Chapter 18:

The Strict Teacher

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

After spending the last few days resting in bed, I was finally called out for another important meeting. In case you didn't know, on days I didn't want to do anything, I don't do anything- which simply adds up to me lazing around. I mean, my tutor isn't here yet so I have nothing to do anyway right? Bookmark here

I'm pretty sure I've done enough stuff over the last few days anyway so let me rest. Besides, I'm also sure the maids and butlers prefer me staying in one place than the old me being annoying anyway. If I don't do anything, they have more piece and quiet. Plus, they can do their work more efficiently.Bookmark here

If you think about it this way, would you prefer a small brat bossing you around while you have a whole palace to talk care of, or a small brat staying in one place so you can not worry about one thing over the other? Bookmark here

I'm pretty sure you would choose the latter. Bookmark here

I'm really simple actually, just give me entertainment and I won't bother you. Unfortunately in this world there has been no signs of comics, animations, or video games therefore the only thing I can rely on are novels. Bookmark here

But in the end, the maids are happy, my parents are happy (hopefully), I'm happy. It's all turning out great. Let's just hope that they don't force me to move any time soon. I already have enough on my plate.
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Like I was saying before, today I got called out again for a special occasion. As I was walking through the halls, I saw a tall slender person wearing a gray suit with glasses. He had black hair and crimson eyes. As I walked past him, I could sense a powerful magical aura overwhelming the place. Bookmark here

When I got to the meeting room, I greeted my parents and took a seat.
"Good Morning Lucillia, you seem to be quite early today."
"Yes, I made sure to get here on time."
"Good. Now, I'm sure you know why we called you out here today."
"I suppose, I do?"
"Your father and I have found a tutor for your request."
"Really?" That was fast, it's only been 3 days.
"Yes, he's a well known scholar in the kingdom. He's a so called young genius, as he has done research on different areas of magic and worked in the ministry."
"Is that so..."
"Futhermore, he has also mastered his element, and he has accomplished all of this at a young age."
"I see, that certainly does sound amazing but... why would a person of that level offer to teach me?"
"Well, that's the point..." My father interrupted. "You see, he hasn't completely agreed to teach you yet."
"So... He would basically like to test your abilities before he decides to take this the job."
"He is a busy and well sought after person after all." My mother added.
"I see... that makes sense but..." 
"But?" They both replied in unison.
 "It's nothing" I have just recently gotten my element so I'm pretty sure I can't do anything yet... but I can't possibly tell them that either. 
"Good, he wil be waiting for you in the open field. Get there as soon as possible. If you do well your training shall succeed."
"Yes, Thank you very much Mother, Father." I bowed and left the room.Bookmark here

★★★★★★★★Bookmark here

I quickly ran to the outside field. There I saw a person standing in the daylight. By chance, it was the same person I saw this morning in the halls. No wonder he emitted a strong aura, he is a powerful being after all.Bookmark here

As soon as I reached him, I brushed off any possible dust I might gained on my dress. I quickly made my bow and greeted him. "Good Morning. I am Princess Lucillia of the Weasha Kingdom. My parents sent me to meet you today. I look forward to working with you, Mr...?"
"Ignis Blanke." He spoke.
"Ah yes, Mr.Ignis. Um so, what would we be doing today?"
"Nothing much, just testing out how much you know."
"And how will we do that?"
"Simple. Show me right now what you can do."
"Um... pardon?" I made an awkward laugh.
"Just show me anything, the best you can do if possible."
"Um, with all due respect... as I have just recently gained my abilities I don't recall having any experience..."
"So you can't do anything?"Bookmark here

I stayed silent.Bookmark here

He made a sigh. "Have you not even considered trying things out on your own? Even those who are smaller than you have unlocked their elements and tested them out."
"Yes, I mean no, I mean, I'm sorry..."
"You know, there are even others who do not have the privilege of getting a teacher yet they still learn. Are you not capable of that?"
"Well I-"
"Enough, We'll just try things the other way."Bookmark here

He pointed towards the other edge of the field. "You, go over there."
"Yes." I said willingly and ran.
"Now let's see how well you can handle this."
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He point his fingers towards me and whispered a short incantation.Bookmark here

Before I knew it, a big ball of flames were rushing towards me.
"Blanke" is pronouced as "Blank" lol//Added the "e" to make it more fancy.
I think I made this chapter longer than usual. At least I hope I did since last week's chapter was quite short lol. As always hope you enjoyed this chapter. Feedback will always be appreciated!Bookmark here

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