Chapter 17:

Best Parents

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

As if time has stopped for a moment, my parents became like a statue. Not uttering a word. I started to wonder if it was that weird for me to ask for this request. Bookmark here

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Finally my father responded. "Magic Training Lessons? You mean... you want a tutor?"
"Well, yes..."

And once again, the room became silent. Bookmark here

"I mean if it's too much, then I don't need too-"
"Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?" My mother suddenly interrupted.
"Wait- what?"
"Yes! What have you done to her! Are you sure you're not possessed by a spirit?" My father continued.
"I'm sure I'm not-"
"The fact that you say you're not proves that you are possessed! Our daughter would never ask for something so... so righteous!"
"Yes! We thought you have changed ever since the event, but to think that you would ask for this... It's like a complete 180!"
"But I-"
"Our daughter? No way..." 
"Maybe we can hire an exorcist... or a priest?"
"A holy priest would be better!"
"Yes yes-  let them bring some holy water. We must cure the beast!"
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For some reason, even though I knew that they weren't necessarily talking about "me", I still felt myself being slowly pieced by those arrows they call "words".Bookmark here

"Um... I know this is really weird of me but... I really want to take these lessons. Really."
"I don't mind... but, why so suddenly?" My father questioned.
"Yes, especially since you always rejected it the times we offered before." My mother raised her eyebrow.
"Well, I..." I felt stuck. A good excuse would be good, but I can't say something as stupid as 'I thought it would be cool'... Suddenly an idea popped into my head. "Remember at the party when I got myself injured?"
"Well, after experiencing that I realised that I never want to get hurt ever again... and knowing that my element was water, which is defensive based... I thought that maybe, just maybe if I trained then I can prevent myself from getting more injuries..." Bookmark here

They continued to think about it, but I myself thought it was a good enough reason so I was expecting good results.Bookmark here

"Hmm, interesting. Well, alright. I'll let you do it." My mom replied.
"I don't see why not, it wasn't for a bad cause in the first place."
"Yes, I'll arrange for you to have your tutor classes starting in the next few days."
"Yes! Thank you very much!"Bookmark here

I felt a sudden urge to hug my parents.
I guess some parts of me still remain childish despite already being an "adult".Bookmark here

"Now, continue eating. Your food is getting cold." My mother urged.
"Yes, of course" I was too focused on the subject that I forgot about dinner. "I'll start eating right away." 
And so, I continued to enjoy the dinner with my parents happily.
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