Chapter 3:

Chapter 2

To you, the wishing girl

The girl opened her eyes suddenly.

She gasped for air quietly.

Everything looked white.

It was like there was nothing there.

«tic», «tac»

«Tic», «tac»

The sound started to grow.


Little by little, the girl gradually noticed her surroundings. It was just her own bedroom. 

The same as before.

The girl sat down on the bed. It costed her some effort.

The sound of the clock still echoed in her ears.

Her eyes were still fuzzy.

It took her a while to notice she wasn’t sitting on her own bed.


She was sitting on her sister’s old bed.


The girl was shocked, so she tried to jump down. Alas, she only got tangled with the sheets instead.


The girl, still tangled, fell onto the floor. She hit her head a bit.

“Ugh” - the girl grumbled for a small instant.

Quickly, she bit her tongue.

“I musn’t make any noise.” - She thought.


She heard a door opening downstairs.



The steps started to get closer.

Somebody was climbing up the stairs.  The noise had frozen the girl down.



It took her a while to react. However, the girl managed to start moving. Still in a daze, she tried to untangle herself off the sheets.



The footsteps had grown closer.

The girl was still tangled.

She felt her heartbeat rise.

Her forehead was getting sweaty.


The person was already here.

“Mom” - said the girl while looking at the woman in front of her.

Her own voice was the only thing she could hear now.