Chapter 49:

Chapter 49 [Awkward]


I walk down the steps of the stair toward the living area after Aeterna left, with me I bought the bloody plastic bag contains the dismembered hands of Lorenzo and my broken helmet from the battler earlier; even before I could reach the living area, I could hear loud typing on keyboard and Cindy arguing with Lucinda. What is it this time? I ask myself.Bookmark here

Orchid?Bookmark here

I don't get it.Bookmark here

My body feels sore and tired but not enough to immobilize me just enough to make me complain about it, I look down at my belt holster; surprised to see the M1879 Reichs revolver with etched runic word on it barrel is still in my possession.Bookmark here

Aeterna didn't take it before she leaves or is it useless after all the bullet is gone or maybe she just forgot about it. I sighed deeply; I too tired to think about it right now.Bookmark here

Reaching the last bottom step I could hear what was Jeanie is arguing about.Bookmark here

"He still out there! I need to go out and find him!" Cindy argued.Bookmark here

"Don't be ridiculous Love, you will get hurt if you go after him!" Lucinda forbid.Bookmark here

"We had this talk already, don't you try to stop me again besides he could be in a dire state or worst, I.. need to help him!" Cindy argued.Bookmark here

"Believe me, Love, that he will be fine, trust me," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"I'm trying but it so hard no too!" Cindy groaned.Bookmark here

"Kusagi what are you looking at?" Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Woo, never I thought that I would be this popular with the ladies not since high school" I joked.Bookmark here

"Haru?" Cindy exclaims; Lucinda rolled her yes backward annoy by my joke.Bookmark here

I wave toward them with my hand holding the plastic bags containing Lorenzo's dismembered hands; Kusagi eyes wide, ear perk up high and her face light with joy as she saw me, she quickly dashes toward me with open arms.Bookmark here

But she immediately stops and takes few steps backward.Bookmark here

I let out a small laugh; "I thought so, it the smell, you don't want to know where I been through" I said, I could see Kusagi covering her nose and her ears droops.Bookmark here

"Appreciate the gesture but maybe some other time," I said.Bookmark here

Cindy begins walking toward me, her head lowered.Bookmark here

"I don't think it a good idea to get close to me since the smell" I jested.Bookmark here

Cindy's finger digs into her own palm when she finally gets close to me; she grabs my collar, pulling me closer to her and sucker punch me in the jaw.Bookmark here

My head recoils back a little and I wince in pain.Bookmark here

"What did you do that for?" I exclaim.Bookmark here

"Do you know how worry I am?!"  Cindy fumed; I can see a nerve popping out on her forehead.Bookmark here

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Cindy cursed while still grabbing both of my collars.Bookmark here

"Is it so hard to check in once a while?!" Cindy scolded.Bookmark here


"I'm sorry, I kind of forget to check in" I apologized.Bookmark here

"you forget?... You Forget?... YOU FREAKING FORGET?!" Cindy said; I glance at Lucinda behind her, she is visibly shaking her head at my answer.Bookmark here

"Just because you hanging out with a new girl you suddenly forgot about us?!!" Cindy barked.Bookmark here

"Huuhh!!!!!?"  Cindy let out; as her face describe her anger.Bookmark here

"What girl? Kusagi?" I puzzled; Kusagi eyes widen showing confusion while Lucinda deeply sighed.Bookmark here

"You freaking Dolt! It all over your face, the eyes and that small grin you trying to hid" Cindy accused.Bookmark here

"That girl kissed you, doesn't she?" Cindy exclaim.Bookmark here

"What are you? a walking lie detector or the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes" I sassed.Bookmark here

"I'm Cindy Crowe and I know that face you make, it the same face that Lucinda makes after I kiss her" Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Love... I don't make that face even if I make that stupid face please at least don't compare me to him" Lucinda said while her face reddens of embarrassment.Bookmark here

"Can we stop talking about this. At least, wait for until tomorrow morning after I clean my self and take a nap first, I extremely really tired right now" I complain.Bookmark here

"You tired, I'm even tired than you, I been searching for you and worried sick about you," Cindy protest; then she backhands my face.Bookmark here

"Ouch... Fuck this I'm going to bed you guys dealt with the hands and I come back when Cindy has calm the fuck down" I stormed out of the living area after dropping the helmet and the plastic bag on the floor.Bookmark here

As I was walking toward the stair a bunch of stuff flew beside my head; what with the tantrum, I mean I'm the one who has to fight a literal demon from hell.Bookmark here

I can still hear her barked and yelled at me from downstairs; I ignore it and head to the shower.Bookmark here

Closing the shower door behind me, I begin to take off all my weapon into the sink, I take off my tore up hoodie and then my belt holster after that my kevlar vest and so on.Bookmark here

I step in the shower and turn the valve, cold water begins to pour out onto my sore body; washing away the dirt and remanent of the battle. I grunt as my body begins to register the pain after the adrenaline in my body begins to wear off; I dig my fingers into my palm as I try to withstand the pain.Bookmark here

After the worst has passed, I begin to follow my routine of cleaning myself begins by using a lot of soap to wash off the smell.Bookmark here

It took me 15 minutes to fully clean myself; entering my room with only my track pants with all my weapons and dirty cloth in my hand; dropping the dirty cloth and weapon onto the floor. I dive into my bed and close my eyes; slowly but surely I fall into a deep slumber.Bookmark here

That night for the first time ever since three years ago I had a dreamless sleep and it was peaceful.Bookmark here

=============================================================================Bookmark here

The next morning, i woke up, and walk toward the window; Looking out, I was suprised to see that the snow has realy piled up around the warehouse, looking downward to the parking area; i could see kusagi running with a car tire tied to her waist.Bookmark here

Is she in training or something?Bookmark here

Suddenly, Kusagi slip on something and falls flat to the snow. I let out a laugh but stop since it rude to laugh at others.Bookmark here

I shake my thought away; walking to my drawer, taking out a white t-shirt; I wear the t-shirt. Afterward, I walk to the pile of weapons laying on top dirty cloth that on the bedroom floor; grabbing the belt holster, the revolver, and the kunai; equipping those weapons and the belt holster.Bookmark here

I head to living area after closing the door behind me.Bookmark here

When I reached downstairs, I could see Cindy standing beside her work desk with both hands on her waist and glaring dagger at me; I sighed and walked toward her.Bookmark here

"Look I'm sor—" I was interrupted.Bookmark here

"No need, last night was my fault, I shouldn't yell at you. I don't know why last night for some reason I became really worried about you that it just makes me very angry. I forgot why I'm here, and why we are here. I need to accept that one of us could get hurt in the future so I need to learn to deal with it and I'm sorry for overreacting last night" Cindy explained; her hands restless and her feet tapping.Bookmark here

"Sound like you start to get attach me?" I jest; relaxing my shoulder wanting to lighten the mood.Bookmark here

"that what I am, a contradiction. I say don't want to get attached but no matter how much I resist, I always get attached" Cindy said; a small frown begins to creep in.Bookmark here

"It not like it a bad thing right?" I said.Bookmark here

"I don't know yet" Cindy replied; her eyes glancing away from me.Bookmark here

"I wanted to apologize, it also my fault for not checking in, next time I try to do better,"I said after releasing the breath I hold in.Bookmark here

An awkward silence falls on us after we both release our emotion out in the opens; We both stand there unmoving eyes, hands and feet restless, we both didn't know how to continue the conversation after what just happens so we stand there like a light pole on the side of the street for 2 minutes.Bookmark here

As the awkward begins to overwhelm me, I shake away my emotion and continue the conversation.Bookmark here

I cleared my throat first; "So do we like shake hands or hug... or something?" I guessed.Bookmark here

"Sure," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I extend my hand for a handshake but Cindy opens her arms for a hug. We look at each other; did I read the wrong cue, shit this just got even more awkward.Bookmark here

"Redo?" I said.Bookmark here

"..sure?"Cindy replied.Bookmark here

This time I open my arm for a hug but Cindy extend her hand for a handshake. We look at each other again; my eyes look at her hand while Cindy's eyes look at my arms.Bookmark here

"Third time the charm?" I offered again.Bookmark here

"No please, let just move on" Cindy sighed.Bookmark here

"Nope, we are doing this or this will bother me the rest of the day" I exclaim.Bookmark here

"I said it fines!" Cindy protest.Bookmark here

I extend both of my arms for a hug.Bookmark here

"I said no" Cindy protest again.Bookmark here

But I hug her anyway, my arm encircles her body while I pat her back with my hand; Cindy wedges her hands between us trying to push me away.Bookmark here

"Oh god no...enough," Cindy said; pushing me away.Bookmark here

I let out a smile then slowly turn into a laugh; Cindy look at me and she let out a laugh.Bookmark here

We both laugh and laugh our heart out, I could have sworn that the hug was the most awkward thing had ever happened to me.Bookmark here

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