Chapter 35:

Godspeed (Sam versus Girl Scout Round 2)


Sam and Lobo ran through the transmission towers and power lines of the Electric Grid. There was lightning and thunder in the dark clouds overhead.Bookmark here

‘Heeere, nukey nukey nukey,’ said Sam.Bookmark here

Suddenly, Lobo stopped and sniffed around one of the transmission towers.Bookmark here

‘What is it girl?’ said Sam. ‘Radiation?’Bookmark here

Lobo suddenly started growling at the transmission tower. Sam couldn’t see anything wrong with it….Bookmark here

A ghostly Onryō flew out of the transmission tower and phased into Lobo.Bookmark here

‘Lobo!’ said Sam.Bookmark here

Lobo, now possessed, bounded around the corner.Bookmark here

Sam ran after her and came to a cul-de-sac of transmission towers. She couldn’t see anything because of the darkness. ‘LOBOOO!’Bookmark here

Lightning struck the transmission tower at the end of the cul-de-sac. The place lit up with blue electricity. Bookmark here

A calm, electronic voice spoke. ‘Hello, Sam.’ Bookmark here

Someone was standing atop the transmission tower at the end of the cul-de-sac. It was a little girl with six angel wings. Bookmark here

It took a moment for Sam to recognise the beret and uniform. ‘Girl Scout?!’ Bookmark here

Girl Scout smiled serenely.Bookmark here

‘But that’s impossible!’ said Sam. ‘You’re dead!’Bookmark here

Girl Scout laughed. ‘Not so impossible. When I died, I went to Heaven, but God sent me back as an angel to bring about Armageddon. Fear not, Sam. I do not hate you anymore. I have transcended base mortal emotions and now feel only a boundless love for all humanity. I wish to bring about the Rapture and send all that are worthy to Heaven. However, I cannot have you getting in my way like you have in the past, so I have brought some believers to help me.’Bookmark here

A group of turbaned, bearded Arabs holding AK47s assembled in front of Sam.Bookmark here

‘These are the Mujahadeen who served alongside my mortal father in Afghanistan. They wish to bring about Armageddon so that they will be raptured into Heaven.’Bookmark here

A group of Patriots wearing the same power armour that Sam had worn when fighting Pigskin assembled behind the Mujahadeen. Bookmark here

‘These are Colonel Ripper’s Elite Patriots. They wish to destroy the communist nations of Earth and damn their followers to Hell.’Bookmark here

Four men on horses assembled behind the Elite Patriots. The first wore golden armour, carried a longsword, and rode a red horse. The second wore brown rags, carried a pitchfork, and rode a black horse. The third wore a crown of thorns, carried a shovel, and rode a white horse. The fourth wore a black hooded robe, carried a scythe, and rode a pale horse.Bookmark here

‘These are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Their role is to ensure Armageddon goes ahead according to God’s plan.’Bookmark here

Onryō came behind the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse holding Lobo in an arm lock.Bookmark here

‘You have already met Onryō. She is a vengeful ghost who wishes to finally ascend to Heaven. As you can see, Sam, I have you outmatched. Lay down your arms, and I shall offer you and Lobo quick and painless deaths.’Bookmark here

Sam put her hand to her chin. ‘What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. God is on my side, not yours. When you met God, what did he look like?’Bookmark here

Girl Scout grinned. ‘His majesty is indescribable.’Bookmark here

‘Did he look like a giant octopus-dragon-human hybrid?’Bookmark here

Girl Scout’s serene expression slowly turned into a glare.Bookmark here

‘Yeah, that’s Cthulu. Marilyn told me about him. I’m guessing by your expression that you weren’t so much conned as you were a willing convert. Must suck to die a Christian and end up in the Dungeon Universe instead of Heaven. Bet you set this whole ruse up in an attempt to trick me, huh? Bet these Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse are just Cthulu’s lackeys, huh?’Bookmark here

Girl Scout called Sam a swear word. ‘I can see why you were always Colonel Ripper’s favourite now, Little Miss Oh-So-Perfect Super Soldier!’ She smirked. ‘But you’re still outmatched!’Bookmark here

‘Nah. It was a good plan, but you made one mistake.’Bookmark here

‘What’s that?’Bookmark here

Salsa music started playing in Sam’s head. She grabbed her chain hatchets. ‘You threatened my dog. Zone Technique: Cyclone Salsa.’Bookmark here

Using her custom wind movement Zone, Sam spun forwards at the speed of a jet stream. Bookmark here

Everything around her seemed to move in slow motion. Bookmark here

The Mujahedeen and the Elite Patriots fired their guns at her, but she easily dodged their bullets and chopped their heads off. Bookmark here

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse thrust their weapons at her. She cut the weapons, the Horsemen, and the horses to pieces. Bookmark here

Onryō went ghostlike, phased into Lobo, and clawed at Sam. Sam punched Lobo in the face to knock Onryō back out in corporeal form and slashed her in half. Bookmark here

Sam leapt up at Girl Scout, but she flew away.Bookmark here

‘Zone Special: Lightning Strike!’ said Girl Scout. Bookmark here

She hurled a throwing knife at Sam. Bookmark here

A lightning bolt shot down towards it.Bookmark here

‘Zone Special: Hypercane!’ said Sam.Bookmark here

A hurricane formed around her and sent the throwing knife and the lightning bolt flying back at Girl Scout. Bookmark here

The throwing knife stabbed Girl Scout in the stomach. Bookmark here

Then the lightning bolt electrocuted her.Bookmark here

Sam landed and caught Lobo in her arms. ‘No one threatens my dog.’Bookmark here

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