an unknown voice. I try to take a peek at the source of the voice. And there, I see someone wearing the same uniform as my nurse--it seems her name is Bianca-- and… alright, that is all I can see. I should not describe about her chest and her figure, right? That kind of information is not important, after all.Bookmark here

...Not that I envy her. I was only thirteen when I died, so of course my growth was incomplete at that time, right?Bookmark here

Yup, you over there, stop commenting on my own complexion! I can feel that someone is commenting about that behind my back!!Bookmark here

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“Ah, Senpai! Yes, I am here to deliver her daughter. It seems her condition is stable these days, and Mrs. Hartmann seems to be recovering well, too. They should be able to get disharged tomorrow morning.”Bookmark here

Oh!! So I am born in the Hartmann family. Which means, this is Riviera country, right? And I should be a human then. And… right, Bianca-san said that she was going to deliver Mrs. Hartmann’s daughter--it should be me. Nice, I am still a girl!Bookmark here

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Bookmark here

...Oh wait, is this an advantage or disadvantage?Bookmark here

Will I be better off being a girl? Or being a boy is waaaaaay better?Bookmark here

I have no clue regarding the Hartmann family’s heir preferrence.Bookmark here

If this is still the same world, anyway… Hmm, if the familiar names are only coincidences and that the world is not the same as my previous world, I am going to write a protest to God. For playing around with me and my hopes, I won’t be able to last if this were to go on all my life. Don’t put coincidences here and there, and then crush me that it’s just a dejavu.Bookmark here

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So, if I recall...Bookmark here

The Hartmann family is also a Duke family in Riviera country. The Hartmann duchy is the Heartswaarth city in the Eastern area of Riviera country. Heartswaarth city is very close to the capital of Riviera country, named the Capitol. The one who named it must have a really great sense of naming.Bookmark here

Alrighty, I am born among the Duke family, again.Bookmark here

The similarity makes me shiver a bit. Will this mean that my living condition will be the same as before? Meh, if it is totally the same, then what is the point?Bookmark here

Anyhow, I am glad I wasn’t sold or given away as an experimental lamb by my family.Bookmark here

Which makes me question… do I have some kind of disadvantageous disease? Let’s hope not…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Eh?Bookmark here

Why would the one wishing to rest in peace and rejecting the idea of reincarnation, now wish for health? Won’t having a life-shortening disease an ideal situation for me?Bookmark here

Well… true, but… now that I have been forced to reincarnate, I had no choice but to start hoping for better life. If I were to have a life-shortening disease or a very short life this time, then God has got to be playing a prank on me. After He forced me to reincarnate, too.Bookmark here

So, yup. It’s too late to wish for peaceful rest, so why not wish for a better life this time? That way, God won’t call me pitiful and tried to force me to reincarnate again. Once is enough.Bookmark here

It looks like despite having negative outlook on life, I still can hope for something good!Bookmark here

Not bad, me!Bookmark here

Did God cure my depression or lift it away from my new mind?Bookmark here

Hmm… my negative thinking is still intact, I guess. I cannot stop anticipating for bad things that are bound to happen to me.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bianca opens a door to a hospital ward and enters the room.Bookmark here

“Mrs. Hartmann, congratulations! Your daughter’s condition is stable already. And the doctors said that your condition was also great. If you wish for it, then you can go home tomorrow in the morning!” said Bianca cheerfully.Bookmark here

“That so.”Bookmark here

This voice… is this my mother’s? Hmm, her response is not that good…Bookmark here

Well… she might not be excited for me. After all, she might be forced to marry the Hartmann family’s son in a political marriage. Or a marriage for convenience, both are the same. It’s normal for nobles to get engaged and married off to other nobles by their respective families, without involving them in the discussion.Bookmark here

Whoa, sorry then, Mother!Bookmark here

Shortly after, Mrs. Hartmann, ah, no, my mother takes me from Bianca’s hands.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Uwa, what a gentle hand! And her scent is nice. I wonder if it is because she is my mother, and that babies have some kinds of instincts?Bookmark here

She brings me closer to her embrace.Bookmark here

Ah, now I can see her face!Bookmark here

My mother seems to be in her twenties and she looks so beautiful!Bookmark here

No, I am not biased just because she is my mother. But really, she has a different aura from the others.Bookmark here

Her hair is a beautiful yellowish silver, and it is long and wavy. Yup, her hair almost reaches her waist.Bookmark here

Her eyes are round and golden. So pretty. My father must be very lucky for getting her.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

And then, her expression turns wry.Bookmark here

Oh, uhm… sorry for being born a girl… in case you wanted a boy.Bookmark here

And where is my father? Isn’t he going to come? Oh, is he coming to take us home tomorrow? Or not?Bookmark here

I am having difficulty in interpreting her expression.Bookmark here

Could she be in the same position of my mother? Or is she just a concubine in the Hartmann family?Bookmark here

Surely, giving birth to a heir would ease her life, if that is the case. And I assume that the heir should be a boy.Bookmark here

I’m only a few days old in this world but my mind is already flooded with questions.Bookmark here

If I knew I would be forced to reincarnate, I should have made a list of wishes I want for my birth circumstances with God.Bookmark here

“--y.”Bookmark here

Hm?! My mother murmured something, but I couldn’t hear what.Bookmark here

She then proceeds to breastfeed me. This is kind of embarrassing but I need it in order to live. I don’t know, but it seems better than getting nutrition from the hospital IV drips.Bookmark here

After feeling full, I gently look up to my mother’s face, as if signaling her to stop breastfeeding me.Bookmark here

“Eh? You’re full already?”Bookmark here

Holy--- mother, you can understand me!Bookmark here

“Aaa uu!!” I wave my hands around in the air.Bookmark here

“Fufu, that’s good.”Bookmark here

Ah! Mother smiled! Uwaaa, is this a good signal? So she doesn’t hate me? At least that is sufficient!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Aaa buu--,” and then I burped. How embarrassing… but babies do this after they drink, right? Y-yeah! I might be 13 years old but… my body is still a baby, you know? I’m totally not making excuses!Bookmark here

“Ah right, tomorrow, you will see your home for the first time.”Bookmark here

Right! I unconsciously smiled.Bookmark here

“...ara, how could I forget to say this… I’m your mommy! ...but you already know. How could I mess the order around.”Bookmark here

My mother seems to be a clumsy person. Eh wait, she said “mommy” and not “mother”. So I presume… I should address her “mommy” instead of “mother”.Bookmark here

“Hello! Ah-em! Your name is Alrescha Lyra Hartmann. Remember it, okay, Lyra?” My mother---uh, Mommy gently brushes my head.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

It seems my name is Alrescha Lyra Hartmann. Glad to finally know my name.Bookmark here

Hmm, by the way, what is this warm sensation I feel in my chest? It feels good. I like this feeling.Bookmark here

Before I know it, it seems I have dozed off to sleep.Bookmark here

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