Chapter 57:

Chapter 57 [Born to Ride]


*static noise*Bookmark here

'Today we mourn, Mr. Nicholas Clause, passed away last night at the hand of a man who invades last night art event. Mr. Nicholas Clause is a humanitarian in so many ways and has been a great contributor to the city, he has donated a large sum of his money to many good causes that help to better our world—'Bookmark here

"Humanitarian my ass, that man is a douche, wake up sheeple!" Cindy ranted can be heard from my earpiece that located inside of my helmet.Bookmark here

Looking at the night sky above me and looking back down, I let out a smile and pressing the button on my left gauntlet; changing to another radio station.Bookmark here

*static noise*Bookmark here

'The man that killed five people in cold blood, he the one who strikes terror into the heart of man yet we have no name to called this man. who is he? a criminal? a murderer? or a supervillain?... stay tuned as we interview eyewitness of the accident to find out who is the man behind the helmet'Bookmark here

"Someone famous" Cindy joked.Bookmark here

I press the button; changing the radio channel again.Bookmark here

*static noise*Bookmark here

'You cant believe what I just saw today!'Bookmark here

'What did you see on the way here?'Bookmark here

'A superhero. Their back!'Bookmark here

'Are you sure about this?'Bookmark here

'I'm sure everyone is talking about it, the best part it's a she!'Bookmark here

I can hear their cheers as they celebrate the good news.Bookmark here

'A female superhero... mark my word, this gonna change everything!'Bookmark here

'indeed it will, as for our listeners stay tuned after this to find out who her name is'Bookmark here

"Is it her?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"I don't know. maybe" I replied; the cold wind flows through the dark small alley, with a brick wall in front and behind me when I look up I saw an emergency walkway on top of me. The winds flutter my cloaks and the large black cover on top of my motorcycle in front of me. I look at the end of the alley where people pass by then back to my gauntlet to press the button on it.Bookmark here

*static noise*Bookmark here

'She strong! She can fly! and an eyewitness says she can deflect incoming bullets. How cool is that!'Bookmark here

"Definitely her" I confirmed; I could hear Cindy click her tongue in annoyance.Bookmark here

"Are you sure that your plan gonna work?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"it not too late to come out with a new one" Cindy offered.Bookmark here

"Believe me, that it will work, I know her," I said; closing my eyes as I remember what she looks like now.Bookmark here

"Fine... I putting all my money on your plan. please work" Cindy pray; opening my eyes, I change the channel again.Bookmark here

*static noise*Bookmark here

I notice as a black and white police cruiser, pass by the alley entrance; I lean back to the wall, hiding in the shadow to avoid getting spotted by them. When they finally pass by, then I let my body relax and listen to the radio.Bookmark here

'The superheroine name is Delta. This morning, she just saves a school bus full of kids from an armed robber. She alone took down the robber and brought him to justice. Some people say she looks magnificent, amazing, and the most common word being thrown are that she looks divine, like a goddess has descended among us. Well, they might be extracting that part but who knows unless we got a clear picture of her, right now we can only believe what the people have said.'Bookmark here

"That a lot of compliments for someone," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"you don't think she looks beautiful," I ask.Bookmark here

"well... I saw her last night, I'm not gonna lie she was like a 10 but don't tell Luci that I said that!" Cindy said.Bookmark here

I let out a small laugh, "Can't promise you that" I said.Bookmark here

"What?! come on, she gonna break me if she finds out!" Cindy plead.Bookmark here

"I won't if she doesn't ask," I said; Cindy let out a groan.Bookmark here

"Fine... play it your way," Cindy said; I let out another smile as I tease Cindy,
Bookmark here

I press the button again to change the radio channel.Bookmark here

*static noise*Bookmark here

'But why right now? I mean the superhero community has been missing for a long time, isn't it the best for them, they didn't have to fight anymore for us.'Bookmark here

'What do you mean why? it because of him!'Bookmark here

'Him?'Bookmark here

'Yeah him! the man who attack last night event. she probably here to fight him! that man gonna what he deserved. you know what is the internet calling him?'Bookmark here

'What?'Bookmark here

'Oni'Bookmark here

'Oni?'Bookmark here

'Yeah Oni, because of the horn thing. he looks like a demon'Bookmark here

'Why not just call him a demon?'Bookmark here

'Oni sounded cooler I guess'Bookmark here

'They are right you know, Oni does sound cooler' the radio hoist le out a chuckle'Bookmark here

"Haru, the plan is a go. Everything is in place," Cindy said with a serious tone.Bookmark here

"Alright let do this," I said; pressing the button on my left gauntlet for the last time, turning off the radio completely.Bookmark here

Stepping away from the wall, I begin to stretch my leg, then waist, arm and ending with my head. I took a deep breath under my helmet, closing my eyes, clearing my head and focusing on the silence. I remove the cloak around my body, tossed it on the ground, and walking toward my motorcycle, I remove the cover.Bookmark here

Revealing a long object wrap in another black fabric next to motorcycle while a metal briefcase leaning on my motorcycle. I lift the metal briefcase off the ground and put on the strap around my shoulder, carrying it like a duffel bag.Bookmark here

Lifting the long object that wraps in black cloth, I strap the object to the side of the motorcycle. I take a seat on the motorcycle, and press the starter; the motorcycle roar to life and the headlight illuminated the alley in front of me.Bookmark here

I look at the end of the alley; I let out a long breath then take out a long red cloth inside of my pocket, I stare at it for a while, remembering my uncle warning.Bookmark here

Too late for that.Bookmark here

I tied the red cloth over my left bicep.
Bookmark here

"Take a left in front of you and head down the street of northwest of Burich way into the intersection," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I squeeze the clutch on the left handle and step on the gear shift, I soften the squeeze on the clutch and let the motorcycle move forward; turning a little bit of throttle the bike finally moves forward a bit faster. I start with a cruise, exit the alley and turning left down the street.Bookmark here

I notice that not a single vehicle is on the road except for the four police cars behind me lining up, blocking behind me and slowly following me from behind. my eyes catch a light reflected inside of the coffee shop, there are still customers in it, all with their phone up and recording.
Bookmark here

"you got eyes on me?" I said through the microphone.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I got you" Cindy replied.Bookmark here

My eyes wander to the sky, I can see Cindy drone hovering far in the sky above and following me.Bookmark here

"Not gonna lie, at the intersection in front of you is block by police cars," Cindy said.
Bookmark here

"Which side?" I ask
Bookmark here

"All of them" Cindy replied.Bookmark here

"But don't worry, all thing is exactly going as plan" Cindy assure.Bookmark here

I hear something slide open behind me, looking back; I see two slots opening up on each side of the bike and exiting it is a massive amount of plume white smokes. The smoke begins to block the line of sight behind me.Bookmark here

I stop the motorcycle when I finally reach the middle of the intersection, I stop because of the police cars blocking every route that I can use to escape. Looking up the street sign; Burich way. I could hear my own breath as I wait for Cindy signal.Bookmark here

"Are the Anomaly force here?" I ask.Bookmark here

"No, only the police. They are probably hiding and waiting to see what you do next" Cindy replied inside my earpiece.Bookmark here

The police force opens their door and covers behind their door while aiming their weapons at me, I could see one of them wearing a kevlar vest and holding a red megaphone.Bookmark here

"You are surrounded there is no way out! Turn off your smoke machine! Shutdown your engines! Drop your weapons on the ground and lay on the ground with your hands behind your back!" The police officer order through the megaphone.Bookmark here

"If you don't follow, we are authorized to use force to detain you!" The police officer said through the megaphone; I responded by ignoring his warnings.Bookmark here

"Whats the plan?" I ask Cindy.Bookmark here

"You see the mall,"  Cindy asked back.Bookmark here

"Yep" I answer while looking at one of the buildings on the corner with a small fountain in front of it and the glass pane and the glass double door that allowed me to see inside of it.
Bookmark here

"That your way out" Cindy replied my question earlier.Bookmark here

"Can you do it?" Cindy continued by asking another question.Bookmark here

"Possible enough" I replied with confidence.Bookmark here

"You said they are watching right?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yep" Cindy answer.Bookmark here

"Then let make a show," I said; I could feel Cindy eager smile through the earpiece on the other side of the com.Bookmark here

"Ready?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Ready!" Cindy said.Bookmark here

I throttle the engine a little bit, the sudden roar spook the police officers that were aiming their guns at me.Bookmark here

"This is your last warning, stand down or be shoot upon!" The police officer warned.Bookmark here

I squeeze the handbrake on my right handle and throttle up, spinning my back tire in place, then I do a multiple 360 burnouts; the smoke from the back tire begins to accumulate around me, mixing with the smoke that emulates from the slots that open on the side of the bike earlier, obscuring the cops line of sight.Bookmark here

"FIre!" I hear the police officer order.Bookmark here

And a multiple thunderous small explosion, shake and travel down the street. The police officers were firing their weapons rapidly like a rain of bullet at the large white smoke in the middle of the intersection.Bookmark here

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