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"My Power is limitless through IMAGINATION"

Aspiring Writer/ Artist/ Anime Enthusiast/ Christian

I both draw and write stories. I am busy these days because I'm dividing my time for work, stories, and weekly illustration, that's why I can't quickly respond to anyone.

Despite that, I'll do my best to get in touch with my novel by posting a biweekly update :D I'm an ESL writer, but I'm writing my novel the best way I could. T^T

You can view my anime artworks on either pixiv, DevArt, or medibang.

Thank you for your time ^_^

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I’ll Wait For You At The Train Station

Updated: Nov 04, 2018
Chapters: 6

Graduation makes me feel like dying. I barely survived my middle school days and this year I'd be a high school girl. Teens often quote: years on high school was the blossom of youth. It'd be the most exciting and memorable chapter of life where they find romance and longtime companionship. S...