Chapter 50:

Chapter 50 [Presents]


It takes me about 15 minutes to told Cindy what happen last night; at first, I was barraged with her skeptical look and sassed but after a long while she learns to just rolled with the stories. Well, I didn't actually tell her the story, only the part that matter like the fight, the gate, and the magical stuff.

The part that I didn't tell her is about Arthur and my sudden outburst in the fight, it hard enough when she worries about me going missing, I didn't need to tell her about the other me.

After finishing my story, I took a long deep breath before speaking again.

"What going on your end?"

"Well for starter the hands you gave me work great even though it grossing me out everything I look at it" Cindy body visibly shudder after she said those word.

"I changing those fingerprints into data and sending it to the briefcase lock mechanism, then I'm gonna trick the lock by telling it that a human living hand is pressing against the scanner. It actually very fascinating, the lock actually need a living person hand to open it, it detects the user heartbeat through the hand and then it can scan the fingerprints" Cindy explain eagerly.

"It must be something valuable if it takes that much work to open it" I chirped while looking at the briefcase place on top of the table.

"I just realize you took out the briefcase from the cage things," I said.

"It a Faraday cage and don't worry I already destroyed any tracking device inside of it, we will be safe," Cindy reassures.

"What about Anomaly Inc?" I ask.

"There was a lot of chatter in Anomaly Inc about last night attack, last I heard is all of our target coming here and using all their resources trying to find the catalyst and a man wearing a motorcycle helmet that has been attacking them," Cindy said; her left eyebrows raise slightly at me.

"What could I say, I'm famous" I joked.

"Indeed you are," Cindy said.

"what about the masked woman?" I ask.

"She on the move, you might want to be more careful after this" Cindy said; her tone serious.

"I don't need to be careful, she the one who needs to be careful of me" I corrected Cindy words.

Cindy sighed heavily.

"So what about your other issue, the one you promise me you take care off" Cindy asked.

"It's taken care of, I'm off the meds and feeling better" I lied to her; even though the other me is still inside of me and been avoiding speaking to me.

"That's great," Cindy praise.

"Do you know what is Kusagi doing, I just saw her running with tired tied to her waist?" I ask; my eyes wander to the hole in the kitchen floor.

"Well, she is training I think" Cindy replied.

"What kind of training?" I ask.

"She has her reason believe me if I can tell you, I would but I can't," Cindy said; she scratches the back of her head with her left hand.

Goddamn it ,what with the secrecy, in the matter a fact, I'm getting tired of the secret around here. hmm, I have to think a way of getting the answer out of Cindy.

"Cindy, can you please tell me what going on with Kusagi?" I plead; widening my eyes, attacking her with my puppy eyes while slightly quivering my lips.

"What the hell you doing?" Cindy asks; a look of disgust displayed on her face without holding any of it back.

"Well trying to beg for an answer" I answer; shrugging my shoulder.

"Ha Ha stay focus please," Cindy said.

"Sure... so what our next plan?" I ask.

"It time for us to come out from the shadow and reveal our self," Cindy said; a sly grin forming with her mouth.

"meaning?" I ask.

"meaning putting a target on our self and let them come to us and I got perfect way to do this" Cindy said.

"how are we supposed to do this?" I ask the obvious the question.

"with our next target," She said; grabbing a picture from a desk and extend it toward me.

I look at the picture; in that picture contain an old man in his late 50's, bald and fat with a thick white beard. I couldn't help but see the resemblance; he looks exactly like one of those mall Santa except wearing a fancy suit. somehow right, I felt really bad that I have to kill a Santa look alike.

"what did he do except work for anomaly inc?' I ask.

"Ohh easy, distributing child pornography and has multiple illegal prostitute ring around the city to name a few," Cindy said flatly.

"Well, my guilt is gone now, I was feeling bad that I have to kill a Santa look-alike," I said.

"Ohh now you point it out he does look alike like Santa" Cindy chimed.

"So how we do this? I kill him while recording the deed?" I ask.

"Nah it will be simple than that, he always had this annual event at Lunarhaven museum of art showcasing new art from the new artist and the News love to cover this so you gonna go there kill him and let the news spread like wildfire," Cindy said.

"When is the event?" I ask.

"I have bad news and good news," Cindy said.

"the event is tonight that the bad news," Cindy said.

"what tonight? all my equipment is broken, I don't have time to fix it" I exclaim.

"You haven't heard the good news yet," Cindy said; turning her head toward the large coiling door of the warehouse.

I turn my head toward the coiling door and suddenly the door roll up revealing two truck entering the warehouse and parked in front of the living room; I recognize that truck. 

The truck door open, and somebody steps out of them; I smile as I saw Ricky with a huge smile on her face.

"I call them ahead of time and they have brought you all the stuff that you need to execute the plan perfectly," Cindy said.

"you sly dog, nice dramatic reveal by the way" I joked

"You know me, I love the theatrical" Cindy grinned.

"You delivery is here!" Ricky cheered.

I stand up from the chair and quickly jog happily toward the truck like a child who just woke up on Christmas morning.

"We brought everything that you would need to fight those bastards," Ricky said.

"You sound like we would never meet again" I jested.

"This is the last time we meeting them, it will be a long time before we could meet again," Lucinda said; as she gets out from the other truck with shopping bags in her hands. I look at Cindy confused; my eyebrow raised.

"It true, after the reveal it would be too dangerous for us to meet," Cindy said.

"Don't be down, after all of this, we all will grab some beer together" I assure.

"You right but you buying though," Ricky beamed.

"Fine, why not, the drink is on me after this," I said; letting out a laugh.

"Come here, let check out the merchandise first" Ricky implored; she walks toward the back of the truck.

Following her and arriving at the back of the door; she raises the door upward revealing a lot of ammo box and weapons box.

"What in the box?" I ask.

"All type of weapons from an assault rifle to submachine gun, it comes with ammo that will last a year and it all yours," Ricky said.

I look beside me and suddenly Kusagi already standing there amazed by the massive amount of weapons in the truck; I could see snow still on her shoulder and head.

"But that just the tip of the iceberg, here," Ricky said; after grabbing one of the wooden boxes in the truck and she gave it to me.

I took the box and open it; the box contains a matching gauntlet just like the one I had and four Stoalium battery. Taking out the gauntlet from the wooden box; I wear it on my left hands

"Awesome, what it do?" I exclaim.

"It emits a shield enough to cover one person for 5 minutes, I used the same technology as the mech suit you brought in, reverse engineer the shit out of it shields generator, make it smaller and more mobile " Ricky explained.

"Why 5 minutes?" I ask.

"Well because it used an incredible amount of energy, I had to used Stoalium battery to power it, one battery is enough to power it for 5 minutes then you need to change it," Ricky said.

"How do I know that I used all of its energy?" I ask.

"There a small battery screen on the gauntlet to show you how much juice you have left," Ricky said; rotating the gauntlet, I can see the small screen underneath.

"I heard from Cindy that your helmet is broken from the fight last night," Ricky said.

"Yeah, the dude was strong as hell he punches through the armor," I said.

"You are in luck then, I been working on a new helmet since the first I heard you used one everytime you go to battle," Ricky said; climbing the truck he moves around the box and grabs something behind it.

She lifted the object revealing a new full-face motorcycle helmet; it has two small horn, sleek and smooth design with black obsidian color.

"You like it?" Ricky ask.

I eagerly nod my head answering her questions;  the helmet is so sick looking that it looks like one of those hero helmets from the superhero era.

She tossed the helmet at me and I catch it; Kusagi stand beside me, wonder-filled Kusagi eyes as she stares at the helmet, I smile and give the helmet to her so she could take a better look.

"All this stuff just for us, I don't know if we can pay it," I said.

"Don't worry about money, All of it has been taken care," Cindy said.

"Where do you even get the money, I thought we only had like 2 million," I said.

"I invest some of it and make a profit in the real state," Cindy said.

"Real state?" I puzzled.

"Enough with the question, come here and see this!" Cindy said; opening the other truck back door.

I walk to Cindy with Kusagi behind me wearing the helmet, arriving beside Cindy, I was surprised but not like bad surprised more like I was amazed literally; my eyes widened as it can be and my mouth wide open even Kusagi is frozen out of amazement toward the object.

"I know that you will be surprised, you will use this thing for tonight mission" Cindy grinned.

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