Chapter 56:

Chapter 56 [Debut]


The Roof.Bookmark here

Opening the roof door cause the cold winter winds to piled in inside of the staircase, Li body visibly shivers as she felt the cold wind brush her body.Bookmark here

"I should have worn something thicker," Li said as she hugs herself with both of her hands.Bookmark here

I step through the door and on to the roof of the apartment, as I look at the horizon; I could see the sun beginning to rise. I let out the air in my lungs to escape into the world as I stretch my body while in the suit, I felt a tingly warmth begins to circulate my body as the stretch work its magic.Bookmark here

"Can I ask you something?" Li ask; turning to face her I could see she leaning on the doorway.Bookmark here

"Aren't you scared of what happened last night... People died and I saw their blood splatter on the floor but even after all that you still want to go after that guy" Li said; I could see her lower while her hand shaking not because of the cold, it because of last night.Bookmark here

"I don't want to lie to you. yes, last night was scary even for me that why last night I did nothing. I was scared of the man I love, becoming something else, but he is still a human and he is hurting himself right now and he gonna hurt more people along the way." I said.Bookmark here

"That's why I have to stop him, for him" I continue while digging my fingers into my palm.Bookmark here

"Can I hug your right now?" Li ask.Bookmark here

"Yes you can, come here you," I said; opening my arm for her.Bookmark here

Li walk close to me and wrap me around her arms, I did the same thing to her and her body met mine, it was a sweet moment until Li start slipping her hand under my skirt and grabbing my ass.Bookmark here

"Stop it," I said.Bookmark here

"Sorry couldn't help myself, it just so firm! I could just bite it off with my mouth" Li said after Li let go of my ass.
Bookmark here

"You perv," I joked.Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah, can I ask you something? does Stephanie know about this?" Li ask.Bookmark here

"No, and please don't tell her," I said.Bookmark here

"You secret safe with me," Li said nonchalantly.Bookmark here

"One more thing, what kind of power you have?" Li wondered.Bookmark here

"Super strength," I said.Bookmark here

"Immune to physcial attack..." i continue.Bookmark here

"And?" Li beg me to continue.Bookmark here

"And flight," I said while dropping to one knee and launch myself off the roof into the sky above.Bookmark here

When I look down; I could see Li priceless shock face when I just took off from the roof, I look upward and kept on flying up into the heavy clouds, my cape flutter behind me as I flew up at high speed.Bookmark here

Ohh shit, I'm going way too fast; looking down, my heart starts to beat faster as I finally realized how high I am; shaking my thought away, I kept on flying higher toward the clouds.Bookmark here

I getting closer and closer to dark heavy clouds. When I finally enter the cloud, my face sight was blocked by thick clouds, I couldn't see anything in them. So I stop in my flight and hover; I try to search for a way out.Bookmark here

The strange thing happen as I was searching for a way out; a loud noise can be heard in front of me but at a distance. It starts with a faint noise of a blender turning on then as it gets closer, the noise became louder and louder. From the distance, I could see two blinking light appeared.Bookmark here

When I finally see the large object heading toward me, I quickly panic and flew, even more, higher and I barely avoid its metallic large body.Bookmark here

As I finally exit the cloud, I look below me; I could see the outline of its body, the wings, the two massive engine and the tail of the airplane; I almost got hit by an airplane. I let out a breath of relieved and hover above the clouds; I notice the oxygen here is getting thinner while I trying to catch a breath and it certainly warmer here than below the clouds.Bookmark here

A ray of light, shine directly at me, I squint my eyes and turn my head away slightly to avoid the ray. When I look at the source, I was hypnotized by the beauty that my eyes laid upon; the cloud was like giant mattress underneath me, the yellow light from the sun bounces off the cloud, and what even more beautiful than the sight in front of me is the night sky above me still visible.Bookmark here

I hover in that sky for a couple minutes taking in the beautiful sight before descending again. Feeling satisfied, I close my eyes and let my body freefall slowly back to the city, I feel the friction of the air as it rubs against my body while I fall backward.Bookmark here

Passing through the thick cloud, with the city in full view again; I open my eyes again and see that I'm closing fast on one of the building roofs. I clench my fist and brought it forward then my body jerk and zip away from the roof just missing a few inches from hitting it and fly up to the sky again.Bookmark here

Landed softly on next building, I walk to the edge of the roof; I begin to search for my smartphone on my non-existing pants by habit when I finally realized that I wore the suit and not my regular cloth; I facepalm myself.Bookmark here

I groan as I forget to bring my phone with me; I let out a small sigh and took a seat on the edge while letting my leg dangle on the side of the building.Bookmark here

Should I turn back and get my phone first.Bookmark here

Suddenly, I could hear a gunshot and a woman screaming coming from down below, panic start to arise in the street as one gunman crashes his car into a light pole, he sits his vehicle and begins to threaten everyone; the blue and red light blinking from afar, the gunman turned his head toward the force of order that arrived on the scene. They begin exiting their police car and closing in on him.Bookmark here

I shouldn't get involved the police will take care of it.Bookmark here

The gunmen start to look around for a way out, panic can be seen from his body behavior, her jerk his head toward a potential vehicle he could use to escape, I grimaced at the thought of him using that particular vehicle.Bookmark here

It a school bus.Bookmark here

my eyes change toward to the police their are closing in but very slowly, I know they don't want to cause the gunmen to panic and start shooting randomly but I hope they could move fast before he really starts thinking using that school bus as an escape vehicle.Bookmark here

The worst luck happens, when that gunman entered the school bus and the school bus drive away from the crash; the police force realized what had happened and quickly head to their own vehicle. My finger starts to dig into my palm as I look the school bus begin taken by the gunmen; I can still see that there are still kids on that school bus.Bookmark here

'Lina, listen, in our life there will always be a hard choice to make. When you come to face these choices, please. make the choice that you least regret' Dad voice plays like a recording in my head.Bookmark here

I groan as I stand up from the edge, taking a few steps backward, I drop to one knee and launch myself into the air; changing my flight path toward the hijack school bus.Bookmark here

When I flew between the building blocks and toward the school bus, I notice a few passersby that saw me fly, visibly gasp and cheers for me.Bookmark here

I flew closer to the emergency door of the school bus, looking inside; I could see the gunmen is holding a young girl hostage in his hand while he screams at the young blonde haired boy with google on his head, who bravely stands in front of the gunman, unflinching and clenching his fist tightly.Bookmark here

The gunman turns his head toward the school bus driver and points his handgun at the driver while yelling an order toward him, I could feel the bus going faster; the gunman turns his focus on the brave young boy with the google and points his handgun toward him. He screams again but the boy still unmoving.Bookmark here

I could see anger rise in the gunman's face; He gonna shoot him, I need to step in!Bookmark here

I tore the emergency door open easily with my strength then I flew inside of the bus and stand in between of the young boy and the gunman; The gunman fired his handgun, a loud sound of small explosion going off accompany by the bullet escaping the barrel and flew straight at me.Bookmark here

Raising my upper arm to block it; the bullet surprisingly ricochets off my arm and piece the school bus floor. I look at the bullet hole in the floor and remember the time I test my power with Haru in that junkyard.Bookmark here

I shake my thought away; this is not the time to be remembering past event, Focus Lina, you need ricochet the bullet away from the kids in the school bus.Bookmark here

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" The gunman shouted.Bookmark here

I took a step closer, covering my face with my arms; the gunman begins to fire the gun each time I took a step closer to him, I calculate the angle of the ricochet and ricochet all the bullet upward into the school bus ceiling.Bookmark here

When he finally in my reach, lowering my hands, I let out a smirk and punch him in the face.Bookmark here

POW!Bookmark here

Knocking him unconscious, breaking a few of his teeth and causing him to release the young girl that he been holding hostage.Bookmark here

"I'm your nap time!" I exclaim.Bookmark here

Oh, my god why did I said that! it so cheesy, nap time? erhhh. I'm regretting doing this already.Bookmark here

"Woah" All the kids in the school bus let out at the same time.Bookmark here

"Miss!!" The bus driver called out before I could leave,Bookmark here

Turning to face the bus driver; "Miss, I don't know you but you just save us, that means you a good person in my book, but still we need your help" The bus driver said.Bookmark here

"What is it?" I ask.Bookmark here

"The brake doesn't work anymore, and we are going to fast to stop and in front of us in a downhill slope, we are gonna crash," The bus driver said; my eyes wander to the bullet hole on the floor, I curse internally.Bookmark here

"Does your gear still work?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yes!" The bus driver.Bookmark here

"On my command, you gonna drop gear!"I said walking toward the back of the bus.Bookmark here

"What you gonna do?" The bus driver asks from the front.Bookmark here

"Everyone stay in your seat and wear your seatbelt. I'm gonna slow down the bus!" I said then jumping out of the bus flew backward before catching up to the bus.Bookmark here

I flew closer to the rear bumper and grab; landing my feet into the ground, the bus too fast that it caused me tore the rear bumper off the body. I grunt and flew toward the bus again, this time I flew in front of the bus. I position myself to the front body of the bus and slowly place my hand on it.Bookmark here

"READY!" I said to the driver; he nods furiously.Bookmark here

I push the school bus body slowly; slowing it down and I yelled out to the driver: "GEAR DOWN!".Bookmark here

The bus begins to jerk a little bit when it falls to a lower gear, then I slowly slow the down the bus and yelled toward the driver to lower the gear. I repeat this process until we reach the first gear and then finally the bus speed diminishes, landing my feet on the ground the bus stop and push me couple feet forward before fully stopping.Bookmark here

I let go of the bus and look behind the bus at the downhill slope we just went through. Thank god, the gear still working. looking behind me, I saw the building we about to hit just a few meters away from me.Bookmark here

Letting a breath of relieved, and closing my eyes to take a breather, I could hear people murmuring closing on me when I open my eyes I was surrounded by the people, they all look at me amazed.Bookmark here

"A hero!" one of the people let out.Bookmark here

"I thought they were all gone?" asked another.Bookmark here

"Woah look at her suit, awesome.." Let out.Bookmark here

"What her name?" someone asks to another.Bookmark here

"What do we call you, Miss?" one of the people step up and ask.Bookmark here

I look down toward the kids I just save, one of the particular kid with the google on, his wide eyes look at me while his mouth wide open, his eyes twinkling with adoration, amazement, and admiration. If I remember one of those interviews in the late night show with a hero back in the days, every time they appeared in the show they always keep their chin up, a golden smile, both of their fists on their waist and lastly puffing out their chest.Bookmark here

I raise my chin up, two hands placed on my waist, puffing out my chest; "Call me Delta!" I said with a bright smile.Bookmark here

I ruffle the blonde kid hair while messing up his goggle on top of his head, then dropping to one knee, I launch myself into the air and flew up into the sky; escaping from the crime scene before the cop show ups.Bookmark here

All the people cheer as I leave the place.Bookmark here

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