Chapter 2:

Chapter 1

To you, the wishing girl

If today would be your last day on earth, what would you do?

Have fun?

Eat your favourite food?

Maybe even robbing a bank?

Probably you haven’t even thought about it.

It was the same for me.


The sun peeked through my curtains.

Today was the day I transfered into my new class. Since, I had never been a morning person, as always, I had a rough time waking up.

I yawned and grumbled to myself.

“I want to skip already…” - I thought.

Because complaining would had not solved anything, I climbed down my bunk bed.

The bed below me was as empty as always. It has been a long time since it was used.

Not much time passed, and the girl was ready to go. Uniform? Check. Backpack? Check. Keys? Check. It’s very important to be always prepared.

The house was already void of other people aside her. It was as all sound had stopped.

As usual, the girl got out of the house, still early, without caring much about the silent home she had just left.

“Today will be a good day” - I repeated to myself in my head. It was my lucky chant for everyday. I have been always been bad with social situations after all.


The long haired girl walked down the street. Despite it was sunny, it had no people on it. It was probably too early to start the day.

«Tap», «tap» - The sound kept echoing in the distance.

«Tap», «tap» - The girl kept walking nevertheless, still half asleep.

Suddenly a bell chimed in the distance.

The girl lifted her sight, in the middle of a yawn, towards the sky.

“Where did that bell come from?” - She thought. “Maybe its time for mass at some church.” - She convinced herself of that fact.

Before she could resume her tracks, she noticed something off.

“Didn’t I just pass by here?” - The girl said to herself while she turned around to check her surroundings.




“One, two, three” - The chimes sent a chill down her spine.



«ClaNK» - The sound came to a halt abruptly.

The girl paralyzed in fear.

It felt something bad was somewhere behind her.

She shut down her eyes and cleanched her teeth. She wished for whatever it was to go away.

Suddenly, she felt a boney cold hand over her shoulder.

“goOD niGhT”.

A car beeping sound came close, and before she could finish opening her eyes, she saw the car lights over her.


It was over before she realized it.

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